Learn how to spend less, save cash, and shop smartly when shopping for groceries online at Walmart!


Now more than ever, it’s important to find ways to buy grocery items without leaving home. Thankfully, retail stores like Walmart are open to deliver during this trying time. Check out these useful online grocery shopping hacks to help you:


How To Order Groceries Online At Walmart



#1. Check your pantry first


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First things first: check your pantry. One of the biggest problems in online grocery shopping is buying things that one already has on hand. If you don’t know what you have in your kitchen, you’re more likely to buy items you don’t need. 




#2. Prepare a grocery checklist


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Browsing through Walmart’s online grocery store puts you face-to-face with temptations, and every section can contain something you weren’t planning to buy but could end up in your cart. It’s normal to be tempted, but it’s important to prioritize only the items that you need during this unprecedented time. Preparing a grocery checklist will help you save money and shop in no time!




#3. Credit cards over debit cards


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For a seamless shopping experience at Walmart, use a credit card. Contrary to popular belief, credit cards are safer than debit cards for shopping online. If you encounter delivery issues with your order, credit cards are refunded faster than debit cards.




#4. Use a rewards or cashback app


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Cashback applications allow customers to earn money in return after shopping. The idea is simple: instead of going directly to a shop, you visit Walmart through a link from a cashback app or website like ShopBack. You will still receive your grocery items from Walmart, but you also get some money from ShopBack. Sounds great, right? 


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#5. Shop for groceries early in the morning


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Due to the demand in grocery orders, it will be hard to secure the items that you’re planning to buy. However, you can up your chances by heading to the Walmart Grocery homepage early in the morning – and checking it frequently throughout the day.


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