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On-demand and reliable delivery with Lalamove Philippines

lalamove promo code philippines

Lalamove was established in December 2013 and since then made its mission to make delivery as simple as possible. Although Lalamove started with humble beginnings, it didn’t take long for it to take off. Today, it operates in over 20 markets and has more than 7 million users worldwide. Lalamove also has more than 700,000 driver partners so every person’s delivery needs can be met with the blink of an eye. Lalamove is ideal for people who own businesses but don’t want to invest in fleet. But that’s not all. It is also perfect for people who want to just get something sent to their loved one.

Delivery convenience with Lalamove

While you may love plans because it gives you a sense of control, oftentimes we have to ride with the tide. Lalamove can come to your rescue when you have a last moment plan. Forgot your mom’s birthday? Send her a cake and a bouquet of flowers to show her some love. It’s moments like these that define us. Lalamove simplifies delivery for you by allowing you to quickly connect with driver partners so you can get what you need delivered on time. You can use the mobile or web app to do that. Lalamove is dedicated to ensure you get to save in the process which is why it gives you the option of choosing two-wheeler fleets so you don’t have to spend tons of money.
You are connected to drivers who know their craft and who are reliable 24/7. The best thing about Lalamove is that you can hire the vehicle according to your needs. Whether you want small items such as gifts to be delivered or you want big items such as furniture to be delivered, Lalamove has solutions to everything so you can move what you want and when you want stress-free. You can hire a two-wheeler or a truck solely based on your delivery needs. The real-time tracking feature of Lalamove allows you to know how far your delivery has reached so you are aware of everything that is happening. The Lalamove reliability is superior to any other on-demand service provider!

Lalamove: Get it moving in only a minute

Lalamove is loved by millions of people because of two primary reasons; ease of usage and transparency. Lalamove prioritizes convenience which is why it enables you, the user, to know exactly what you are paying for. You are explicitly told about the price before you make any payments so you don’t get any bad payment-related surprises later on. You can pay using cash on delivery method or you can even way digitally, whichever suits you better. Lalamove allows same-day delivery in Metro Manila and areas surrounding it such as Laguna, Bulacan, and Rizal among others.
Use the app to schedule delivery
You can use the Lalamove mobile app to schedule a delivery. It takes only a minute to do so! You can schedule your delivery in advance or you can opt for on-demand delivery. Just open the app, and then select the vehicle type depending on the item to be delivered. Then, simply select the pick-up location and delivery location on the mobile app. If you are opting for multi-stop deliveries then you can add up 20 locations! Once all this is done, you can choose your preferred payment method. You are then matched with a driver and that’s it! You are good to go!
Schedule with the web app
Don’t feel comfortable using the mobile app or simply don’t feel like taking your smartphone to schedule a delivery? Then access Lalamove’s web app to place your delivery. Simply go to the official website and then upload a CSV file. This file must contain the details of the drop-off locations. This is ideal for SMEs who want to schedule a delivery on-demand or in advance. If you want to get a rough idea about the rates then just visit the website that contains the specific delivery rates according to the vehicle type and distance.
Send anything with Lalamove
Lalamove is the trusted partner for any type of deliveries. You can send bulky items such as wholesale goods, furniture, hardware items, and heavy equipment. Else, you can also deliver items such as fragile goods, urgent documents, flowers, groceries, and more delivered to wherever you wish. Lalamove is there for any delivery need. Whether you want to send a small but vital package to someone in need or you want to move you business-related items from one place to another, Lalamove makes moving simple. It empowers you to be in control so you can send packages as and when the need arises.

Cheaper delivery options with Lalamove Philippines

Want to get first dibs on Lalamove’s latest promos? Who doesn’t? Download the Lalamove app and create your account to enjoy their hassle-free delivery service. There are various Lalamove promos that only members will be able to use such as holiday vouchers, birthday promos, just to name a few. Moreover, the Lalamove app is packed with many features like Additional Stop and Cash Handling which lets users enjoy Cash On Delivery (COD) orders for multiple stops.

Get the Lalamove advantage

Lalamove is already a rage in the Philippines because of the low-cost delivery service. However, you can still stack up more savings by using Lalamove coupon code, Lalamove discount code, or Lalamove promo code. Lalamove provides new deals, Lalamove voucher, and Lalamove sale on its website, web app, and mobile app. If you have signed up to Lalamove then you can expect to receive news about the hot deals and offers in your email. For example, if it is your first delivery then you can get a discount on the total price by simply scheduling a delivery with Lalamove. Lalamove takes complexity out of delivery and this applies to its discounts too!

Save more on Lalamove

You can get details about the Lalamove coupon, Lalamove discount, and Lalamove promo by simply signing up with Lalamove. Although Lalamove already provides affordable delivery services to businesses, there is a chance for you to save more. For instance, businesses can get discounts when they sign up to a corporate account. Lalamove will directly contact you in this case so you know how much you are saving when you opt for delivery with Lalamove. This can depend on the weight of the items that need to be delivered among other factors. If you don’t want to lose out on extra savings and promotions then visit the Lalamove app, web app, or website to find the new deals and promotional codes.