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Get Promo Prices On DreamPlay Tickets To Learn To Bake At Gingy's (From Shrek) Kitchen!Temporary UnavailableOngoing
Become a Dragon Warrior At Kung Fu Panda Po's Furious 6 Academy (Get The Best Prices With DreamPlay Promo + Cashback!)Temporary UnavailableOngoing
Exclusive DreamPlay Promo: Experience DreamPlay's How To Fly Your Dragon For Discounted Prices!Temporary UnavailableOngoing
Enjoy Special Prices + Cashback With DreamPlay Tickets Promo!Temporary UnavailableOngoing
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DreamPlay Philippines: The Blooming Family Entertainment Center

The creative play center started in June 2015, in Manilla (the city of dreams) as a family entertainment center. It is the first environment created in Manila, where kids can play in a wide range of creative activities and fun-filled experience with the characters of DreamWorks entertainment world s famous films such as Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, Madagascar, and How To Train Your Dragon etc.
There are higher numbers of visitation, which exceeded the initial expectations. The entertainment play center focused on bringing domestic, regional and international visitors to Manila to mark as the best leisure destination to the tourists.

DreamPlay – The creative Play center

How do you educate your children? The research studies say that children learn by observing and doing. Most of the children enjoy indoor games with outdoor settings. Parents who work all whole week and do not get chance to spend time with their children, DreamPlay is the best place to take your children during the weekend and see them learning by doing. It is a theme based interactive play and creative center with the characters of Dreamworks animation world s famous characters.
Unlike any other play center, Dreamwork involves creative thinking and intelligence, which definitely helps your children to enjoy and helps to grow their brain.

Attractions To Enjoy

DreamPlay is a DreamWorks movie inspired creativity play center for kids (of course, parents can accompany them) located in Manila. The attractions definitely simulate the kid s minds by challenging their creativity. As the activities are interactive, the classes and lesson definitely exercise the brain of your little ones. You get a ticket for 4 hours, which is sufficient for your children to enjoy all the attractions there. You must plan to allocate sufficient time each of the recreational centers to make sure your children enjoy the activities the most.
There are 12 attractions in 5, 0000 square meters of space with 3 theme parks and accommodating around 120 people in total. To enjoy the attractions there, your kid must be at least 100 centimeters in height. Kids shorter than that would need their parents to accompany them.
  • The Dream Theatre - You can join some of your favorite DreamWorks characters in Dream theatre. In the theatre, you will be part of the story in a 4D setting that will allow you to feel the excitement. It is recommended to start with the 4D animated movie as it is the most popular of all the movies. Second and third rows are the best places to sit as you get the best experience there. When you go near the ticket booth make sure to say Hi to the magic mirror.
  • Cooking with Gingy - This attraction offers you to set up your own baking system and learn to make gingerbread man from the Gingy. This is a completely new thing, which is generally not offered by many creational centers. Kids get to learn cooking and at the same time enjoy the bread as a snack at the park. The kids knead the dough and mold it to cut into gingerbread man shape. Throughout the cooking class, Gingy and Shrek entertain the kids. The most exciting part comes at the end where kids put the final touch themselves with facial features and costumes on top with red blue and white icing.
  • Whatever floats your boat - This is an attraction created to have the feeling of Madagascar, where the penguins need your help to create a sea-faring vessel. Your kids will Jon Skipper, Private, Rico, and Kowalski on their operation to assemble their boat. Not only that you will also get chance to sail the boat down the river. On the way, you will find obstacle as well.
  • Afro Circus- Afro circus gives you a chance to dive into the world of foam and fun as you join Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria in the play area. This is a simple play not involving any exciting or fund. But your kids will enjoy.
  • How to Fly your Dragon – This is a replication of how to train your dragon. Join Hiccup in his quest to find dragons of all size and shapes. You will get to search hiccup s collection of handcrafted dragon parts to create your own dragon. Once you finish it, you will get to ride the top of the Berk and ride it. This attraction is one of the most exciting things kids can ever get.
  • DreamTales Library – This is where the storytelling comes live. This is a place where you get to read some of your favorite stories and get to enjoy the puppet show from some of your favorite characters. This is also a place, where you can enjoy with your kids, who are less than 100 centimeters in height.
  • Fast as Lightning Kung Fu fighting - Join the Kung Fu Panda Dojo and become the Kung Fu master. Be ready with your fist of fury and kick the dumplings out of your enemies. This is one of the coolest games, where you just have to dance like Kung Fu Panda.
  • Dream Studio - This is an interactive place, where you are in the director s chair as your favorite DreamWorks character help you make your own animated film. This is another place, where you can take your kids, who are not 100 centimeters.
  • Dinotrux - Join the dinotrux in the construction. Kids get to learn about the building and piloting their very own retool. Then you can make your own world here. The height requirement to participate in the game is 100 centimeters.
  • Shrek s swamp Stomp - You get an experience of Shrek s swamp house by taking a tour of it. Shrek is home to greet you. However, he cannot find his keys and would need your help to help look for his key. You just have to make sure that you stay away from the outhouse to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Wall of Destiny - Conquer the wall of destiny with the strength and agility of Kungfu Panda. Here you will face a lot of obstacles and challenges.
  • Thread of enlightenment – This tests your bravery and balance as you make your way through the two-level ropes course. You just have to follow the footsteps of Kung Fu panda to reach the highest level.
  • With all these attractions in place, your kids will enjoy every bit of the time spent here. Be sure to allocate perfect time for the tour.

How To Buy Tickets To DreamPlay

You can buy a ticket through dream play online booking using SMtickets.com. The ticket can be issued using a debit card, Credit card or cash. You just have to follow the process.

Ticket Prices

Your ticket price will vary on the age of your children and the number of hours opted to stay there. Admission for 2 hours for an adult is 260, for a toddler is 50 and for children, it is 480. For 4 hours, it is 300, 50, and 680 respectively for an adult, toddler, and children. For extension, the charges are 120 and 250 respectively for an adult and children. There is no extension price for a toddler. Additionally, the prices are more during the weekend to control the crowd and to make more business.
Parents cannot accompany children above 100 centimeters. They have to drop off their children with the required dress code and take them back when they are done. It is recommended to eat food before coming to the recreational center as outside food are not allowed in the center and the prices of the snacks available are comparatively higher than usual price.

Social Media

Social media connects the business and the customers. If you are running a business and customers are not aware of it, how do you make sure that your business will be successful. It is important to market and let your customers give you feedback on the services they already have used and their expectations about the service that are not in place. Social media can be used as a marketing channel to connect with your customers. Dream Play has used social media sufficiently to market itself and get customers throughout the world.

Customer care and contact

You can directly go to the centers, which are located in the below locations.
Upper ground floor, The shops at the boulevard
City of Dreams, Asian Avenue corner, Roxas Boulevard
Entertainment City, Paranaque 1701, Manilla, Philippines
Operating hours – 10 am to 10 pm
Phone - +632 808-0909
It is important to keep your kid engaged and see what they enjoy the most. The creative thinking and interactive activities help your kids brain development the most. You must go to the Dream Play recreational center and utilize your time towards kids. If you have not already gone to the center, It is now the time to go and enjoy.