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ShopBack Coupon & Sales in Philippines for April 2020

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ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon and deal websites) If for some reason your payment made on merchant page has failed, do click through ShopBack again and re-do your purchases to ensure tracking is still active Return to ShopBack and click through to the merchant every time you are making a new transaction. If you are making 3 separate transactions on the merchant, you should click through ShopBack 3 times, each time before making a new purchase. For more details:

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  • All ShopBack Customers6.00%

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Gaming Summer Sale: Up to 70% off on great titles

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Gaming Summer Sale: Up to 70% off on great titles6.0% CashbackOngoing Buy and Download Games now!6.0% CashbackOngoing
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Promos, Coupons and Vouchers for GamersGate Deals

Discount coupons enable you to get the games of your choice at a discounted price. There are offers available on the website and third party sites, which are easy to access. Shopback offers you huge discount and deals for every purchase you make from the site. Shopback Philippines also has cashback offers for your purchases. There are definitely some terms and conditions associated with each discount coupons. Up to 6% cashback for every purchase made through
  • Gaming summer sale.
  • Up to 8% cashback for purchasing and downloading games
  • Buy 1 create and get one 50% off
  • Flat 13% savings on fallout 4 VR.
  • Save up to 80% on the XCOM sale
  • Save up to 90% on all time classic sales
  • Up to 60% off on warfare
  • Enjoy up to 85% off on the immersive game for your mac
  • Up to 15% off on a quantum replica
  • Get 5% of the purchased value in blue coin every day.
  • Get up to 88% off on the clearance video games
  • Up to 90% off on the banner sale items
  • Everything on sale up to 28% for a limited time
  • Sale up to 15% off on everything
  • Save up to 40% using coupon code
  • Save 33% off on the promo code
The list will go on. The coupon codes and discount codes are subjected to change. You will find several other coupons from many sites on the internet. It is essential for you to constantly loom through the sites and use the codes when applicable. – The destination for game lovers

It is no wonder that people of all age groups like gaming. When the game is not accessible or you are dependent on the third party to access the games of your choice, you definitely will not play them. For those, who are fond of games and looking for a place to buy games for yourself, is a perfect site for you. It is a distribution platform for the PCs, MAC and offers easily accessible experiences for all the game lovers worldwide with the involvement of the third party provider.
Over the years, it has been constantly updating the catalog on its website and now offers around 6000 games for you to download, paying an affordable amount and enjoy playing your game within no time.

Revolutionizing the Gaming Scene, a Sweden based company started in the year 2006 with a mission to distribute electronic strategy guides, games for the windows, mac, Linux with direct download. is a provider of games from over 265 developers and publishers. It has publishers such as Electronics art, Atari, 2K games, Ubisoft etc. It also offers games from small independent developers such as 2D boy, Jonathan Blow. Including all the games from the providers, it now offers more than 6000 games on its website for people worldwide.
To keep the business going and to attract more customers, it has been changing the design of the website by including aesthetic sense in it. As a digital distribution company, it offers its customer digital management free games and downloadable content for PC, Mac, and other operating systems. When the company started initially, it was mandating its clients to have a user software installed on their machines. Later it allowed its clients to download the software through micro download, which made the download process easy for the customers. The company has been continuously enforcing in-game chat functionality and other comprehensive tools to make the games more competitive and interactive. – Products and service offers a wide range of products and services at an affordable price. Starting from different types of games on demand through the most awaited game, all types of games are available for you to buy online. You just have to follow some quick steps to do so. Let us look at the categories of games for different platforms.
Action - The action games include fighting, first-person shooter, platform, racing, shooter, sports, survival horror, Tactical Action, Third person shooter.
Strategy – The category includes 4X, grand strategy, history, multiplayer online battle arena, Real-time strategy, tower defense, turn based strategy are some of the game categories.
RPG – It includes Action RPG, JRPG, MMORPG, Roguelike, role-playing games, strategy RPG, Roleplaying RPG are some of the categories.
Adventure – Action adventure, Horror world adventure, point, click, and puzzles are some of the gaming categories.
Simulator – Business simulators, city-building games, combat simulator, driving simulators, Life Simulation, manager simulation, a racing simulator.
Casual – This genre includes, arcade, car and casino games, match 3, music and dancing, hidden objects, retro, relation. Time management etc. are some of the genres.
Kids – pets, animals games are some of the categories included in the genre.
Coming Soon games – There are many times when you look for games, which are unavailable now but will be available soon in the market. Some of the games on the list are banner saga 3, state of mind, leisure suit Larry are some of the coming soon games. You might need to book the future games in advance.
Discounted games – In the website, you will find many games at a discounted price and you can avail them at very attractive prices to you. The discounts vary from 10% to 90%.
$1 games – you will find several games at a very affordable price. It is hard to believe but the games are available at a price less than a dollar.
Game tutor – Game tutors are available with each of the games you download from the website. The game tutors help you to use the games easily. In case you still cannot play the game comfortably after going through the tutor, you call always call the customer support for assistance.
Platforms – The games are available in all types of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android making everyone access to the available games.
As you go on and use the site, you will get to know about other features and services offered on the site.

