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Mamypoko Diapers – Best comfort for your child

We all know that our children are the most precious gift God has ever given to us. They are the apple of our eye and we always want the best of everything for them. In the preliminary stages of their lives, we concentrate on the hygiene and comfort of the babies. Thus Mamypoko diapers in the Philippines are the best in the nappy category and give the ultimate comfort. Mamypoko Philippines support the Filipino mother’s and father’s love for their child and provides the best products. They supply unique and high-quality products with newest features which will fulfill all your parental needs. They support deep affection of a mother for her children as they grow. 

The Unicharm brand was founded in 1961 in Japan and started with bay diapers in 1981. They use the state-of-the-art production to produce the best raw quality product and fully automated machines. They sell in more than 14 countries across Asia and have 2.5 consumers globally.  With advanced features, they help the parents to reduce the burden of child-rearing tasks, enhance the joy and helps to concentrate on the joy of child raising. They have come up with different ways to keep your child clean and happy while making the process of baby cleaning easier. Mamypoko’s mascot is Poko-Chan, who looks like a child and is one of the cutest mascots ever. 

The Mamypoko Online Store – Enjoy Convenience And Comfort Of Shopping From Home

The online store of Mamypoko Philippines is the most convenient way to sit back at your home and enjoy the shopping of their products. You will also feel great while browsing the products as well as getting great deals and discounts on Mamypoko. They also have so many informative sections to browse the website. There you will find tips for many things like the needful for the first time mothers. The advice comes in three sections –

Pregnancy Section: In this section Mamypoko describes everything about the ultrasound process, morning sickness, and nausea, information about bodily changes etc. those are important factors for most new mothers. Changes in the breast shapes, tummy and also the psychological changes are important aspects of the change in the new lifestyle. 

Development of the Baby: The developmental stages of a child have been divided into all the important eras like Newborn Stage, Sleeping Stage, Sitting up Stage, Crawling Stage, Walking Stage, and Further Stage. The numerous important facts and the milestone information are interesting and relevant while you take care of your child.

Postpartum Body: The postpartum body is another vital aspect of a mother’s life. After a baby, it is difficult to take a good care of her own and that stage goes through sleepless nights and daytime feeding and other works. Many times the mother has to go through various changes physical and psychological. The post-partum depression of the mom is a vital issue during this time, which is neglected by most mothers as well as her family. But this should not be ignored and taken care immediately just to make sure that the health of new mom and child be stable and good. They must be happy to grow together as a child and as a mother. 

Products On The Mamypoko Philippines Website

Mamypoko Pants Easy to Wear: MamyPoko Pants easy to Wear is for the active babies and has its unique Triple Ring Support which prevents leakage around baby’s legs and waist.  It keeps the baby’s skin dry and clean. It comes in sizes – Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and XXL. 

The key features of the product:

  1. Extra stretchable leg support – The stretchable thigh support prevents any leakage and keeps the baby’s skin dry and clean
  2. Breathable cotton cover – The cover is made of finest cotton and allows humidity to pass through the diaper
  3. Light and airy: It makes the air to circulate well and does not feel stuffy even if it is used for a longer time
  4. Longer sleep at night: It gives uninterrupted night sleep by distributing the urine evenly. The diaper does not look or feel heavy and lasts for 12 hours

Universal elastic band

The all-around waistband fits nicely on any waste of the provided age and it is gentle for skin too. 

  • Soft material for babies: The cotton-like soft material gives maximum comfort and prevents redness or rashes and protects the sensitive skin of the baby 
  • Age and weight: This fresh and comfortable diaper pants are for the babies with weight 9 to 14 kg

Mamypoko Extra Dry Skin: 

  • Tape Type: It provides superior absorbance and allows better airflow. It comes in various sizes – newborn, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and XXL. 
  • Pants style: Mamypoko Extra Dry Skin pants style diaper gives luxurious comfort and tender softness. The speed airwave technology allows better airflow and provides great absorbency and keeps skin dry. It comes in Medium, Large, Extra Large, XXL, and XXXL sizes. 

The key features of the product:

  1. Mamypoko has to crisscross absorbent sheet which absorbs around seven glasses of urine and spreads evenly without the heavy look and feel. 
  2. The stretchable thigh support is an extra facility which does not allow thigh gaps and prevents leakage, thus keeping the baby skin clean and dry
  3. It prevents redness and can be used up to 12 hours
  4. The newborn diaper has a special navel care shape which is a U-shaped one and has a cut in the front. It does not cover the umbilical cord of the baby and protects it. 
  5. A very easy to wear system
  6. Tape diaper by Mamypoko has a witness sign, comfort waistline, cotton-like breathable cover, and soft re-attachable tape. 

Mamypoko Pants Extra Dry Skin

It is a breathable material and has a natural cotton-like a cover for baby’s added comfort and protection. 

Some of the key features of the product:

  1. It has textured speed wave pad sheets for better liquid absorbency and keeps the sensitive baby skin dry up to 12 hours
  2. Best for tropical weather
  3. Allows baby to explore and go through the day comfortably 
  4. Very convenient for daily use and gives extra protection for maximum hours

Other Mamypoko diaper ranges are: 

  • Mamypoko Extra Soft: This is a top line product from the Mamypoko brand which offers soft support to the baby’s skin. It let your child enjoy the same dry experience of Mamypoko’s other great products. It also comes with cute Disney themed designs.
  • MamyPoko Air Fit: Mamypoko Air Fit is specially made for active babies when the little one is moving a lot. Stretchable soft elastic around the waistline which allows easy movement without making it uncomfortable. 
  • Mamypoko Maxi Absorb: When we use diapers for the toddlers we just think about the absorption. This product allows maximum liquid absorption and gives a long 10 hours of absorbing power. 
  • Mamypoko Wipes: A baby wipe is always needed no matter which kind of diaper you use. To wipe off the baby butt when he or she uses the toilet. With a single wipe, Mamypoko wipes clean the sensitive skin and disinfect the baby butt easily. This is easy to carry on the move and have an easy access pack for quick cleaning.

Follow Mamypoko On Social Media To Be Updated

For all the latest news, discount codes, online booking and tickets you can refer to their social media website. Their Facebook has always the updates of deals and contests and they interact with the audiences there too. The twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have all the latest pictures, videos and news for you don’t miss any information. Be the first person to get all the updates and enjoy your purchase from Mamypoko. 

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  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Changing your baby’s diaper may not be always as you want, you try out different brands to settle on the best choice exclusively for you. Mamypoko gives the guarantee of the best deal in quality, comfort, and price for your satisfaction so that your baby get protection for the precious skin from newborn to toddlerhood.

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