The magic of perfume is that it is both emboldening and fleeting at the same time. It creates a delicious armour that permeates the air with all sorts of imagination, with  subtle or forthright power, revealing a particular identity. Just like your choice of clothes or jewelry, your choice of perfume speaks volumes about your personality – perhaps even more. As fashion savant Christian Dior once said,  “You can tell more about a woman by her perfume than her handwriting.”


Here are some of the popular perfume scents and what they reveal about you:

Fruity. You are a fun-loving individual who brings life to any party. You are brimming with positivity, a person who always sees the glass half-full. You do not take anything too seriously and live each day as if it were your last. Your feet are firmly planted in the present and you take delight in seizing the joys of life right here, right now.

Citrus. You are the epitome of cool. A morning person who is also a disciple of sports and fitness. You may not exactly have Olympics aspirations but you love the great outdoors and the active lifestyle. Your quirky sense of humour is highly sought-after among peers and you are a refreshing ray of sunshine in an otherwise dreary day.

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Oriental. You are at once laid-back and bold. Simple yet exquisitely mysterious. Your ideal weekend is sitting by the porch, reading classic literature or watching foreign films with no subtitles. You are elusive, committed and you loathe the term “boyfriend”, but definitely down with “lover”. Just enigmatic.

Floral. Feminine and playful. You are a sweet individual who exudes confidence. You are unmistakably the girlie-girl who is always dressed pleasingly from head-to-toe. Also, you are a hopeless romantic who enjoys watching romantic comedies.

Gourmand. Truly charming. You are the sort of individual who is always up for a good laugh…and a great meal. You are a generous soul who loves to give comfort to friends who are in need, but equally unreserved to ask for a pep talk when feeling down.

And lastly, Au naturel. Far from being plain old Jane, you are someone who exudes a tonnage of self confidence even when not hiding behind impenetrable layers of make-up. You don’t need to wear perfume and to those watching you closely, you are a vision of pristine, unadulterated pleasure.

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