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Perfect Beach Books: Up to 40% offUp to 4% CashbackOngoing
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Vegetarian Cookbooks: From P500 + Free ShippingUp to 4% CashbackOngoing
Jamie Oliver Collection: From P350Up to 4% CashbackOngoing
Grow your own with Gardening Books: Up to 20% offUp to 4% CashbackOngoing
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More about Book Depository

Book Depository Discounts Codes Available on the Purchases

When you get offers on the cheaper prices, it is like icing on your cake. Applying the right promo code during your purchase time will definitely lessen the money you are going to spend on the shopping. There are many sites available online, where you can find the Discount coupons and voucher codes to apply during your shopping. Shopback.ph is one of the best sites to get cashback on your purchases. After you have entered Book Depository in the search bar and all offers related to the company will appear at once. You get up to 4% cash on each of your purchases from the site.
  • Promotion: for perfect beach book up to 40% off.
  • Discount: up to 40% off on the best seller.
  • Deals: up to 45% off on the books turned films using shopback
  • Casback: existing customers get 1.2% cashback and new customers get 4% cashback on the purchases.
  • There are other offers within the bookstore. Several offers can be availed using the promo code offered.
  • Up to 50% off on the bargain books
  • 77% off on the Bestseller books
  • Get book gifts of $7 using vouchers.
  • 15% off on any category of books
  • Use voucher codes avail up to 30% off on the best-selling books.
  • You can avail extra 10% off on the top-selling books.
  • Up to 66% of under a mackerel sky.
  • Save up to 10% off.
The discount code, coupons, deals keep on changing. You have to look through on periodic basis to get maximum benefits out of the promo and discount coupons. You must use the trusted site to get real offers on your purchases.

Book Depository – A Reader s Dream Online Bookstore

Who does not like reading books? In fact, every 1 person surveyed out of 5 person reads at least one book in a year. The research says that every person should read a book every day. The book reading habit yields you many benefits such as mental stimulation, stress reduction, knowledge improvement, visualization etc. We generally take several ways to entertain ourselves. With the advent of internet and advancement in technology, every person is finding social media and television as easy paths of entertainment. Thus the number of people reading has been decreasing over the years. However, there are still bookworms out there who love reading and the habit works a therapy to happiness. Book lovers should make the use of the brand s online site and order the books at a comparatively cheaper price without a second thought.
Book Depository has been able to cope up with the market competitors through its constant effort to innovate to the variety of books it offers and to make the life of the customer simple by incorporating the technological advances in the book search process. Another key differentiator is its offer to ship any product ordered free of cost to the international customers.

A brief overview of Book Depository Philippines

The company started in the year 2004 in the United Kingdom with a motto to make all the books available to everyone in every corner of the world. It initially started with a plan of free shipping and a large catalog for all the orders placed through the website. Through the year 2004, today it is serving the customers of 160 countries across the world and with the constant innovation; it has been able to meet the need of thousands of its existing customers and attracting a lot more customers that are new.
As the smartphone users increased over time, the company has developed an application for smartphone users. Anyone in any part of the world can download the application free of cost and start placing the order for their books. The application is available on all platforms such as windows, IOS, and Android systems.

