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Pampers Diapers Sales in Philippines for July 2020

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Up to 4.5% Cashback Details

Limited Edition Pampers Aircon Pants now available

Up to 4.5% Cashback Details
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Limited Edition Pampers Aircon Pants now availableUp to 4.5% CashbackOngoing
Buy in Bulk & Save Big Up to 35% offUp to 4.5% CashbackOngoing
[App Only] Pampers Diapers Sale: Get 25% Discount On Pampers Baby Dry Pants (Starts As Low As P28.50!!!)Up to 4.5% CashbackOngoing
[App Only] 15% Off Pampers Diapers Sale: Pampers Baby Dry (Starts As Low As P282!!!)Up to 4.5% CashbackOngoing
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Pampers Brand Mega Offer Up to 40% off

More about Pampers

Pampers Diapers Promo, Discounts, Deals, And Vouchers!

Similar to Pampers dedication to every baby s happy, healthy development, ShopBack Philippines is dedicated to bringing you the best coupon codes, vouchers, and deals to help you shop the Smarter Way!
Diapers and wipes are used regularly when it comes to babies, so we re pretty sure that parents would appreciate being able to save wherever they can!
If you are planning to buy a pack of diapers and don t know where to hunt for saving some money with every purchase, you can completely rely on ShopBack Philippines which gives enormous discounts and current deals on Pampers. Every time you buy from them you can save your money with the latest Pampers Philippines code and Pampers offers. With the discount coupons and voucher codes, you can also get the cashback offer by ShopBack Philippines which is the real deal! You are about to get paid for your shopping bag. When you buy from Pampers through ShopBack, they give you real cash to your account with all the available discounts and sales. You save a lot for your shopping and use the money for your next purchase may be.
excellent way to save your wallet and they give special offer of 9.0% cashback with every Pampers purchase using promo codes or even existing Lazada vouchers. Use their website and enjoy the benefit of cashback sitting at home. Some examples are given below to help you with coupons and deals but they have a valid time period to avail.
  • Pampers discount up to 25% on pampers baby dry pants, on all sizes
  • Pampers baby dry starts at PHP 282
  • Pampers promo, premium care starts at PHP 269
  • Pampers app promo, baby shower bundle for PHP 555
  • Pampers safeguard wash and play pack for only PHP239
  • Pampers online deal, save up to 25% for the limited time only
  • Complete clean unscented baby wipes PHP 409
  • Pampers sensitive wipes travel pack 56 counts, a pack of 3 at PHP 2,186
  • Pampers easy up training pants pull-on disposable diapers for girls at PHP 3830
  • Sensitive wipes 2 tubs 128 counts at PHP 3319, with 5% discount
  • Splashers disposable swim diapers at PHP 12,576 with 15% discount
  • Pampers baby fresh baby wipes pack of 448 at PHP 8542
there re also other merchants and online stores on ShopBack that stock Pampers products or similar types of products which you can pamper your child with: AliExpress, Huggies, and Rakuten Global Market!

Pampers – The Ultimate Comfort For Babies

It s not always the mommy who know the best for the child, a man who invented the disposable nappy brought a revolution in childcare. He began to work on that product in the 1950s and used his grandchildren as the test subjects. He looked for an easier way for his grandson to wear nappies, and hence the Pampers was born. The main problem was where to stock the Pampers. They could be found anywhere in the food aisle, paper product or even drug store for its uniqueness and convenience. The pins were replaced by custom-fit tape so that the parents could take a quick peek at the nappy and save their fingers from accidents. Then the different sizes were made available in toddler size, extra absorbent daytime, improved new-born, quilted pampers and premature infant size and value packs. They also introduced ultra-dry nappies and the breathable nappies. Dry nappies have a lotion as a protective layer that keeps the bottom soft and smooth.

What Is In Pampers Diapers & Products?

If you are a mom you must know that the most important thing for your baby is to be dry and comfortable. One must know how the diapers are made and designed to keep the baby safe and happy. The Pampers diapers and pants are made with soft and breathable materials that fit comfortably with your baby whole day, no matter if he plays, move or sleep. Pampers has a layered construction which transfers and distributes the liquid to an observant core and keeps the baby dry and comfortable for a long time.

How Do Pampers Diapers Actually Work:

The American name brand of baby and toddler products marketed by Procter & Gamble made history in the products like diapers and wipes and other baby accessories. They have a lot of variety of products and they are always experimenting with new innovations. Here is the product list of Pampers, what to expect from the great brand:

Product List of Pampers:

  • New Born (0 – 6 Months):
Pampers Premium Care: This diaper is gentle and Hypoallergenic and also recommended by the mother and the child nurses association. It has the 3D absorbing cushion which is a unique technology that pulls runny poo away to minimise the contact of it which can irritate the baby skin. It locks away wetness evenly and gives 3X dryness and has a colour changing wetness indicator on new-born and small sizes. The yellow line turns to blue and lets you know that you re a baby has peed.
Pampers Baby-Dry for New Born: It locks away wetness and prevents leakage. It instantly absorbs wetness and minimise the contact of the pee with the skin. It supports the skin health against irritation or discomfort. It hugs the skin and be comfortable on it. It has a mild protective barrier against the skin of the infant. It also let the hot air out and let the baby s skin breath. The stretchy diapers hug your new-born baby s shape. It is approved by the US, FDA, EPA, WHO, and EU.
  • Baby (6-12 months)
Diapers Pampers baby-dry: These diapers are gentle and protects baby skin against irritation. It is very soft and gentle for the skin and reduces friction. It does not bunch up the pee in the centre but evenly distributes the pee.
Pampers baby-dry pants: it gives up to 12 hours of skin dryness protection and helps the baby to sleep through the night. It has 2X for stretchy tapes and it locks away wetness. It is infused with Pampers best skin care dryness technology to maintain healthy skin.
Pampers premium care: It gives an all-around silky softness to the baby s skin. It let the air pass through it and keep the skin comfortable
Pampers premium care pants: It gives all around silky soft belt which gently hugs your baby as the crawl and explores other things
Toddler (12+months)
Pampers baby dry: It helps baby to be dry and sleep through the night without any disturbance. It s 3x absorbent layer helps the skin to be dry and it instantly absorbs the wetness.
Pampers baby dry pants: This is like a comfortable underwear and it helps the baby to sleep through the night and give around comfort while your baby wiggles or rolls. It prevents leak or wet bed.
Pampers premium care: over ten years the Pampers diapers are chosen for the premium care they take regarding the baby s skin. The stretchy tape fits perfectly and comfortably an always be a place to prevent leaks
Pampers premium care pants: It has the same shape as an underwear and you can just pull on Pampers [ants and you are all set for the day. It is lightweight and breathable and keeps the delicate skin of the baby very much comfortable. The softest belt hugs the baby bottom comfortably and gives a clean and fresh feeling.

Important & Helpful Guidance For Moms & Parents

The Pregnancy Guidance:
  • Pregnancy symptoms
  • Pregnancy announcement
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Baby names
  • Baby shower
  • Multiples
  • Giving birth
You can also try several pregnancy tools like:
  • Due date calculator
  • Baby name generator
  • Pregnancy calendar
  • Baby shower ideas
Get the useful information about newborn babies:
  • Care
  • Tips
  • Development
  • Feeding
  • Sleep
  • Premature babies
  • Tummy time
The important facts about the babies:
  • Activities
  • Development
  • Baby-proofing
  • Sleep
  • Feeding
  • Teething
How to take care of the toddlers:
  • Activities
  • Development
  • A new addition to the family
  • Nutrition
  • Occasion
  • Potty training
  • sleep
Get your go to pregnancy guide absolutely free on the Pampers website under the tab ‘guide and know about the important things that you need to know –nine months from conception with the milestone infographic, fetal movement tracker, pre-natal visit calendar and also tips about how to select your healthcare provider. You can download or access the video which contains the expert advice from nurses who are specialised in pregnancy and postpartum care. You can know about what happens when the water breaks. What happens during delivery as well as what to do when you bring the baby home.

Coupons And Deals To Save While You Purchase Pampers From Websites

Diapers and wipes are the first priority for any parents, especially with the new-borns. You will need to buy diapers every week for every single day. The best way to save while you purchase them, which are of course not inexpensive, is to buy in bulk and also get some discount on that. Online websites provide many deals and discounts which can save a lot while you shop at Pampers. You will get current products along with many discounts on each of them. They can be the sudden discount for a day or week or any long-term deals too. Whatever it is you will definitely save while you shop for Pampers.
The affiliated websites provide ongoing deals and if you search for them or join their websites, you can crack the best deal before it ends. This way you can save your hard earned money for the regular purchase of diapers. Here are some examples of Pampers promotions and Pampers discount coupons which are subject to change according to their validity:
  • Pampers cruisers from PHP 2,675
  • Deal on Pampers baby dry diapers newborn starts from PHP 7031 of 32 pack
  • Get 10% discount on Pampers Swaddlers to form PHP 9857
  • Pampers Swaddlers sensitive from PHP 11,011
  • Pampers under jams absorbent nightwear for girls size small from PHP 5740
  • Pampers premium care diapers large 3 pack at PHP 2569
  • Pampers sensitive baby wipes PHP 576
  • Pampers complete clean unscented baby wipes PHP 899
  • Pampers premium care diapers large 3 pack from PHP 2569
  • Pampers baby dry diaper pants XXL 4 packs from PHP 1,300
  • Pampers complete cleans unscented baby wipes 6 packs from PHP 1,559
  • Pampers complete clean unscented baby wipes 3 pack PHP 899
  • Pampers premium care diaper small from PHP 645
  • Pampers baby dry diaper small with 5% discount

Contact Information For More Convenience

You can see the FAQs section for the answer to your question, if you are unable to find one, then you can email them. You can also call Pampers at 894 3955 (Metro Manila 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday). The customer service is one of the best parts and you can avail it round the clock.

Social Media Links To Follow And Keep Yourself Updated

Social media is a great way to be updated for your exclusive deals and discounts which are essential if you are buying a lump sum amount of Pampers diapers and wipes. They also give information about new products and coming coupons and vouchers. The Facebook account of Pampers is a great way to contact and communicate directly to the moderators and know about anything you want regarding the Pampers products. It also provides information on daily happenings of the brand. Don t forget to follow them and keep yourself ahead of everyone.
Pampers is an age-old brand which is trusted by many generations for the delicate bundle of joy – the baby. The day and night from the new-born to the toddlerhood is covered by Pampers with no tension of leakage or rash. Pampers is safe for delicate skin and an easy to use diaper and accessory products for baby.