Quick question, what’s the most popular phone in Philippines? Samsung? Apple? Xiaomi? Traitors! And completely wrong traitors at that. The smartphone with the highest sales is none other than local brand made good, Cherry Mobile.

For all those already using Cherry Mobile to read this article, have a quick high five on the house. For those that are tutting in the shadows, hanging on to your Nokia phones and Samsung Galaxies, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting Cherry Mobile.

It’s Local

Support local ingenuity! Because most Filipinos are already on board, with over 85% claiming they would be happy to use a local brand Smartphone, and you don’t get much more local than Cherry Mobile.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe available on Lazada at P2999;

Original Price: P4999


Money is always a key consideration when getting a smartphone and Cherry Mobile is an excellent representation of what consumers look out for in a smartphone. Sure you can get the new iPhone by selling both your kidneys, with a lung as down payment, or you can get a Cherry Mobile Flare Lite for under P2000!


Cherry Mobile Flare Lite available on Lazada at P1,999;

Original Price: P2,700

It ain’t just Phones

Cherry Mobile isn’t content with just trying to take over the mobile game, no, they want the tablet  market, the laptop market and the tech companies that derive their name from fruit market. And that’s great news for tablet fans looking for a change of competition.

Cherry Mobile Superior Scope 3G Tablet available on Lazada at P2999;

Original Price: PP4999

Different Operating System

Android and IOS have been locked in this stalemate for dominance over all Smartphones. Get away from all that, with the Windows operating System. A cleaner version than Android and a more exciting iteration of IOS, try it out on Cherry Mobile.

Cherry Mobile Razor 2.0 available on Lazada at P3500;

Original Price: P6999

The Variety

Here’s my impression of someone trying to find variety in Samsung phones. “Hey Samsung , I don’t really like the Galaxy or Note series, what else have you got?”

Silence for the next five generations.

Cherry Mobile is the complete opposite of the two kingpins, Nova, Cosmo, Orbit, Magnum, Superion, Titan, Flare, Burst, Flame, Fusion Bolt, Apollo, Ultra scratches only the tip of the iceberg.

Cherry Mobile Amethyst 2.0GB available on Lazada at P1699;

Original Price: P2299

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