Every meal must close with a dessert, and ordering fast food online is no exception.

Whether you’re lazing around at home and just want some good comfort food without heading out, or just craving for a good stress relieving treat, Jollibee has got you covered.

Jollibee Spicy Chickenjoy

After you devour their crispy and juicy Chickenjoy, it’s never enough to get just that. How about some of their best desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Here are 3 sweet treats you can order together with your Jollibee Chickenjoy when you order through Foodpanda:

Coke Float

Jollibee Coke Float

A drink and a dessert in one! The coke float is the best dessert to end off your meal. The bubbly soda plus a creamy vanilla sundae floating on ice can bring your meal to a great, satisfied close. You’ll end up feeling full, and your meal complete.

Have it paired with burgers or pay less when you order the fries-and-float combo.

Just a tip: Don’t forget to order with “less ice” to get more Coke on your drink.

Jollibee’s floats are also available in other flavors such as coffee, chocolate, blueberry, and watermelon!

Did you know? Jollibee once had a university color edition of the float for UAAP schools! There were 4 colors of 4 different flavors – Blue Berries, Red Apple, Green Honeydew, and Yellow Pine-Orange. Now, how’s that for school pride? Red Apple and Green Honeydew also made a comeback as a Christmas treat. Ain’t that sweet?

Chocolate Sundae

Jollibee Chocolate Sundae

If sodas are a no-no for your tummy but you still want to have that creamy soft serve, then you can have their chocolate sundae instead

It’s a cup full of creamy vanilla sundae oozing with chocolate syrup right on top. It’s a perfect treat to cool you down on a hot day and is also a good neutralizer of that spice left on your taste buds if you just had a Spicy Chickenjoy.

Their sundaes come in mini sizes, too! It’s a perfect size to still enjoy having enough of your dessert without feeling a pang of (diet) guilt.

You can also enjoy Jollibee’s sundae in salted caramel, strawberry, halo-halo, peach mango, choco nut, and rocky road flavors.

Peach Mango Pie

Jollibee Peach Mango Pie

Even if the packaging says Caution: Filling is Hot (and trust me, it really is!), but can’t help but dig in to that Peach Mango Pie right away?

This pie has that beautiful crunch when you bite, but with a flavorful peach and mango filling that would surely tickle your sweet tooth bite after bite. If you can’t get enough of it, you can buy them in 3’s, too, with their Pies-to-Go!

Aside from peach mango, they also have the Tuna Pie which is perfect if you’re extra hungry. You can also grab Jollibee’s “comeback hero” of a dessert that is Choco Mallow Pie and go crazy over it like everyone else!

Life sure is sweeter after a hearty meal topped with your favorite dessert.

The great news is you can order your choice Jollibee meals through Foodpanda making it more convenient for you to enjoy your everyday favorites. Plus, you can check out some Jollibee special offers and get 7.0% cashback on your orders. What a sweet treat indeed!

All images are taken from Jollibee Philippines’ Official Facebook Page.