Coron, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa in Palawan are among the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Philippines. It exudes the raw beauty of nature ― the waters, luscious greens, caves, and lagoons ― everything just adds up to a wonderful sight. And for those who wish to explore one of Philippines’ best, here’s a comprehensive travel guide to Palawan.

Travel to Palawan: Puerto Princesa, Coron, El Nido

When Is the Best Time to Visit Palawan?

Puerto Princesa

  • Since bodies of water are the main attractions in Puerto Princesa, you’d want to visit when the waves are calm. That’s from April to June.


  • There’s a lot to explore in Coron, so the best time to visit is during the dry season. Those are the months of October through early June.

El Nido

  • Same goes with El Nido. Visit when it’s the sunny months of March to May.

How Do You Get to Palawan?

Puerto Princesa

There are domestic flights going to Puerto Princesa City Airport from Metro Manila, Davao, Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro. From Manila, the travel duration is around an hour and a half.


Domestic flights going to and from Coron are available. Do take note of the Php 200 airport terminal fee which you need to pay apart from your plane ticket.

There’s also a ferry boat departing Manila Pier 4 every Friday. Travel time is around 20 hours.

El Nido

Travel time from Metro Manila to El Nido Lio Airport via a direct domestic flight takes about 1 hour. Then, there’s a few minutes tricycle or jeepney ride to the town proper.

You can take a bus at San Jose Terminal if you’re coming from Puerto Princesa. Fare ranges from Php 300 to 500, depending on the vehicle type.

Things to Do in Puerto Princesa

Honday Bay Palawan
Photo Credit: mendhak on Wikimedia Commons

Explore marine life in Turtle Bay and Honda Bay

  • Dive, snorkel. Greet the rich water ecosystem, including sea turtles, in Palawan.

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Photo Credit: Glennjarz on Wikimedia Commons

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is a protected reserve in the west coast of Palawan. It is the second longest subterranean river in the world and among the seven wonders of the world.

Exploring it requires a guide. You’ll be going on a boat ride to enter the cave and see mesmerizing rock formations called stalactite and stalagmite, which are mineral deposits hanging from the ceiling and rising from the ground.

Laze away in Nagtabon and Talaudyong Beaches

Watch island sunset as you munch on picnic snacks at Puerto Princesa’s best beaches. You can even go surfing there!

Trek to Pupunton Waterfalls

Adventure is what awaits you on your way to Pupunton Waterfalls. Don’t worry, though, as it’s worth the trek. You’ll be seeing natural pools created by falling water. You can swim in them, too!

Things to Do in Coron

Explore Kayangan Lake and meet the people of Tagbanua

Kayangan Lake Coron
Photo Credit: Theglennpalacio on Wikimedia Commons

The cleanest lake in the country, Kayangan Lake, nestles between mountains. Its colour is a blend of emerald green and sapphire blue. The tribespeople of Tagbanua cares for the whole vicinity.

Take postcard-worthy photos at Malcapuya Island

Malcapuya Island Coron
Photo Credit: jahcordova on Pixabay

Yes, you can take photos for Instagram, Facebook, or blog posts, too, but the beauty of this Palawan site is just as timeless as postcards. You can sunbathe by the white sand shore, snorkel, or swim in the clear blue water.

See a World War 2 remnant

Skeleton Wreck Coron Palawan
Photo Credit: Firth m on Wikimedia Commons

There is a Japanese shipwreck called the Skeleton Wreck at the bottom of Coron Bay. Dive underwater to see it and the marine life inhabiting it.

Snorkel at Siete Pecados Marine Park

Be one with Mother Nature when you come to Palawan’s snorkelling haven. It’s a natural museum of fish, clear water, and limestone background. This is one Coron activity you can’t pass on.

Things to Do in El Nido

Kayak on enchanting lagoons in Miniloc Island

Big Lagoon Miniloc Island El Nido
Photo Credit: Tuderna on Wikimedia Commons

The Small, Big, and Hidden Lagoons in El Nido look so dreamy you’d think you’ve been bewitched when you visit them. The clear blue water glistens against giant and tiny rock formations. The entirety is like a passage to a hidden world.

Lunch at Talisay Beach

Whole-day tours in El Nido are required to offer lunch. Not just because it’s a must-try but the local government mandates it. A pretty good rule, isn’t it?

When you visit, feast on freshly prepared grilled pork, chicken, and fish with vegetables, rice, and fruits on the side. Note: Bring your own drinking water.

Go island hopping

Entalula Island El Nido Palawan
Photo Credit: Fabio Achilli on Flickr

There’s the movie famous Matinloc Island. There’s also the Entalula Island which boasts black marble caves and coral rings. And there’s the Helicopter Island which looks like, well, a helicopter. They are home to luscious forests and limestone walls, which when put together make the perfect photo background, or subject even!

Palawan is a Philippine pride. When threatened to be destroyed for commercial use, Filipinos came to its rescue with petitions and protests. It has been saved. Let’s do our part as tourists and citizens to care for this heavenly beauty when we visit.