Scored a first date? Nice!

Then comes the imponderable decision of First-Date Outfits. Depending on when or where the date is, one thing’s for sure, we always want to dress to impress because hey, whoever said first impressions don’t count is a liar.

To dress for the occasion, the first most important thing is to consider whether it’ll be a dawn or dusk event. We’ve separated common First-Date activities into their respective time frames to give you more ideas and inspirations on how to rock your looks!

Lunch (Day)

Lunch dates are flirty and casual. They’re fun and lack the formalities of a dinner date, perfect for getting to know your date better.

pink-day pink-day (2)

ASOS Gypsy Off-Shoulder Dress with Short Sleeves

This dress is perfect for a lighthearted brunch date! It’s girly but not overdone, and flows gently around you when you walk, adding that extra bounce in your step. Moreover, it doesn’t hug your tummy so you don’t have to worry about eating or drinking too much!

Get it at the ASOS sale for ₱1194.41 when it was previously ₱1990.58

delicate-sandals asos-sandals

ASOS Horizon Heeled Sandals

Complete the look with a pretty pair of Heeled Sandals that are not too glam and high so you can comfortably walk around with your date.

The Horizon Heeled Sandals are also on sale, going at ₱1911.20! (Previous price: ₱2747.22) on ASOS.

 scalloped-bag  crossbody-pink

ASOS Scallop Cross Body Bag – ₱1154.56 (Left)
ZALORA My Everyday Fashion Osnuelle bag – ₱590 (Right)

Match it up with a cute clutch and some accessories and you’re good to go!

 alma-necklace  alma-floating-necklace

ZALORA Four Sisters Alma Floating Necklace – ₱P70

If you’re looking for something bolder but not necessarily brighter, the ASOS Mini Cami Body-conscious Dress (₱875.88) is a casual and sexy outfit to make a stunning first impression.

cami-body cami-body-2

ASOS Mini Cami Body-conscious Dress – ₱875.88

Remember to throw on a casual blazer or cardigan whenever it gets chilly or when you don’t feel like showing off too much skin! 


Like this edgy ZALORA Something Borrowed PU Sleeve Cardigan which is only ₱500! (Usual price: ₱699)

Dinner (Dusk)


The Chictees Low-Back Long Dress from ZALORA ₱999 is simple and perfect for a date night dinner. You do need a LBD but it’s a Long Black Dress, not a Little Black Dress.

What’s perfect about basic dresses is that you can match any accessory with it and you can never go wrong.

Be it exquisitely simple…

stick-necklace board-necklace
signet long-pendant

Clockwise from the top-left:
ASOS Weekday Stick Necklace – ₱1035.32
ASOS Weekday Board Necklace – ₱887.94
ASOS Open Shapes Long Pendant Necklace – ₱577.45
ASOS Weekday Board Necklace – ₱887.94

Or simply exquisite…

chunky-faux-pearl chunk-pearls

ASOS Warehouse Chunky Faux Pearl Collar Necklace – ₱1433.23

tiger tiger-necklace

ASOS Suzywan DELUXE Tiger Necklace – ₱1831.48

 … You can definitely pair anything with a LBD. Pair the outfit with classy heels and a clutch and you’re all set to wow your date.

Picnic (Day)

A picnic date is a refreshing way to know more about your date as you bask in the outdoors surrounded by beautiful fauna and flora. Of course, you still have to dress to impress and here are some chic and cute outfits for the perfect picnic plans.

Get a totally cute outfit entirely from ASOS!


 crops  vest

Clockwise from the top-left
ASOS The Off Shoulder Crop Top 2 Pack – ₱1154.56 (save 20%)
ASOS Levi’s Denim Vest – ₱3523.62 (original price ₱5056.33)
ASOS Shell Choker Necklace – ₱430.07
ASOS Pleated Culotte Shorts in Moroccan Print – ₱1074.84

Or, get another entirely different adorable picnic look from ASOS again!


floral-top white-shorts sandals

ASOS Violet Skye Crochet Bralette with Patterned Trim ₱1673.05 (previous price ₱2269.25)
ASOS Pleated Culotte Shorts – ₱875.88
ASOS Forna Fringe Flat Suede Sandals ₱1254.04 (previous price ₱1791.62)

ASOS has tons of other unbelievably stylish pairings perfect for a casual picnic!

And if you’re just planning to walk around or catch a movie… (Day & Dusk)

Rompers are definitely trending right now and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t jump on the bandwagon! 

boohooASOS BooHoo Cross Front Strappy Romper – ₱696.69

strappyASOS Swing Strappy Romper – ₱696.69 

Or this entire look meticulously and stylishly assembled by ASOS-


bandeau-dress heels
earrings cuffs

Clockwise from the top-left corner:
ASOS Forna Fringe Flat Suede Sandals – ₱1254.04 (previous price ₱1791.62)
ASOS Haunted Heeled Sandals – ₱1831.48
ASOS 3 sized Plain Hoop Earrings – ₱278.67
ASOS Pack of 2 Fine Arm Cuffs – ₱358.39

It’s a fun and flirty look for almost any activity, be it walking around in malls or going to the movies.

At the end of the day, just take a deep breath, relax and your date will go fine. Most importantly, remember to smile! Smiling is definitely everyone’s best accessory (and it’s free!) 

P.S. These will definitely make your date planning easier!

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