I’ve always been fascinated by gadgets and tech. However, growing up, gadgets were always deemed as a luxury rather than a necessity. My parents would make sure to only buy us things we truly needed. Anything else we wanted, we had to save up for it ourselves. This meant that we had to get creative, which then ultimately led to many DIY projects.



Being resourceful and thinking outside the box has been very useful for me in two instances: when I was in college taking up Music Production and when I finally decided to start my own YouTube Channel. A lot of the things that I’ve used for my setup are things I’ve made myself, along with a couple of household items that were lying around.


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Instead of buying a new studio light, I would buy a cheap lightbulb and some Japanese paper to diffuse it. Instead of purchasing a new microphone, I’d find ways to improve my audio with what I had. One of the videos I made that recently went viral was where I showed people how to use their headsets and a couple of bobby pins to get better audio. This was what I grew up doing. I would MacGyver things together to show people that you don’t need to spend a lot to make great content.



People would often ask me for recommendations and tips on what gear they should invest in, and I would always ask what they will use it for, and what was already available to them. I’m all about spending smart and saving money. I used to spend 3 hours in a mall just going around Cyberzone comparing gadgets, and canvassing for the best deals.


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