Basic(ally) smart online shopper, that is.

In today’s rising cost of living that threatens to erode our savings pot, along with it our retirement funds, it pays to be smart with the way we manage our time and financial resources. After all, a peso saved is a peso earned. By making smart choices in our groceries and other basic essentials, food and clothing expenditures and leisure activities for example, we have an opportunity to maximise our budget and avoid being always in the red at the end of each month, or worse, dipping into our savings pot more often.

It’s true, we can’t have one perfect formula that works all the time, what with the occasional emergency expenditure (kaya nga bawal magkasakit!) and additional bills to pay/debts to repay, but sometimes the smart way of managing our resources can be in the little things like where and how often do we buy our grocery items; how we take care of our clothes, shoes and bags so we don’t have to purchase so many and so often; and, what sort of treat do we occasionally reward ourselves with. Some of these decisions are actually pretty basic but if we can practice self-restraint and prudence in these so-called basic things, then we can certainly rock the big ones.


I love shopping online and therefore, exposed to so much temptation that it’s often very hard to look away and resist the urge of taking my debit card out of my wallet. Mahirap ‘teh! Funnily enough, this is also how I get to test my resolve of not spending beyond what’s reasonable. So I have taken to finding creative ways of making the most out of my very limited shopping budget. And one of those creative ways I have recently discovered is ShopBack.

I was introduced to this site by a former colleague who swears by it, and since I am already a customer of some of their existing merchant partners, I thought it’s a cut-and-dried win-win case. And it IS.

Through ShopBack, customers are rewarded with Cashback for every transaction completed with any of their 300+ merchant partners. ShopBack gets cash commission from these merchants and then share part of the commission with the customers. This works even when you purchase already-discounted items from the store. Amazing, isn’t it? You get a discount and additional cashback – what can be more rewarding than that?

And yesterday, ShopBack unveiled the 9.9 Online Sale – it’s BI99EST CashBack promo yet – in celebration of its first anniversary. Upon checking the website, I learned that on the 9th of September, 9 top online stores will be offering exclusive deals and promo codes and ShopBack will give shoppers full 24 hours of UPSIZED Cashback on top of these deals! I got so excited, I quickly made a mental list of things I need to buy so I can save more and earn more.

9.9 Online Sale

To kick-off the 9.9 Online Sale, 3 merchants are giving away UPSIZED CashBack on top of the crazy deals that they are already running on their stores, from 1 to 3 September.

Agoda is giving away P499 CashBack (from P400)

AliExpress: 2% Cashback (was 1%)

Ebay: 2% Cashback (was 1%)

Aaaand, if you go to ShopBack Philippines FB page, you will see a word puzzle game where two lucky winners stand to win P1999 at the end of the contest period on Friday, 4 September.  All you have to do is LIKE the FB page and COMMENT on the word puzzle photo on with your answers and wait for the announcement of the two lucky winners (hoping it’s YOU, of course!). So check it out as well and spread the word to your family and friends!

I don’t know about you but this sounds to me like a deal too good to ignore. I often say that except for food, I don’t really like to pay for stuff in full retail price – unless it’s something that I absolutely love or need – so, sale/bargain-hunting suits me just fine. Does that make me a cheapskate? Yes and no, but who cares, really? So long as my savings look healthy to me, I’m happy. Try ShopBack and see how it works out for you. I can tell you it’s worthwhile but I would rather you experience it yourself. You can all thank me later.:) gives you up to 50% Cashback when you shop online for Fashion, Holidays, Electronics and more!

Shop Online, Earn Cashback. Sign up for free now and get ₱150 bonus cash!