It’s the weekends and you’re feeling lethargic and tired from waking up so early for the whole week. But how bout, waking up late, skipping the breakfast and heading straight for a good brunch? That sounds like the best plan ever. Because it is! The combination of breakfast and lunch has been around since the late 19th century. In fact, brunch is the one meal to rule them all.

The Origins of Brunch

Aerial view of brunch dishes on table

Millennials believe that brunch is the hottest new trend created by them. But history begs to differ. Brunch originated in England among the British upper-class and they merely wanted to undo the strict mealtimes that most people were accustomed to. The rich and famous took brunch as an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills as they invited guests over on the weekends when the kitchen crew were off work. A sumptuous meal is deliberately designed and prepared to last their invited guests all day before they sat down to partake in the meal and merriment with their guests. Most times, the finest champagne or tipple will be served as well.

And everyone enjoys brunch as it is the best time to catch up on events, celebrate an occasion or just share the latest hot gossip. For some communities, brunch is a simple family meal enjoyed on Sundays, typically after church. It is seen as a communal, relaxing and a lovely bonding experience. What started as a tradition gradually transformed into a brunch culture that is now well-loved across the globe.

Brunch Culture in Australia

The culinary phenomenon has taken sunny Australia by storm. The Land of Oz is no newcomer to this world famous brunch culture. In fact, Australia has added its special take on brunch with Aussie-style cafe dining and speciality coffee that’s out of this world.

You’ll know a brunch cafe when you see one, even before you ask for the menu. It has the quintessential chic decor, the complimentary H2O served in glasses poured from clear bottles and young and friendly staff. The more obvious signs are definitely the waft of caffeine that hits you as you passby a seemingly quaint cafe, the servings of poached eggs and avocado on toast.

So… Who Made Brunch Famous?

Undoubtedly, it’s the Millennials who are changing the world, one brunch at a time. Firstly, they prefer a more casual dining experience where families and friends can socialize together. Brunch is a great time to catch-up with friends, be it comfort food or more gourmet delicacies. Next, Gen-Zs are placing more value on social experiences rather than material items that only provide fleeting satisfaction. It’s their chance to connect face-to-face with people instead of a digital connection.

Taking photo with smartphone of the brunch on table

Finally, brunch cafes have upped the ante by modifying traditional meal menus and serving up new, exciting culinary creations for brunch. There’s no better way to introduce food items that become instant instagrammable hits.

Top 5 Brunch Spots In Australia

After we talk about the Brunch Culture in Australia, here’s a chow-down of the most popular brunch spots that may be slightly off the regular radar. But rest assured, there’s guaranted to be good food and great ambience that will leave you wanting more.

The Pancake Parlour, Melbourne

If there’s a bee-line at the cafe, you know its good. The Pancake Parlour is one of the longest-running cafes in town that the Aussies love and has been around since 1964. Their brunch food has been selling like hotcakes, literally. Today, this delightful cafe is a whimsical brunch venue that specializes in classic and creative pancakes, cocktails and ice cream. From sweet to savoury, The Pancake Parlour makes everything in-house from scratch – which might explain their popularity.

Image credit: The Pancake Parlour | Facebook

Quick tip! Friday promo meals are at $5 Only! And with brunch this affordable, it’s really hard to disappoint. What tops on the menu? Signature short stacks, potato and cheese pancakes, pancake lasagne, Mexican beef crepes and unicorn shakes. Essentially, any pancake concoction you can think of, it is here.

  • Address: Various locations. Open 24 hours at Highpoint, Doncaster and Malvern East
  • Website

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Hong Kong Dim Sum, Melbourne

For an Asian take of the typical brunch, you can’t go wrong with tasty morsels of dim sum goodness. One of Aussies’ favourite ‘yum cha’ restaurants in Melbourne, Hong Kong Dim Sum is located at Glen Waverley. Even at this casual dining cafe, diners will get a taste of authentic dim sum and feel the fast paced vibes of a dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong.

Steamed dumplings in steamer with 3 side appetizers and chopsticks on side
Image credit:

Hot on the menu are the ‘char siew pau’, Chinese dumplings like ‘har gau’, ‘siewmai’, ‘lor mai gai’ and the egg tarts. Best enjoyed with copious cups of Chinese tea, this low-key restaurant is an affordable place for brunch. Better yet, many customers also take home freeze-packed dim sum to be further enjoyed at home.

  • Address: 77, Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Melbourne

Pho Hung Vuong Saigon, Melbourne

We know we said brunch, and you’re most likely thinking Western-style food. But this Vietnamese-style restaurant is too good to ignore. Pho Hung Vuong Saigon offers a unique Vietnamese twist to the otherwise traditional Western brunch menu. Everything on the menu is affordably priced and well worth the wait – if you can withstand the long queues during peak hours!


Shop frontage with fruit grocer next door
Image credit: Pho Hung Vuong Saigon | Facebook


Customers keep coming back for their pork spring rolls, beef pho, thick beef broth and beef noodle soup. Just as scrumptious are their tasty Vietnamese spring rolls are the rice noodles, and beef brisket. Some customers say they serve the best pho in town. So, don’t be fooled by their very humble frontage when there’s plenty of treasures inside to discover.

  • Address: 15, Balmoral Avenue, Springvale, Victoria 3171, Melbourne
  • Facebook

Basket Brothers, Sydney

Awesome brunch menus describe Basket Brothers, the exciting eatery that Sydney-siders love to dine in. This place stands out for its great coffee, food by champion chefs and service like family. Famed to be an Antipodean cafe for people who love a long, leisurely brunch, they are inspired by taste and good old-fashioned hospitality.

2 cups of flavoured lattes
Image credit: Basket Brothers | Facebook

Their all-day menu is amazing with red velvet pancakes, signature Brother’s Benedict and Brother’s omelette. Not to be deceived as other dishes on the menu such as the smoked brisket hash, Moroccan baked eggs and pumpkin bruschetta are as equally amazing.

Pot of Gold -dish with purple beet root spread on toast using knife above plate of treats
Image credit: Basket Brothers | Facebook

The signature Pot of Gold is a popular choice. After all, the generous portions of poached eggs, roasted mushrooms, hummus and more makes brunch really fulfilling, Better yet, it’s suitable for vegetarians!

  • Address: 75 Wentworth Ave., 2000 Sydney, Australia
  • Facebook

La Veen Coffee, Perth

Located in a heritage listed building, La Veen Building is an eclectric cafe that oozes swagger in every way possible. The red brick walls, warm wood interiors, wide windows that allow in natural light and high ceiling create the perfect brunch ambience. Specialty coffee and a menu of delights made from locally sourced ingredients make this cafe a must-stop for locals and tourists alike.

2 cups of coffee and pastry on wooden table
Image credit: La Veen Coffee | Facebook

Always bustling with people, the top picks include Tahini muesli with fruit, eggs benedict with bacon, the big breakfast and signature pancakes. For the caffeine fueled, you have to try out the cappucinos here. Otherwise, a cup of hot chocolate brings warmth to the heart and soul as well!

2 bowls of muesli with fruits held in one hand
Image credit: La Veen Coffee | Facebook
  • Address: 90 King Street, 6000 Perth, Western Australia
  • Facebook

Eat Brunch And Be Merry

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Happy dining, sight-seeing and save on the go!

Featured Image Credit: The Pancake Parlour Facebook, La Veen Coffee Facebook