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Grab Promo Codes in Philippines for July 2020

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More about Grab

Visit ShopBack To Get Grab Promo And Voucher Codes

If you are looking for some Grab promo codes, there is no better place to look than ShopBack! The website offers some exclusive coupon codes which will surely bring down your travel expenses. There are a variety of promos available on ShopBack Philippines! Some of them allow an instant discount on rides while others let you enjoy cashback. All that you need to do is login to the website and search for Grab. It will list all the valid Grab promo codes and you can select the one that adds value to your transactions. The site will provide you with the voucher which you can use in the app as outlined above.

Use Grab Promo Codes for Affordable Rides

Sure enough the cost of transportation is less when you start using Grab for it. However, you can bring the costs further down with the help of some Grab promo coupon codes. There are a lot of ways in which you can get hold of coupons for Grab. These codes provide you with great deals and discounts on existing as well as future rides. It is fairly simple to use the coupon codes as well. Once you are done with entering the pick up and drop points, you will see a small tab named promo on the app. When you select the option, the app lets you key in any promo codes that you might have. And that s it. If the code is valid, you will see the benefits immediately. Once you confirm all these details, the app will start its search for a driver for you.

Grab Philippines - Number 1 Cab Hailing App!

How often have you come across situations where you have booked the cab and the driver just doesn t turn up on time? Or how often has it happened, that you need to reach a place immediately but are unable to get a ride for yourself? The immediate solution is calling some private cab provider and book rides. But even that can get a bit confusing and frustrating at times. The driver might not arrive on time, the driver might not be able to locate you and so on. Wouldn t it be great if you could simply book a taxi from your smartphone app? That is precisely what Grab lets you do. The app lets you book a cab for your travel purposes right at your fingertips and as per your convenience.

An Introduction to Grab

One of the most common themes that you will come across the behind creation of new companies are finding solutions to a problem and not just crib about it. Few friends were discussing the nuances of getting a cab in Manila. The solution to that was GrabTaxi which slowly culminated into the brand that you see today Grab. Though on paper the company is only 5 years old, it has come a long way from inception. It started with accepting bookings for cabs in its early days but has expanded beyond that. The company now provides logistics solutions as well apart from a variety of services in the taxi segment alone.
Grab Philippines, which deals primarily with providing transport and logistics solutions, is playing an instrumental role in building the economy on a lower scale. Through its partner program the company is adding up new jobs for the local economy and is promoting entrepreneurship. The partner program serves as a platform for individuals to look for an additional source of income. The company also strives towards making a safer and cheaper mode of transport. It is now available in 6 South Asian countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. The firm has shown a lot of dedication towards serving people of the mentioned regions, without losing their focus from constantly innovating and expanding.

Services on Offer at Grab App

The ride sharing app has grown immensely over the last five years and has a lot of offerings for riders. You can choose from any one of the following services, as long as you know where your destination is.


Grabtaxi is one of the most core features or offered by the platform. It ensures that you do not have to spend time waiting in lines for cabs or randomly hail your hands at passing by cabs. When you opt for Grabtaxi, you get direct access to a pool of vetted and experienced drivers. So that you can reach your destination without having to worry about anything else. It is also quicker to find a taxi and reach your destination this way.


A lot of us do not enjoy metered fares. You never know how quickly the price might go up and you end up paying a bigger amount than anticipated. If you are one such individual, Grabcar is the right option for you. For all the cabs under this option fetch you fixed fares and let you go wherever you wish to. Imagine doing around in a car without ever having to worry about a parking space or paying the parking fees. You don t even need to bother yourself with the traffic. You get two options when it comes to Grabcar, Sedan and Grabcar+. Sedan fetches the most affordable option for you whereas Grabcar+ only has premium sedans. If you wish to arrive somewhere with some swag, the latter is the better option.


Though there is nothing fundamentally wrong in travelling alone in a cab, but there several advantages of opting for a service like Grabshare. It quenches the thirst of the environmentalist in you while keeping your travel costs down. Some people even use this platform to meet new people. When you decide to share your ride with a fellow rider, you can bring down the costs by as much as 30%. The app ensures that you have only one additional drop off point before you get down, so as to reduce any detours or additional travel times for you.


