Gone are the days of cliché Valentine’s Day dates. Even if you and your significant other is on your first or sixth Valentine’s Day together, you still have to do something special. It doesn’t always have to be romantic, it can also be fun. As long you feel the love around you, it’ll be a good V’day date. Here are some fun and fresh ideas for your next date with your favourite person!

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Did You Forget to Plan for Valentine’s Day? Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun

1. Prepare A Meal Together

Prepare A Meal Together
Image Credit: pexels.com

Remember all those recipes you’ve tagged each other on Facebook? This is the perfect time to finally get down to it. If you’re up to the challenge, how about making everything from scratch? It will great bonding time filled with prepping, tasting, plating, and a whole lot of fun!

You can purchase your groceries from Foodpanda and Lazada (App Only) grab some alcoholic drinks on Boozy and get them all delivered to your doorstep so you’ll have time for your date!


2. Go On A Wine Tasting Date

red wine with cheese platter and biscuits
Image credit: @shotbylana | unsplash.com

If you devour wine on a regular basis, then it’s time to expand your knowledge and book a wine-tasting experience. Our favourite combination? Red wine and cheese – hands down, the best combination. Besides, it will be an interesting memory to share when the time comes.


3. Go To A Water Spa

man lying in a water spa and relaxing
Image credit: @iamloganstone | unsplash.com

This Valentine’s, our #DeserveMoto stands strong. We believe everyone deserves some love and pampering. So why not try out Hydrotherapy? It’s a relaxing water spa treatment that soothes your nerves and also helps with pain relief and treatment.

No time for a full-fledge spa session? Get these beauty treats as gifts for your loved one instead!


4. Book a Short Getaway

couple looking at mountains ranges
Image credit: @kalenemsley | unsplash.com

Too busy now? Not an issue. Book your next staycation or trip with these travel deals and save the dates for later. It is a form of appreciation and reward for your partner and you can always bring her on romantic dates while overseas.


5. Get Artsy

woman making pottery at a pottery class
Image credit: @julietfurst | unsplash.com

One of the best ways to express yourself, art and craft is a stimulative activity that will get your creative juices flowing. If you or your partner are not experienced professionals, then we suggest heading to a workshop, art class, or an art jamming café so you won’t head into this clueless.


6. Go Ice Skating

Image credit: @kellimcclintock | unsplash.com

While many would associate ice skating with winter countries, there are actually quite a handful of ice skating rinks around if you’re looking to try something new. If both of are unfamiliar with the sport, this will be a great chance to try it out together. Mutual support is pretty important when you’re ice skating, so you’ll be looking at a fair share of giggles and laughter as you brave the falls together!


7. Visit a Museum

Go To The Museum
Image credit: Pexels.com

So many museums, so little time! There are museums for almost every artistic interests – Yexel’s Museum for the toy and comic lovers, Modern of Contemporary Art and Design for artists of the new-age. There’s something for everyone so take your pick and inspire the artist’s in you!


8. Stay Home Game Night

Play Board Games
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Video games, board games, card games, anything to unwind and go offline will make a good date night. Boost competitiveness by keeping scores and set fun consequences for the loser – like paying for takeout to make things more exciting.



9. Get Active and Work Out A Sweat!

Bike Around Town
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Want something more active this Valentine’s? Grab a bike and go on a scenic ride, or sign up for a workout session to get in a better shape of health. A healthy relationship needs healthy individuals too!


10. Visit a Dog or Cat Cafe

Visit A Nearby Dog or Cat Cafe
Image Credit: pexels.com

This is a no-brainer for a couple who loves animals. Animal cafes are really popular now and spending some quality with our furry friends, accompanied by a hot cup of cocoa and some comfort food is pretty much the ideal date this Valentine’s.

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner – and now it’s time to plan for your date. Really, any further delay and you’ll be running out of dates. Got more refreshing date ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

*Featured Image Credit: pexels.com