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From specially curated foods to a premium wine selection, The Bow Tie Duck’s products are truly world-class! While their offerings might look intimidating, we can guarantee that they won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Whether you’re planning a date night with your significant other, looking to hop on the yogurt fruit bowl craze, or just curious about what foie gras really tastes like, you’re in for a treat! 

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Satisfy your delicatessen obsession with these exclusive delish offerings from The Bow Tie Duck!


Where to Purchase the Best Butter, Foie Gras, and Yogurt in Metro Manila


Échiré Butter 


The possibilities are endless with Échiré butter. Dubbed one of the best butters in the world, Échiré shares the same status as Champagne. It’s internationally renowned for its divinely delicate, creamy, and distinct flavor. It contains more butterfat than other butters and has a higher melting point. This famed artisanal French butter is best paired with pastries like croissants or even your morning pandesal. The good news? Échiré butter is now available for delivery in Manila!


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Castaing Duck Foie Gras


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Cas­taing Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit is a bloc of foie gras, made of del­i­cate foie gras chunks meld­ed into a bloc, then light­ly poached at low tem­per­a­ture (Mi-Cuit is trans­lat­ed to light­ly cooked), giv­ing it a divine­ly silky mouth­feel with a longer shelf life than whole foie gras. The taste is deca­dent and melts in your mouth with a del­i­cate but­tery tex­ture. This foie gras exhibits an earthy rich, uma­mi fla­vor that doesn’t over­pow­er. It shines in any dish prepa­ra­tion, be it as a start­ing appe­tiz­er or your entrée course. Comes in 200g for Php 1990 and in a pack of 2 slices (40g each) for Php 1090. Now available for your indulgence at The Bow Tie Duck.

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Castaing Duck Foie Gras is beloved by epicureans all over the world, and for a delightful reason! It exhibits an earthy, rich, umami flavor that doesn’t feel weighty. It’s perfect for your morning toasted bread, afternoon baguette snack, or even your quarantine wine nights! This well-loved foie gras has a very delicate, buttery texture that melts in your mouth and takes your palate on an intense sensory adventure.


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Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt


In search of an affordable yogurt that doesn’t compromise quality, taste, or texture? Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt is your best choice! Rich and creamy, this yogurt stands out among all others available in the market. It’s surprisingly fat-free and contains live yogurt cultures that remain active until the expiration date. Elevate your yogurt experience by pairing it with fruits, almonds, or your morning oats.


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Guanciale Stagionato Slab


Have an upcoming celebration with your family at home? Do you want to create a restaurant-worthy dinner for them? If that’s the case, the Guanciale Stagionato Slab is exactly what you need! The delectable, robust flavor of this marvelous Italian meat makes it a unique ingredient for any number of pasta dishes. 


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Replenishing your kitchen pantry with products from The Bow Tie Duck is a perfect way to indulge in a bit of luxury in these troubled times. With great quality and great value-for-money deals, you won’t go wrong with this online delicatessen! Make sure to go through ShopBack to get 5% Cashback!

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