Customer navigation and purchase confirmation

It is obvious for a game lover to use the very easily. The site is also available in the App Store and play store making the purchase much easier. For those who are accessing the website for the first time, you just have to go through the site and browse the games by genres and find out the best deal for you. Or else you can also search the game you want directly in the search bar and find the game directly. On top of the search bar, you can apply other filters such your operating system, compatibility etc. You can select the items and add the items to the cart. You can continue shopping as you go on. Once you add all the items in the cart, you can go on and check out. The site will ask you to sign up or login. You either can take the membership or continue as a guest. Once you add your personal information and billing and shipping address, you can pay for your items added to the cart through debit card, credit card or using Blue coins, which you can get through the various activities on the site. Once you pay for the softwares, you can directly download the game from the site. You get the game tutor video with your purchase. You can use the video to learn about the game. Once you purchase the game, a confirmation email is sent to your email ID.
Additionally, you can access the site using the App store or Play store. After you enter all the required information, you will be directed to the site. You can add the items to the cart and check out. The information you enter in the site is encrypted and secured. No information will be shared with anyone without your consent. Therefore, you do not have any risk of losing any of your information.

Order cancellation and refund

You cannot cancel your orders once placed. In case you have difficulty in installing the game or unfortunately, if the games do not work for any reason, you can call up the customer care and file you re complain to refund your money. There will be cases when your debit card does not work because of network issues and you end up paying twice. You can ask for a refund of the extra amount to your account. The refund generally takes 8-10 business days to reflect. However, In case you do not receive your money in the definite period, then you can call your bank and ask for help. Customer satisfaction is an important element for so the customer care will help you till your problem is resolved.

Social Media

Social media plays an important role towards the growth of every business. Every business wants to attract new customers and maintain the existing one. Social media connects the customers and the business. Business can take feedback on the products it offers and can take suggestions for the new product launch. Additionally, businesses can use social media as a platform to offer promotional code, coupons, offers, sales etc. From the customer s perspective, they can use the platform to get an answer to all the questions quickly. You can like and follow the social media pages using the link Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Customer service at its best

Customers are always given the utmost importance in any business. Unless the business understands the customer s needs, it is difficult for it to succeed. To understand their need, your business should have someone dedicated to listening to the customers. has always prioritized its customer s needs. It is evident from the site that you can reach the customer care any time through email, chats, and Phone calls. In addition, to get your answers faster, the website has a frequently asked questions section, which addresses all kinds of common questions. To get answers related to your game, the site has an interface to live chat with the customer care. With growing years, it has evolved by innovations. It is highly recommended that you prepare for your question before asking one.
Phone: 468-566-14800
Editors, publishers and content writers need to contact to get answers for any of their questions.
Games help you refresh your mind. Take some time off from your busy work schedule and if you have not used the already, it is the perfect time to explore and treat yourself and your kids. With the discount coupons available in the market, the games are affordable and easy to buy. Play now and enjoy rest of your life.