Koreans are considered trendsetters in terms of skincare and cosmetics. This began some years ago with ‘Hallyu’ or the Korean wave. This was when the rest of Asia began importing Korean entertainment like dramas and pop music. With the advent of Korean culture came an interest in other Korean items like food and beauty products. Here in the Phillippines, images of Korean celebrities with smooth, translucent skin begin appearing, making everyone wonder how they did it.

The truth is that most of these celebrities practice a rigid skincare routine that includes up to 10 steps every day. You may not have the time or resources to practice all these steps, but you can definitely incorporate some of these Korean skincare products into your life. Here are some of them.

Top Korean Beauty Products You Need To Know About!

1. Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

Sulwhasoo ginseng cream
Image credit: Lazada

Koreans have high regard for their local Ginseng as they have been growing it for centuries. Ginseng is rich in compound K, a strong anti-ageing element that can penetrate deep into the skin. This compound delivers nutrients that the skin needs and ensures continued moisturization. Sulwhasoo has spent decades researching this cream, which is now widely used the world over.

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2. Avocado Face Masks

TonyMoly I'm Real avocado sheet mask
Image credit: SkinStore

Korean face masks are one of the most widely produced and sold Korean skincare product. Face masks from Korea are infused with a wide variety of extracts, like fruits, herbs, flowers and more. One type of face mask that you’ll want to check out is the avocado facemask. Avocado is a natural source of proteins that will reinvigorate tired skin to make it look more youthful and radiant. Use this at the end of a long day to stay refreshed.

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3. TonyMoly Chok Chok Green Tea Mist

TonyMoly green tea mist
Image credit: SkinStore

Face mists are very versatile products that can be used for several things. For starters, you can use them to ‘fix’ makeup and prevent it from clumping and smudging. You can also use it to freshen your face through the day, as well as on hot days.

TonyMoly’s mist spray is infused with the extracts of fermented Chung Tae Joon green tea that’s rich in antioxidants that prevent the skin from sagging and looking tired. This mist spray also has Rosewood and Lemon Seed Oil to soothe sensitive skin.

4. Innisfree Volcanic Clay Mask


Innisfree volcano clay mask
Image credit: Lazada

This wonderfully natural clay mask contains minerals from the earth around the dormant Jeju volcano. This clay mask will help clear your skin from excess sebum, tighten pores and exfoliates the skin. The great thing is that the clay mask will not dry out and leave your skin feeling crumbly and rough. Instead, the mask remains moist, and all you have to do is wipe it or wash it off.

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5. Skin Food Yuja Water Face Mask

skin food yuzu cream
Image credit: Lazada

Skin Food has an entire series of products featuring  Yuja extracts. The Yuja is Korean citrus that’s rich in Vitamin C. The presence of Vitamin C in this skincare range is perfect for those looking for some natural whitening products. You can start with their face mask, and then move on to their cleanser, sheet mask, moisturizing serum and a whole lots of other items with Yuja.

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6. Tosowoong Enzyme Powder Wash

Tosowoong powdered facewash
Image credit: AliExpress

You’ve seen cream facewash products, you’ve seen gel facewash, but you’ve probably never seen powdered facewash. Facewash products in powder form are the latest trend in Korea. This one from Tosowoong is rich in papain enzyme bubbles for a mild cleansing effect that’s perfect for sensitive skin.

These and other really cool Korean skincare products can be found online at places like Lazada, SkinStore, and AliExpress. You’ll want to explore the promo codes for our beauty and skin care section as there are many deals to help you win discounts and free gifts when you purchase. You too can have the wonderfully translucent skin inspired by Korean women.

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*Feature images credit: Shutterstock and Unsplash.com