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More about FlytPack

How to avail Promos on Flytpack Philippines using ShopBack?

Getting Flytpack deals and discounts using ShopBack is very easy. By following the given steps below you can avail Flytpack deals and discounts:

  1. Go online on your desktop and type www.shopback.ph in the address bar.
  2. In the top right hand corner click to login. You can login to your ShopBack account by entering your user id and password. You can also use your facebook or Google email id for login purpose. If you are a first time user click on sign up and create a ShopBack account and register yourself on ShopBack to enjoy unlimited deals and discounts from top brands.
  3. In the search box type Flytpack and click the search button

All the coupons and deals are displayed from which the customers can choose the Flytpack deals as per their choice.

Flytpack: Internet Connection on the Go!

Travelling abroad and worried about internet connectivity? Do not worry as you can now use your travel buddy Flytpack to take care of your internet connectivity needs. Now posting your photos and videos on various social media sites can be done easily as with Flytpack it is very easy to stay connected 24*7 even in abroad. Having an internet connection abroad is a very expensive affair but not anymore as Flytpack makes internet connection available at very reasonable and affordable rates. Do not fall back on your social media updates due to lack of internet connectivity or high rates of internet access by the telecommunication providers as Flytpack is here to resolve all your issues related to internet connectivity. 

What is Flytpack?

Flytpack is a pocket-sized Wi – Fi router device that offers Wi – Fi connectivity to all the Wi – Fi enabled devices. Users of Flytpack can now be online 24*7 even during their travel to foreign countries. The users of Flytpack do not have to worry about the internet connectivity issues or about signal strength. Flytpack offers internet connectivity and the internet offered by Flytpack can be shared with more than one Wi – Fi enabled devices. Multiple devices can connect with the Flytpack device in order to use internet. Flytpack is a travel wireless internet modem which is used to connect various devices like mobile phones, laptop, tablets etc to internet. The internet provided by Flytpack is a secured network. You can use the Flytpack device as home or office Wi – Fi connection but at the same time you can take it along with you anywhere you travel. Flytpack device comes in a kit that includes items like Wi – Fi router modem, universal travel adapter, a cable and user manual.

How to book Flytpack device?

Booking a Flytpack device is very easy and simple. The user has to follow the below stated easy steps and the Flytpack device will be delivered to you:

Book and pay for Flytpack device online. The payment can be done through bank transfer or using credit card powered by Visa or MasterCard. Kindly note to avoid any last moment issues related to delivery  of the device it is better to book and pay for the Flytpack device at least before 5 working days of your departure.

Once the booking is done the process of delivery of the Flytpack device reaching to you is initiated.

The Flytpack router device will be delivered to you at least 1 day before your scheduled departure to your travel destination.

Once you reach your travel destination you just need to switch on your Flytpack device and get uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Wherever on the trip you can enjoy unlimited Wi – Fi and internet connectivity.

Once your trip comes to an end and your use of Flytpack is over the courier services who delivered you the device will collect the Wi – Fi router device from you once you are back or after you are back from your travel. 

Is Flytpack reliable?

Often many of us face with internet connectivity issues while travelling abroad so many people usually has a query regarding the reliability of Flytpack device. Yes the Flytpack device is very reliable as all the devices connect really quickly to Flytpack. The connection offered by Flytpack is really fast as it has partnered with the best local internet providers thus assuring you with good connection.  

What are the benefits of using Flytpack?

Following are the benefits of using Flytpack:

