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Imarflex Promos, Sales & Vouchers Exclusively From ShopBack Philippines

Discounts always make your life easier. In partnership with other companies, the brand offers discounts for your purchase. As a Philippines customer, you can buy from Lazada and get cashback offers after your purchase.  Shopback offers discounts on your purchases. 

  • Buy from Imarflex and receive up to 9% cashback on your purchases
  • Shop from Lazada and get free shipping on your purchases
  • Enjoy 20%  discount on the purchase for sandwich maker
  • Save up to 25% on the window type air conditioners
  • Enjoy up to 35% of the Electric fans
  • Pre-order and enjoy up to 10% off on the griller
  • Buy from Home Depot and get special discounts on your purchases

The list is long and changes with season and occasions. You must look for good deals and coupon codes through all the websites on your product purchases. All the codes come with certain terms and conditions. Before applying any coupon code, make sure to read all the rules and regulations and understand them properly so that you do not assume anything from any of the deal.

Imarflex Philippines – A Perfect Place for Home Appliances

Every person wants their household products to run for a long time and have them at an affordable price. However, it is difficult to trust cheap household products. If you are looking for quality home appliances at an affordable price in Asia, you need not worry anymore, as Imarflex will give you all the products of your choice at an affordable price. Not only that, it also offers a warranty for each product. In case, your products stop working, you can always call customer care, they will guide you to reach to the nearest repair center and get your products repaired. For all the services the brand offers, it is one of the famous ones amongst its customers.

The brand has established for no longer than 20 years as a manufacturer and distributor of Imarflex products with the copyright from Japan and has been authorized to sell the products in Thailand. In addition to that, the products are imported into the south Asian market. The company’s main channel of distribution is through the modern trade market, leading departmental stores, e-commerce companies. With its own logistics, delivery becomes cheaper and easier. The company does not have to depend on the third party to deliver its products to the customers.

Over the years, Imarflex has been occupying a decent portion of the market share because of its affordable pricing and quality of the products. Additionally, with time it has been adding a number of new products to the product line. Over the years, the products have gained popularity overseas and in its home country. 

Why Choose Imarflex?

  • Well known appliances brand in the group of country
  • Your household products can be comprised only of Imarflex
  • Appliances are made to last and durable enough to withstand the impact
  • Some of the devices save energy and user-friendly
  • Customer focused customer care service to address the product issues.

Imarflex products and services

The brand offers all kinds of home appliances. The products include fans, stoves, cookers, water boilers, electric stoves, cleaners, gas stoves, water dispensers, blenders and many more items.

  1. Fans – It offers modern style air cooler fans. The fans are available in wide range of colors, remote control fans, dust dirt, and bad odor filter, auto power off when the motor is overheated and offers energy saving features. There are different types of Fans available such as desktop fan, Air cooler, tower fan, ventilating fan, industrial fans in both 18 inches and 24 inches, wall fans etc.
  2. Cookers – The cookers offered are advantageous in many ways. It is suitable for the grill, bake, roast, broil defrost and other cooking methods. The cookers come with features such as temperature controls, energy savings, heat resistance, accurate time settings etc. there are different types of cookers such as fry pot, slow cooker, turbo boilers, electric pan, hand mixer, hot pot, and rice cooker.
  3. Water boilers –Water boilers are available in different sizes. Some of the varieties are Steel and plastic electric pot and Kettle.
  4. Electric stoves – You get to enjoy continuous cooking with Imraflex’s energy saving Gas burners. The burners are easy to clean, rust-free, low gas utilization, high-quality gas stove, and stainless body. The stoves come with one or two burners.
  5. Cleansers – It offers some of the best cleaning equipment in the market. The Washing machines can load up to a number of laundries. It has features such as rust proof body, energy saving, with spin and dry function. Vacuum cleaners come with eye-catching and colorful designs and functional use as removes dirt and dust effectively. 
  6. Gas stoves – Gas stoves are available in different colors and sizes for one and two burners. The gas stoves come with a stainless steel base and rust free iron, which is easy to clean.
  7. Other Products – You can get other home appliances as well. The products include water dispensers, blenders, hair dryers and other electrical items. 

