Manila bustles like how a capital should. You know something important is happening when a million car horns start to sound out every minute even in a traffic jam (where do you want me to go??). But it’s great to take a breather from the Manila landscape and one of the best place to do that is in Philippines itself.

Everyone knows El Nido or the White Beach but the best place to get away from the Manila culture might be found in the form of the Bucas Grande group of Islands.

It’s not as popular as El Nido or Boracay, which is actually kind of a plus point (no crowds), but it doesn’t lose out at all in terms of beauty!

The Bucas Grande Islands plays host to Tiktikan Lake, a clear body of water that displays the incredible variety of life dwelling underneath.

But a downside to the Bucas Grande Islands might be the lack of accommodation to spend the night.

So you might want to stay over on the Siargo Islands and travel by boat to the islands instead. A bit of a hassle, but definitely much more convenient in terms of lodging.

We picked a great hotel for you: The Reef Beach House at only P1967 on Agoda.

There are also numerous caves scattered across the islands, including the Hagukan cave:

Named for the snoring sounds, Hagukan means snoring in Visyan, you hear while in the cave.

Speaking of snoring, it’s a 2-hour ride from General Luna to Sohoton Lagoon. Which may be considered by some to be a boring journey, but just look at this:

Totally. Worth. It.

Bucas Grande Island is still nowhere as widely known as the more popular islands, which means way less tourists to fight for space with. So pack your bags, get out of Manila and sail away to the majestic planes of the Bucas Grande Islands. (You’ll be able to find affordable travel packages on Expedia!)

Also, (non-stinging) JELLYFISHES!

How cute.

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