Gone are the days of cliché Valentine’s Day dates. Even if you and your significant other is on your first or sixth Valentine’s Day together, you still have to do something special. It doesn’t always have to be romantic, it can also be fun. As long you feel the love around you, it’ll be a good Vday date. Here are some fun and fresh ideas for your next date with your favourite person!

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Did You Forget to Plan for Valentine’s Day? – Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun

1. Prepare A Meal Together

Prepare A Meal Together
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Remember all those recipes you’ve tagged each other on Facebook? This is the perfect time to do it. If you’re up for the challenge, how about making everything from scratch? It will be a whole day of cooking, prepping, tasting, plating, and fun!

2. Go On A Wine Tasting Date

Go On A Wine Tasting Date
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If you devour wine on a regular basis then it’s time to expand your knowledge and book a wine-tasting night in a nearby winery. You can do this too if you like coffee, beer, or cheese. It’s both a fun experience that will keep your bond strong over your favourite food and drink items.

3. Visit Your Favorite Arcade

Visit Your Favorite Arcade
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The arcade is so underrated. Remember the time you loved being there when you were a kid? Time to relive those days with your partner and have quality, light-hearted fun. Bring your fun and competitive side to the game and challenge your partner.

4. Go To A Water Spa

Go To A Water Spa
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Hydrotherapy is like having a spa session without sacrificing the fun of swimming and dipping into the water. We dare you to try a fish spa, it’s ticklish but you’ll have a good laugh over it. You call also try hot baths to get your skin soaked and nourished. Relax and enjoy the moment together.

5. Play Board Games

Play Board Games
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Unwind, go offline, and have a proper game night with your favourite board games. Keep score and set fun consequences for the loser (ex. loser pays for takeout) to make it more exciting. These will make for a fun night in.

6. Have A Go At Mystery Rooms

Have A Go At Mystery Rooms
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Escape room attractions are getting popular — for a good reason! People love using their brains and being challenged. See if you and your partner can solve a mystery together and celebrate with a big hearty meal afterwards.

7. Get Artsy

Get Artsy
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Have a go at arts and crafts to keep your mind stimulated and the creative juices flowing. You can go to a proper workshop or art class or just buy materials and see what you can do with it at home. You can paint or draw something as a gift to each other.

8. Bike Around Town

Bike Around Town
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Want something more active on Vday? Grab or rent a bike and go to your favourite town. If you want a better view, go on a quick trip to Antipolo and bike around the area for scenic views and a cold breeze.

9. Go To The Museum

Go To The Museum
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There’s nothing quite like looking at paintings, sculptures, and installations to tickle your artsy bone. Go somewhere you haven’t been to yet, like your town’s local museum, and document the treasures you’ll find!

10. Visit A Nearby Dog or Cat Cafe

Visit A Nearby Dog or Cat Cafe
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This is a no-brainer for a couple who loves animals. Spend a day with furry friends and feel the love all around!

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan a surprise for your loved so go ahead and take your pick. Do you have more fun Valentine’s Day date ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

*Featured Image Credit: pexels.com