The latest iPhone 11 series was only released in late September 2019, and now we already see speculations on the next iPhone series to be released in 2020, hopefully. Same goes for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with the giant screens. But I’ve always been the person who loves to stay up with the latest tech trends. If you’re a tech geek like me, here are the top 8 tech releases you should be looking out for in 2020!

Apple iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9

While it may just be rumours, for now, Apple releases tend to garner quite the attention. And not all of us can afford a fully decked out iPhone 11 Pro Max, but the iPhone SE 2, or rather iPhone 9, will be the more affordable version. There’s not much news available on this yet, but one thing we know, it will pretty much be an improved and updated version of the iPhone 8.

There are even talks of returning to the good ol’ Touch ID instead! We love where this is heading. Although the rumoured release date was March 2020, it is expected to be delayed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Expected price: ~P20,000
  • Expected release: March 2020


Apple iPhone 12

apple new iPhone rumoured design
Rumoured iPhone 12 design (Image credit: Ben Geskin | Smazizg)

One of the most anticipated releases in late 2020 has got to be the iPhone 12. I’ve seen videos and writeups about the return to a squarish iPhone, notch-less design (just imagine!) and OLED displays for all models. And yes, they might sound too good to be true, but we also know that Apple usually delivers top quality products that are pretty true to what industry insiders anticipate. So we’re keeping our eyes peeled on this!

  • Expected price: similar to iPhone 11 models
    • iPhone 11: P47,990
    • iPhone 11 Pro: P67,990
    • iPhone 11 Pro Max: 73,990
  • Expected release: September 2020


Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

foldable Samsung smartphone
Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image credit: Future)

The recent release of Samsung’s foldable smartphone was sold out during the pre-order, proving the popularity of Samsung once again. It’s quite the feat to have nearly double the screen size once unfolded, and we expect pretty much the same for the Galaxy Fold 2. A few rumoured changes include the incorporation of the 108-megapixel camera from the S20 Ultra, ultra-thin glass of the Galaxy Z Flip, and maybe even S Pen support.

  • Expected price: ~P110,000
  • Expected release: Mid 2020


Google Pixel 4a

Google plays an undeniable part in our lives and I’ve heard friends around me sing praises about their Google Pixel 3. What comes as delight is an affordable phone that stills packs quite the punch. But since it is pretty much a “lite” version, advanced features like Motion Sense hand gestures or face unlock might not be available. Most notably, the 3.5mm headphone socket is present – something that Apple and Samsung users have missed. 

  • Expected price: ~P20,000
  • Expected release: May 2020


Huawei P40 & P40 Pro

rumoured new Huawei smartphone design
Rumoured Huawei P40 design (Image credit: Evan Bless)

Despite the US trade ban, which has rendered Google services unavailable on  Huawei, the next series has still gotten quite the buzz. It is said to have a 5-camera Leica system with one of the cameras going up to 64-megapixel. While it pales in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, but I would say it isn’t fair to compare both models simply based on the cameras. Both models shine in their own field and we’ll simply need hands-on experience to decide better!

  • Expected price: ~P45,000 (P40 model) and ~P55,000 (P40 Pro)
  • Expected release: March 2020


Oppo Find X2

using the new oppo smartphone to take photos
Image credit: JC Torres |

After rescheduling the launch to March 2020 in light of recent events, there has been much buzz surrounding Oppo’s flagship phone. A few notable features that are expected include a 120Hz display and a QHD+ resolution and a hole-punch front camera.

  • Expected price: P30,400
  • Expected release: March 2020


If you can’t wait for the new releases, the current ones in the market are good enough for most of us. The newest Samsung S20 series that’s available for pre-order now,  or the Apple iPhone 11 will be more than sufficient to curb your tech cravings for now.


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