Are you worried about delivering something to a friend or customer at the other end of the city without actually travelling? Well, as long as Grabexpress is there, it should be the least of your concerns. All that you need to do is open the app and opt for the Grabexpress option. It will connect you with a rider and viola! Not only can you deliver the package without bothering yourself with the traffic but also track it all the way. You can track your package in real time. Whether it is a package for your customer or a birthday gift for someone you love and admire, Grabexpress would deliver it on your behalf.


The company introduced this service sometime back with the intention of making your life easier. Adding payment options and regularly adding balance from credit or debit cards can be a bit time consuming and mundane. With Grabpay you don t have to worry about paying for your frequent payments. Some people are not very comfortable when it comes to saving card details. In such cases also Grabpay becomes very helpful, as you can simply load it up and you are ready to go. You can also send and receive credit from anywhere at any point in time. Using the wallet also enables you for better rewards than normal spending with cards.

Driver Partner

This is not an exclusive feature but something that the company offers. If you wish to earn some additional cash and have a car, you can enroll with the driver partner program. One of the biggest advantages of the driver s program is that you can choose when you wish to work and when you don t. There aren t too many restrictions, so you can login to the app and start accepting Grab rides when you wish. The company leaves it up to you to decide whether you want to do it full time or part time.

How To Use Grab

The founders of the company wanted to make it really easy to book cabs. Thus, not only did they focus on creating a platform which would allow users to book cabs, but also ensured its easy and intuitive to use. Given the current times and circumstances, getting it on App Store and Google Play was the easiest way of making it accessible to a larger audience. You can download the app from either of the stores and install it. The company would require your phone number for authentication. Grab will send an activation to the mentioned phone number post which you can continue with your registration. Once the relatively simple process is over, you can start booking cabs.
The app features all different cab types mentioned above. You simply need to enter your pick up and destination and select the type of service you want to. Alternatively, you can let the app find out your current location and just enter the destination. Once you select either one of the options, Grab will try to match you up with a driver for the ride. When the driver accepts the ride, you will receive some basic information about the driver. You can view the car s registration number, the live location of the driver along with contact information. Grab also lets you know the estimated time of arrival. Should there be a need, you can speak with the driver via the contact information provided on the app.
You can add up payment options on the app, which will enable easier transactions. Alternatively, you can opt for GrabPay and make the most out of your rides. If due to some reason you do not wish to continue with the booking, you can opt out of it by cancelling the ride.

Use Grab for Business

Large companies can afford to have independent transport departments on their own. However, it can get a bit challenging for small to medium sized companies. Hiring private cab services can cost a bombshell and are difficult to negotiate with. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can always arrange a meeting with Grab for business opportunities. The company has specialized services while catering to businesses in Southeast Asia. The entire process involves lesser paperwork than your traditional cab service providers and is much cheaper to maintain as well.
To make the deal even sweeter, the company provides with cost management system to help you reduce costs furthermore. We are all aware of the manual reimbursement and claims process that employees must undergo through every time. With Grab you can remove that complexity from your business process as well. If your company is looking for a wide range of vehicles to cater to different types of business needs, Grab for Business might just be the solution.

Confirmation of Ride

You must fire up the app and enter the basic details such as pickup, drop location and the service you wish to avail. Once a driver accepts your request, the ride is set to confirmed status. It is at this point that the driver proceeds towards your location. You will receive a notification on the app as well as SMS (if you have opted for) along with the confirmation details. Should there be any discrepancy or issues, you can cancel the ride before getting into the cab; based on the reasons provided you might or might not be charged with some penalty. On completion of the ride, Grab will send an invoice to your registered email id, which you can use for reimbursements or just for tracking purposes.

Contact Grab

Whether you are new to a service or have been using it for quite some time, questions do pop up. If you have any such question regarding Grab, you can take a look at the FAQ section. The website provides an exhaustive list of questions along with answers. You can access the same from Help option on your App. If your query is not listed, you can reach out to the support team by sending them an email at