Valentine’s Day… It is the day when couples go on extra romantic dates and just celebrate their love for one another.

Since this is a very special time of celebration (aside from anniversaries and birthdays), you would want to make sure that you go the extra mile to surprise your better half.

For that, we have come up with a list of special surprises you could do for this year’s Valentine’ Day! Doesn’t matter if this is your tenth time celebrating Valentine’s Day or your first, you will want to have a look at our list of things that will make your other half’s heart just melt with love!

Great Dates Ideas To Impress Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day

1. A Lunchtime Date

Lunch Date Man Woman
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We know that Valentine’s Day falls on a workday this year. Rather the both of you taking off when it is probably the busiest time at the office, you can pack something nice and surprise them at lunchtime. For great food choices, have a look at what honestbee (up to 6% cashback) has to offer.

2. Time For A Treasure Hunt

Treasure Map Hunt
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No one’s too old for a treasure hunt! If the both of you have the time to spare, why not plan a treasure hunt that will lead your better half either around the house or the town/city that you live in? It could be riddles or clues to places that hold some special memory for the two of you. The treasure: a special night prepared by you for them.

3. A Whole New World

Hot Air Balloon Sky
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We know magic carpets don’t exist in this day and age, but hot air balloons do! You can take your better half to the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta that will be happening on the 8th – 11th of February! Sure it is a little early. But it will be the best surprise he/she will ever have!

4. The First Moment

First Date Romance Holding Hands
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Do you remember what happened during your first day? Did it end awkwardly? Or did it end smoothly? Either way, it is a fond memory for the both of you. So why not recreate it? And if you can remember what you wore on that date, then bonus points for you!

5. Role Reversal

Guy Chores Switch
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If your partner is always the one doing a specific list of chores around the house, why not take charge of that list instead for the day? It might not seem like much, but it will be a terrific surprise for him/her, especially when they least expect you to wash the dishes or take out the trash.

6. I Will Be By Your Side

Luggage Bag Travel Passport Surprise Visit Long Distance Relationship
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If you are in a long distance relationship with your better half, why not plan a surprise trip to see them? It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day. You could do it the weekend before or after. All you need to do is take some time off from work (if needed) and buy a plane ticket. You can find affordable plane tickets on Expedia (up to 6% cashback).

7. A Little Home Relaxation Therapy

Couple Massage Relax Home
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No time to go out during the day? Why not treat your better half to a relaxing spa treatment at home? Give them a massage when they return home after a tiring day at work. Then, use some face masks together and watch a movie or even play games before turning in for the night! You can find awesome masks from GlamGlow on Sephora (up to 5% cashback).

8. Seeing Stars

Stars Couple Date Night Romantic Country Mountain
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There is nothing more romantic than cuddling with your beloved while looking at the stars! Take him/her out of the city and watch the stars. You could even bring some food and wine with you for a romantic dinner picnic! Get some really awesome food from honestbee (up to 6% cashback) or you could even cook something up yourself!

9. Sweet Little Surprises

Candy Heart Sweet Surprise
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A very simple thing to do, all you need is some heart-shaped candy or Hershey’s kisses (depending on what your partner likes best) and just hide them all over his/her things. You can hide them in the car, in their bag, in their clothes and so on. Little surprises that will sweeten your partner’s heart when found throughout the day. You can shop on Lazada (up to 9% cashback) or Robinsons Selections (up to 7% cashback) for these little sweet treats.

10. A Book Of Memories

Notebook Scrapbook Love Heart Romance
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Make a scrapbook full of the memories you two have made and write down the reasons why you love them! You do not need to be artsy to do this. All you need to do is get a nice notebook, pens and a printer to print out photos. Decorate the book with photos, reasons why you love them and anything else you may have collected during your time together (ticket stubs, receipts from your dates, etc.). Then surprise them with this lovely gift on Valentine’s Day. To get yourself started, head on over to Lazada (up to 9% cashback).

So make sure to spice things up this Valentine’s Day with your better half! After all, Valentine’s Day happens only once a year and it is a celebration of love.

If you have any other great ideas, leave us a comment below!

*Featured Image Credit: annca | Pixabay