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Gathering your relatives or friends for a huge house party is certainly an ebullient affair! However, how do you make sure that there is sufficient food to go around?

The ideal solution to your party food woes is pizza! With Foodpanda, here are some pizza joints that you can easily order from and have them deliver right to your doorstep.

1. Papa John’s Pizza

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Papa John’s Pizza is the perfect place to get delectable and flavourful pizza for everyone! Made using superior-grade ingredients and toppings, you and your friends or relatives are guaranteed premium-standard pizzas!

Some of their signature pizzas include the Super Papa, which is topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage and ham, together with freshly sliced mushrooms. Of course, not forgetting the usual green peppers and olives. Other popular favourites include the classic Hawaiian and Simply Cheese.

Choose between a regular 12” or a family-sized at 14” – though we personally recommend the latter as it means there is more to go around!

2. Motorino Pizza

Motorino PizzaImage credit: Motorino Pizza Manila | Facebook (@gourmanila via @GPRepostApp)

Motorino Pizza is regarded as one of the best artisanal pizzas in the world! Order some of their iconic favourites such as the Prosciutto Di Parma, featuring prosciutto, arugula and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. If you happen to have guests who are huge salami fans, do order the Salame pizza which we are absolutely positive that they will love! That particular pizza is generously topped with salami and comes with fresh mozzarella for that extra cheesy kick!

3. California Pizza Kitchen

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Featuring California-style pizza, the California Pizza Kitchen is the perfect pizza joint to order from if you happen to have weight-conscious guests over!

Choose from their wide range of crispy thin-crust pizzas, with popular favourites such as Pepperoni Supremo or The Meat Cravers for those simply cannot do without their meat fix. For the good old classic hand-tossed pizzas, we highly recommend The Original BBQ Chicken, which features their legendary BBQ sauce and topped with red onions and cilantro.

If your budget permits, we’d say get a personal pizza pan for each guest!

4. Farfalla

Farfalla PhilippinesImage credit: Farfalla | Facebook

Farfalla offers the most authentic and finest Italian cuisine you can ever find in Philippines and it is certainly the case for their pizzas as well!

Their iconic Three Cheese pizza is bound to be a popular favourite at any party with three different types of cheese on the pizza: Ricotta, Parmigiano and Mozzarella. Likewise, the Three Meat pizza will certainly be devoured by party guests within minutes with its ingredients of house-made Italian sausage, pepperoni and pancetta.

With numerous delectable pizza choices available at Farfalla, your party guests will certainly be in for an authentic Italian pizza treat!

5. Greenwich

Greenwich PizzaImage credit: Greenwich Barkada | Facebook

Here at Greenwich, you and your party guests will certainly be overloaded on pizzas with their unique Overloaded Pizza selection! Deciding on a particular pizza flavour can be difficult at times with the various choices available.
With Greenwich, you can have up to four different flavours all on a single pizza! Their 4 in 1 Overload Pizza features Pepperoni, Hawaiian Overload, Ultimate Special and All Meat Overload flavours all set on a 15” pizza base. Alternatively, you can opt for their Delicious Duo whereby there are choices of two different flavours on a single pizza.
There is certainly no better pizza deal than this!

6. Fatboy’s Pizza

Fatboy's PizzaImage credit: Fatboys Pizza | Facebook

For more flexibility on pizza sizes, check out Fatboy’s Pizza! Most of their pizza sizes range from solo, which essentially means a single portion, to double, large and for family-sized. You will never have to worry about over-ordering pizzas with the various pizza sizes available at Fatboy’s Pizza!

The classic Hawaiian Pizza is a popular favourite which will definitely whet your guests’ appetite. Or perhaps order the Bacon Cheeseburger, which essentially has all the ingredients of a bacon cheeseburger but set on a pizza base instead.

Planning for a huge party has never been easier with Foodpanda! Furthermore, enjoy 7.0% cashback when you place your orders via ShopBack Philippines. Hurry place your pizza orders now and get the party started!