Website catalog - bookdepository.com

The online bookstore offers you a variety of their products at a cheaper price and offers free shipping worldwide. Book lovers must not miss the opportunity and order soon. The website offers you to choose from a range of categories. You can shop by author, bestseller, by the cheap price, by age group and what not. The site is very attractive definitely; your order will be of a lot of value. Each of the book you select for review will show you all the details of the product you always want to know. The details include format i.e. either it is paperback or hardcover, Dimension, weight, publisher, language, Publishing date, ISBN number and the bestseller rank, cost, summary of the book and above everything the reviews from the customers who have already read that book. All these details will definitely help you to decide which book you want to read.
Top Categories – Top categories include autography, biography, art, fiction, crime and thriller, science fiction, novel etc. When you select each category, the site will navigate you through the subcategories and display all the books available around the world. You can choose the categories of your choice and enjoy browsing through each of them.
Best Authors – you can directly go to the best authors, if you are an amateur reader and start with a book from the best-selling authors. The best-selling books will also have genres. According to your interest, you can filter the options and browse through the books.
Books by Profession – Book Depository also provides books for professionals. You can find the books for all profession such as engineering, medical, geologist, archeologist, computers, and books for homemakers, reference books, textbooks, poetry dramas etc.
Best-selling series – The books from the best-selling series automatically pops up on the website when you browse through it. Best-selling series indicates how popular those books are amongst the population of book lovers.
Children s book by age range – It is important for you to engage your children. The website offers varieties of books for your kids. Maybe it is coloring books or stories or anything of their choice.
Popular features – This category shows you what features most of the customers opted for. The popular features include books and movies, audio books, adult coloring books, movie books etc.
Coming soon – some people wait for the next book from their favorite author and they cannot wait for enough to read the books. The book depository website offers you to browse through the list and pre-book the books that are not yet released.
Highlights – This section shows you the highlights from all the section of books. You can browse through them all at once and order from the books.
Bargain shops – Those who read a lot of books would be definitely want to buy books at a cheaper price and this website offers you a lot of books in a bargained price. You can browse through them and get your best deals.
Other services – When you open the site in your browser you can see what people have ordered and from which country with a map. You will not find this unique feature on every site. The information gives you an idea of other s choices. With the events in the surroundings, the website flashes a number of books related to the event. The website also offers you to filter your requirement, search your books using the ISBN number, and get your books instantly.

How to navigate through Bookdepository.com

Both the website and the mobile application are very user-friendly. In minutes, you will get into the site and start your shopping. Those who are smartphone users can go to the app store of the play store, type book depository and get the application installed on your device. After that, you just have to enter your login ID and password to start browsing the website. Once you enter all your information, you will be taken to the site and you can enjoy shopping online. For those who want to access the website directly can go to the website directly and start typing the ISBN number if you really know what book you are looking for. Or else you can browse through the available categories to arrive at a decision.
You can enter any category you want to browse at any point of your shopping and add the books of your choice to the cart. If you have any problems while browsing the books, you can always click on the help button on the left-hand side of the platform and someone will assist you through the process.
While searching for any books, you can click on the advanced search to enter all the details to get right into the book and start shopping from there directly. Also in any point in time if you ever feel that you do not want to buy this book now but definitely in the near future you can add the book to the wish list. To have a better understanding of the book prices, you can select the currency you want to buy in. You can continue shopping until you finalize your books and checkout for payment. There are several payment options available to you. You can opt for a credit card, debit card,PayPal to pay for your purchases. The total price will be charged based on the currency you have chosen for the payment. The site is very secure and encrypted to keep your identity and your payment details a secret.

Order Confirmation and cancellation

Once you place an order, the website sends a confirmation email to you. Depending on the country, you have chosen as the destination, the delivery time will vary. There are no shipping or delivery costs applicable to the order you have placed. If you have ordered multiple items, the packages will arrive at a different point in time. Shipping and delivery to the Philippines generally take 10-14 business days. You can track your orders anytime on the website. The tracking option is on the right side of the website.
Once your order arrives at the destination and unfortunately, you do not like the order, you can return the order within fourteen-business day of your purchase. It is your responsibility to send the item to the company after filling out the application form. Once the company receives the parcel, the refund process starts. It takes seven to fourteen business days to refund the purchased amount to your account. The process is very simple. You can always ask for help if you have any doubts related to the items purchased or canceled.

Customer support and contact

There will be several varieties of customers buying from the company s website. To answer a question related to purchases, the company should have enough customer support people or support system for the customers. Book depository has live customer support system and It also offers you to exchange emails with all the details of your purchase.
Email: help@support.bookdepository.com
Live chat: Customers have access to talk to the customer care directly through the live chat options. Customer support team is available to answer all your questions.

Social media at work

Every established company has a presence in the social media. The company uses social media to market themselves and increase the customer base by offering promo coupons, their best deals, promo and sale. Book Depository has presence in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. You can like and follow the social media pages to reap the benefits of all the book depository codes.
If you have not really started reading any books. It is a perfect time to start building the habit with Book Depository, as it is never late and you are not going to get these many varieties of books in any other sites within your reach. The books are available at a reasonable price and free delivery charges. Once you start reading, you will be fond of the site and the offers.