  1. Pocket Friendly: internet connection or Wi – Fi is expensive while travelling abroad but with Flytpack internet connection has now become pocket friendly. Flytpack provides internet connection at affordable rates. The rates offered by Flytpack are very reasonable because they are as low as P180 per day. Apart from reasonable rates another major advantage offered by Flytpack is that they offer unlimited data for reasonable rates of P180 per day. As the internet data offered is unlimited it means that Flytpack charges its customers on per day rentals and not on data consumption. Kindly note that prices of Flytpack rentals vary in different countries.
  2. Multi – user: the router offered by Flytpack is multi – user i.e. around 5 to 8 Wi – Fi enable devices can be easily connected to Flytpack and can access the internet. So if you are travelling in a group then buying Flytpack is advantageous as you can split the cost of the Flytpack rental with your group members.
  3. Fast Internet speed: Flytpack routers are pre – configured routers that are designed and configured to work in the country that you are visiting. These pre – configured routers provide fast internet speed to its users. With Flytpack you can connect your devices to 4g / LTE so the users can expect blazing fast internet speed for usage. The working of Flytpack is smooth and the services are offered without any hitch. Yes the speed of the internet varies as per the location of the user and as per the signal strength. Even the weakest speed is where the user can easily post videos and photos on social media sites like facebook and instagram. The internet connection is quite reliable of Flytpack as it is not lost even when in subway stations and moving metros. Flytpack also ensures that all the additionally connected devices will also receive internet connection. 
  4. Easy to Use: The Flytpack device is very easy to use. All the instructions required for installing and running the device are given by Flytpack. The device is a hand held device so it is very easy to take it along with you and is very portable. Also as the device is pre – configured device so you or another users do not have the stress about installation of the device or do the setup of the device like the inserting the sim card or searching and subscribing for data plans as per your need and requirement. Using Wi – Fi of Flytpack is very easy and simple you or any other user who is having the Flytpack device they only need to turn on the device once they reach the country and connect your device just once and you are good to go. The size of Flytpack device is small and it fits comfortably in your pocket thus making it very convenient and hassle free to carry anywhere and anytime. The device comes with a Flytpack pouch, charging cable, universal adapter and a user manual.
  5. Long Battery Life: the Flytpack device comes with a long battery life. It is important to have a long battery life as many Wi – Fi enabled devices will be connected to the router device. If you or any other user has concerns regarding battery life then kindly note that you can connect your Flytpack device to power bank and enjoy interruption free internet connectivity for a longer duration.
  6. Easy Booking Process: if you want to book your Flytpack device then it is very easy and simple. Just log on to the website and make the booking. The payment of the booking can be done via bank transfer or by using credit cards powered by Visa or MasterCard. 
  7. Instant usability: As Flytpack is a pre – configured device thus it makes it easier for every use the Flytpack immediately upon landing on foreign land. So now updating your where – about to your family and friends or posting your location update on social media can be done immediately on landing. So no more running across the airport to find Wi – Fi as with Flytpack you need not worry about the internet connection on airport anymore.

Thus above mentioned are the benefits of using Flytpack. Flytpack is your one stop destination for satisfying all your needs of having fast internet connectivity. And if you book the device using various deals, promo codes, discounts and coupons offered by ShopBack then it will surely turn out to be a very affordable purchase. ShopBack and Flytpack together offer outstanding internet connectivity and speed that too at very affordable and pocket friendly prices. So not it is the time to stop worrying about your internet connectivity while travelling as your pocket internet travel buddy is here to keep you connected with your loved ones. Also do not forget to visit the ShopBack Philippines before booking your Flytpack device while planning for a travel.

What is ShopBack?

ShopBack is an e – commerce portal that partners with leading brands in Philippines and offers cashback to its customers for every purchase. It is one of the most trusted affiliate marketers as who does not love best deals and discounts.

ShopBack and Flytpack Philippines

ShopBack has partnered with Flytpack to provide exclusive and affordable prices to the customers who wish to have super Wi – Fi speed of internet while travelling. ShopBack is a partner of Flytpack Philippines who provides for various pocket friendly vouchers and cashback offers for all. So if you wish to avail services of Flytpack make sure you visit and check on various deals available on ShopBack.ph before buying it from an unrecognized provider. Also with the cashback site, you can rest be assured that you will receive best of deals and make your online shopping experience the best one.

Join Flytpack social media groups for latest update

The best way to get latest update is to get them via social media handles. Flytpack has their social media handles which periodically broadcast their latest update. Following are the various social media handles of the brand that provide the latest updates:

  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Cashback Rates

  • All ShopBack Customers7.00%

Get 12% off on wifi rental with this Flytpack Promo Code!

7.0% CashbackDetails

Middle East Wifi Package now only P600!

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FlytPack Promo: Price starts at P220/day on Asian countries!

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FlytPack Cashback Promo: Stay connected when you are traveling overseas!

7.0% CashbackDetails

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Excludes taxes, fees & service charges
Excludes store credits & voucher code
Finalised and redeemable 60-75 days after stay
Only applicable for purchase of Wi-Fi rentals
Terms & Condition
ShopBack must be the last link you clicked in order to get Cashback. If other website links are clicked after clicking through ShopBack, Cashback will not be tracked (E.g. coupon and deal websites)
If for some reason your payment made on merchant page has failed, do click through ShopBack again and re-do your purchases to ensure tracking is still active
Return to ShopBack and click through to the merchant every time you are making a new transaction.
If you are making 3 separate transactions on the merchant, you should click through ShopBack 3 times, each time before making a new purchase.
For more details: www.shopback.ph/terms-and-conditions
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Get 12% off on wifi rental with this Flytpack Promo Code!7.0% CashbackNo expiry
Middle East Wifi Package now only P600!7.0% CashbackNo expiry
FlytPack Promo: Price starts at P220/day on Asian countries!7.0% CashbackNo expiry
FlytPack Cashback Promo: Stay connected when you are traveling overseas!7.0% CashbackNo expiry

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Flytpack Promo & Voucher in Philippines for November 2019

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New Year Promo: Extra P100 off 3 days

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New Year Promo: Extra P200 off 5 days

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New Year Promo: Extra P300 off 8 days

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New Year Promo: Extra P500 off 10 days

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Get 1 day FREE when you book a Pocket WiFi (Min. 4-Day rental period)

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Get 2 days FREE when you book a Pocket WiFi (Min. 8-Day rental period)

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