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Etihad Airways Free two-night stopover in Abu Dhabi when you book a multi-city flight via Abu Dhabi

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Save up to 30% off when you book an extra legroom seat in Economy Space

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Etihad Airways Free two-night stopover in Abu Dhabi when you book a multi-city flight via Abu Dhabi2% CashbackOngoing
Save up to 30% off when you book an extra legroom seat in Economy Space2% CashbackOngoing

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Enjoy cashback when you book flights from Etihad Airways through Expedia today!

More about Etihad Airways

Make the Most of Etihad Airways Promos

There are loads of benefits of shopping or booking online. Apart from the very obvious convenience and time saving aspects, you also get a chance to save some money, courtesy of the sales and promos the company has throughout the year. The airline runs some form of promotion or the other throughout the year to keep their customers hooked on to.
There are different types of vouchers that you can get your hands on. For starters, you get the standard codes which offer instant discounts. You will be able to find a few cashback offers as well. Though you do not get an instant discount, you get some of your money back at a later date. And lastly some Etihad airways voucher codes can be used on upcoming bookings. Since there are a variety of these available, you can pick and choose which one is ideal for you or fits into your requirements.

Visit Shopback For Amazing Etihad Airways Vouchers

For those who want to get their hands on all the sales the airline has, it can be a bit difficult task at times. The simple reason is that there are several websites which offer these promotions. But not all of them might be valid or actual codes. Thus, you end up wasting a decent enough amount of time in first, figuring out and then validating these codes. The easier alternative is to visit Shopback Philippines.
A quick visit to the website is all that you need for figuring out the right Etihad airways coupons and not waste any of your valuable time. It does all the smart work behind the scenes and lists only those which are valid and will yield some discounts for you. To make your life much easier, here are all the steps that you must carry out on the website.
  • Visit Shopback.ph.
  • If you are existing customer, do not forget to login using your existing credentials.
  • For new customers, it is just a matter of few clicks and some basic information and you can create an account with the website.
  • Once you are done, login to the website using valid credentials.
  • Search for Etihad Airways on the search bar on the top of the page.
  • The site will list out all the active Etihad airways deals.
  • Choose an offer or deal that best suits your purchase.
  • Now you can continue booking on the brand s website like you would normally do.
If you are eligible for any cashback offers, the same will be credited to your Shopback account within the stipulated time frame.

Etihad Airways – Your Online Travel Buddy

Ever since commercial airlines took off, the business has been constantly growing. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing sectors around the globe. The ease of flying ensures that you can attend business meetings, take quick holidays or fly out to meet old friends and relatives, rather easily. Of the many names in the industry, one that shines is Etihad Airways. The brand is known for its luxurious flights and immaculate service on offer. It wouldn t be too wrong to say that flying with the brand is an experience in itself.
We as consumers have evolved a lot the past several years. Gone are those times when one would board a flight with only the expectation of reaching their destination as soon as possible. At present, consumers surely want to reach their destinations quickly but at the same time do not want to compromise on comfort and the fun factor. Etihad Airways is one of those few companies whose sole focus is on offering one of the best in flight experiences. From entertainment to multiple cuisines to comfortable seats, you get it all with Etihad Airways.

An Introduction to Etihad Airways

It was only in the year 2003 that the brand came into existence. The brand is completely owned and operated completely by the government of Abu Dhabi. The primary intention of the airline was to offer safe commercial flights that are profitable as well. And that is how the journey started. Over the years, the brand has swiftly made its presence felt in the air.
Etihad Airways aims to connect the entire world via Abu Dhabi. But amidst all of this, they want to focus on their core values of offering safe commercial flights which are profitable. To help their customers to have an even better experience, the airline has several key partnerships. Together, Etihad Airways and their partners ensure that their customers walk away with an experience to remember. The brand is also known for some of its innovative services in the form of the chef on board, flying nannies and their quality of food and beverages.

