Shopback Promo Code June 2023

Up to 6% Cashback
Cashback Info

To Ensure Promo Code and Cashback Eligibility

  • Use only promo codes featured on ShopBack
  • Click through ShopBack again if there's any error
  • Returns, Exchanges and Cancellations
  • Bookings made more than 11 months in advance
  • Store app purchases
  • Flights are not commissionable

When will I get my Cashback?

Tracked In
Claim In
2 days
120 days after travel

Based on booking price
Excludes taxes, service charges or extra services
Cashback will be ready for withdrawal 75 days after stay
Terms & Condition
Check our more details at
If for some reason your payment made on merchant page has failed, do click through ShopBack again and re-do your purchases to ensure tracking is still active
Return to ShopBack and click through to the merchant every time you are making a new transaction.
If you are making 3 separate transactions on the merchant, you should click through ShopBack 3 times, each time before making a new purchase.
For more details: