Summer is finally here!


Whether you’re heading out for a picnic with your family or going on a vacation with your friends at a nearby beach, you want to make sure you’re well prepared for the summer season. There are obvious items to pack for a summer vacay, but we’ve come up with a list of must-have products that you may not have thought of.

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From a sunscreen that will protect you from the harmful rays of the sun to a bluetooth speaker that will keep you vibing on the road, these essentials will make your beach trip more enjoyable!


Sunscreen (₱640)


Petal Velvet Sunaway (55ml) ALTHEA  ?id=14930849202255

No matter what, you should always have a sunscreen with you. It’s extremely important to wear SPF regularly. Althea’s Petal Velvet Sunway is a lightweight, translucent sunscreen that deeply hydrates and soothes skin, leaving skin feeling fresh and hydrated. Moreover, it also heals acne, giving the skin a radiant glow and boost. 


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Sunglasses (₱415)


Is it even summer if you’re not wearing sunglasses? Sunglasses help protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun. If you’re on the lookout for stylish yet protective sunglasses, this wooden one is your best choice. It’s lightweight and provides 100% protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.


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Umbrella (₱72.75)


If you’re heading to the beach where it’s likely that it’s going to be super sunny (or rainy, we never know), then you’ll want to include an umbrella in your summer essentials pack. This one is very compact yet sturdy and it will ensure you stay stylish, rain or shine. It’s best for bringing fashion flair to foul weather.


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Bucket Hat (₱60)


When someone says “bucket hat”, this is what most people think of. Whether you are looking to keep the sun off your nose as you stroll by the beach or you just want to upgrade your summer wardrobe, this is certainly the bucket hat for you.


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Portable Bluetooth Speaker (₱8,723.56)

Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth speaker | Black

Music and songs you love can easily be the backbone of a good road trip. If you have all of the above but no good speakers to enhance your experience, then you are only halfway on the pursuit of a great summer getaway. You don’t have to go all out and purchase a fancy bluetooth speaker. A smaller one will do, just like the Marshall’s Emberton bluetooth speaker.


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