For customers buying from Lazada, you will get the description for each product category towards the bottom of the page. If you filter the webpage with the brand, all the products will appear and you can choose the products, add to the cart and pay for them.

Navigate and place an order

Imaflex has authorized from a Japanese manufacturer to manufacture and sell its products in the home country and export them to the south Asian countries. It has been selling its products through some leading e-commerce sites, trading market and through some authorized stores.  The Imarflex website only displays all the products available from the brand. You cannot buy directly from the website. The customer can buy from the website or through authorized online stores or in local stores. The website lists all the latest products from the brand. It is not always possible to get all the products listed on the original website in local stores and other websites. If you are thinking of buying an item from other websites, the shopping and navigation are easy. 

You get to browse through the products according to categories, read the specifications and see a zoomed view of the product. You can then directly browse through the products and choose products of your choice or type a product directly, and add to cart from the authorized websites. As you go on adding the items to the Shopping cart, you will be shown the total amount you charged to pay for your shopping.  You get to save the items in your shopping cart and come back at a later point in time to check out and pay for the items. Before you pay for your purchase, you must log in to the site providing your personal information details. Once you finalize the items, you can pay for those using the payment mode of your choice. There are several payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, PayPal available to pay for your purchases from the shopping site depending on the site and country.

As soon as you place an order with the delivery address, the company sends a confirmation email and the tracking number as soon as the items are shipped. You can track the shipped items and keep track of your order. The shipping process generally takes two days and delivery days depend on the delivery address of the order placed and the site used for the purchases. 

Philippines customers can purchase the products from this brand through LAZADA using the same instruction given for the other websites. You get many deals for the purchase from the site. While checking out. You just have to enter the coupon codes to save on your purchase.

Order cancellation and refund

If you have bought an Item and at a later point of the time you want to exchange the purchased items or just want to cancel those items, you can cancel your purchase calling the customer care of the site, where you have placed your order. If you have purchased the items from a physical store, you will have to contact the store to know the terms and conditions for return. There are certain terms and conditions for canceling the items purchased. For the company to accept your cancel order, the items should be sealed and in perfect condition. 

For those who are placing an exchange order for the items purchased, you must follow the terms and conditions for the exchange orders on each site. Some of the websites return your money back first and charge additional for your new purchase. Some other website offers you to pay the only an additional amount for the new Items purchased. For Philippines customers purchasing the items from LAZADA

The company starts processing the cancel the order within seven days of the placement of the cancel order. It takes up to 10 business days to refund the amount to the bank account.  If you do not receive the money back to your bank account within the time allotted, you should call the respective bank or customer care for the updates. If you are returning the items and getting a new item in exchange, there is a different process to do that. You will have to pay the extra amount for your new purchase and the amount you have paid for the old item will be returned to your bank account.

Social Media presence

What is the first thing you do when you want to connect with someone? You connect with them using one of the social media pages. The same thing is applicable to the businesses as well. To reach to the new consumer base and to keep the existing users happy, social media is the only efficient platform. As a business, if you are launching new products or want to know how your customers feel about your current products, you can ask them through surveys, a questionnaire with rewards on your social media page. If you are a customer, you will have to like or subscribe the brand’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube pages to stay up to date with the news, events and most importantly about the promotional offers running on the products. Additionally, users can take advantage of the pages to connect with the customer care for any questions or problems and get an answer quickly.

Customer Service

If your customers are happy with the products, your business will prosper. Unless all the questions from the customers are addressed, you cannot make them happy. To increase the customer satisfaction, there should be a dedicated team, whom the customers can contact for any warranty related questions or product related questions any time of the day. Imarflex offers its customers to connect with the customer support team for lodging their complaints or problems through email, phone, fax etc. You can also send an email to the customer care directly entering your name, email ID, website and your message. Once you enter all the details, press submit/send and your message will be sent directly to the customer care.

Email - service@imarflex.co.th 

Phone - 0-2450-0033 (10 Automatic Line)

Fax - 0-2452-1277

If you are looking for home appliances at an affordable price and of good quality, you must choose Imarflex as the brand. Over twenty years, Imarflex has been serving the Asian countries. It is one of the famous brands amongst its customers. You will never going to disappoint you over time. With the cashback offers, you will get from the site you are purchasing, it will be a wise decision take the deal.

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