Terms & Conditions

Qualifying period is from 1 October 00:00 – 12 October 23:59.

Every key will be eligible for 1 play only. If prizes are fully redeemed, a “Fully Redeemed” text will appear.

To be eligible to participate:

1. User must have a legitimate ShopBack account

2. Downloaded the ShopBack App prior to playing the game

3. Logged in and clicked through the ShopBack App to play the game

ShopBack reserves the right to terminate duplicate accounts and withdraw the Cashback prize given to the user if user is suspected of fraudulent intent (creating multiple ShopBack accounts) or has violated any T&Cs.

Prizes will be credited into user’s ShopBack account within 24 hours.

ShopBack reserves the right to change the terms and conditions anytime without prior notice.


1. Where can I find the keys?

You may find keys hidden within our Facebook and Newsletter daily.

2. I’ve won! But how do I check my prize?

Your prize will appear in your Cashback accounts page as an entry. Go to your ShopBack accounts page > Cashback Overview > Click on the dropdown “Select Store” > Select “ShopBack Treasure Chest” and you will see all your prizes displayed.

3. Is this a sure-win prize?

No, the prizes are random and you may or may not win anything. But here’s a hint: the sooner you participate, the better your chances.

4. Can I unlock more than 1 Treasure Chest per day?

Yes, as long as you have more than 1 key, you may unlock any number of Treasure Chest within the qualifying period.

5. Can I play the game on desktop or mobile browser?

No, you can play the game only via the ShopBack App.

6. How many Ultimate Experience Points do I get from unlocking the Treasure Chest?

1 unlocked Treasure Chest will earn you 1 point for Ultimate Experience. You may find out more about the Ultimate Experience here.

7. If I unlocked a Treasure Chest and it’s fully redeemed, do I still earn Ultimate Experience points?

Yes, you will still earn 1 point for ShopFest Ultimate Experience. 1 key = 1 Unlocked Treasure Chest = 1 Point earned for Ultimate Experience.