Emergency kits can save lives!

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The recent onslaught of Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses taught us that any emergency or disaster could strike at any time and anywhere. With PAG-ASA expecting the weather to bring in more rains and typhoons in the country, it’s important now more than ever to be equipped with an emergency kit.

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What is an emergency tool kit? An emergency tool kit is a bag that carries everything that a family member needs in times of dire straits. Looking to prepare your own kit? Here are the key items that you’ll need:



1. Flashlight

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After a storm or disaster, power might be out for a few days. A flashlight is necessary to have on your kit as it acts as a source of light when no other source is available.

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2. AM radio

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In times of crisis, it’s absolutely important to stay updated. Radios are essential in times of emergencies as they can provide information on weather or evacuation alerts.

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3. Extra batteries

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If you have a flashlight and radio, it’s necessary to have spare batteries. Batteries are essential items to keep in stock for emergencies.

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4. Powerbank

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Cellphones are an important tool in emergency situations as we use them to stay connected and updated with the news. Having a powerbank will save you a lot of stress when you are not close to any socket or when the power is out.

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5. First aid kit

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A first aid kit is your go-to for reducing the severity of infection, no matter the injury. In most first aid kits, you will find items to treat burns, cuts, lesions, and many other common ailments.

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6. Whistle

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Whistles normally emit sound frequencies of up to 120 decibels, so they can be used to signal to first responders when you are in need of help. 

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7. Water

dxktgsx485rdqkbyx1jz - The Mother of All NerdsHaving access to safe and clean water is necessary for everyone’s survival. Storing bottles of water during an emergency is a safe way to ensure you and your family won’t go thirsty during a typhoon.

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8. Face mask

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Do not forget that there’s still a pandemic, so equipping yourself with face masks is very important. They do not only protect you from contracting the virus, they can also protect your lungs in case of fire.

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Having an emergency tool kit can put our minds at ease. We can feel more secure knowing that we prepared for the storm or typhoon. Stay alert by following the hashtags #RollyPH and #UlyssesPH on social media. If you want to help our kababayans recover from the typhoon, check out #ReliefPH, #DonationDrivePH, or click here to donate.


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