Services on Offer at Etihad

You can utilize promo codes only when you book from their website. But before you get started with the bookings, it is important to be aware of all the services that the brand has on offer.


It would be weird if an airline did not provide this service. Whether you want to travel within your country or wish to explore other parts of the world, flights are the easiest and quickest way to travel. With Etihad Airways, you can travel across the world with great levels of comfort and your local cuisine. The website also has regular deals, making your travel that much sweeter.


It is quite a common occurrence where travelers plan their holidays or trips to the utmost details. If you plan to visit different cities during the same tour, wouldn t it be great if you could book all the tickets at once? This is exactly what multi-flights or multi-city flights service from Etihad Airways lets you do. You can book flight tickets for as many as 9 members across different cities at a go. Thereby ensuring even better savings and fewer hassles.


Unless you are travelling to some friends or relatives, it is eminent that you look out for accommodation options. To aid you in such situations, Etihad Airways has tie-ups with some of the most prominent hotels across the globe. You simply need to visit the hotel booking section of the website and choose a hotel to go along with your flight bookings. With over 30,000 hotels on the list across 100 countries, you can almost certainly find a hotel that fits into your description.


For the ones who love driving, getting behind the wheels at a new place is something that very few would like to give up. For the driving enthusiast in you, Etihad Airways has joined hands with Hertz to offer you that perfect ride. With more than 8000 locations, you are never too far off from getting an ideal ride for your trip.

How to Use Etihad s Website

Etihad s website has a pretty standard layout. It is something that people familiar with online shopping will feel comfortable with. In fact, the airline has spent a substantial amount of time to optimize the entire process and make it more intuitive for new as well as existing users. From the home page of the website, you can select any of the above-mentioned services.
Depending on the service that you opt for, the website will expect some basic information from your end. For an example, if you wish to book flights, you would need to enter the origin location and the destination along with the travel dates. Similarly, for hotel bookings, you can select the destination and the dates for which you would need accommodation. If you wish to book hotels, the page has a small place holder where you can use discount coupons. Should your code be valid, you will be able to see an instant discount.
Based on your needs, you can continue searching all the options available either for hotels, flights or cars. Once you are happy with a specific listing, you can select the same and continue with it. The website usually expects passenger or traveler details next, along with contact information. If you have availed any Etihad airways offer, you can see the same during the booking process.
The website then offers a quick summary, post which you need to pay for the booking. As soon as the airline receives the payment amount, it provides you with a visual confirmation and an email to the registered email id. Depending on the type of booking, you can use it to enter the airport or check-in to a hotel or pick up a car from a specific location. If you have used any discount coupons, the final payment would include the same.
If you have any queries regarding the booking or any concerns or suggestions, you can reach out to Etihad airways with the information provided below. The confirmation email usually consists of the cancellation policies and timelines. Should there be any confusion, you can either reach out to the airline or go through their cancellation policies.

Contact Etihad

Etihad Airways is in a line of business where customer support plays a very critical role. Irrespective of the size of an airline, the nature of the business is such that flight delays and cancellations are a part of the deal. These are just a couple of examples. There could be several other instances where a customer might need to reach out to the airlines.
The airline has captured its past experience with customer queries and concerns in the form of FAQs or frequently asked questions. This should be your first validation point. The probability is high, that your concern or situation is already mentioned in the FAQ list. However, if you have a query or concern that is not listed and you wish to reach out to Etihad, there are different ways of doing so.
You can dial +63 (0) 27926044 from your phones to speak with a representative from Etihad Airways. To make things much easier for the customers, the brand has a dedicated link for lost baggage. You can either track your baggage from the link or raise a request for lost baggage from the same. If you wish to offer any suggestion or feedback, there is an online form on the website. You must enter the feedback type, actual comments and some basic contact information. Should you have specific details such as flight booking reference, you can use them as well.
Apart from the traditional ways, Etihad is also available on Twitter and Facebook for additional support or queries and concerns. With several different modes of communication available, you will not find it all that difficult to get in touch with Etihad.