Being stuck at home doesn’t have to mean an end to learning valuable domestic skills!


A home may not feel like the most productive workplace, but you can still do a lot of things during your free time. While it’s totally understandable that it’s hard to be ~productive~ during a pandemic, hyper-focusing on the negative will only make you stressed and anxious. So instead of just watching the hours go by, why not put that time to good use? As the saying goes, time is gold, and time wasted is a life wasted!

Here are the top domestic skills you can teach yourself while you have the time:


Six Domestic Skills To Learn During Quarantine


#1. Sewing (Upcycling) 

You didn’t study TLE in highschool for nothing, sweetie! 

If you’ve been longing to transform your garment into something new but can’t find the time, now’s a perfect time! Sewing is a domestic skill that you can easily teach yourself at home. With inexpensive sewing equipment available on Lazada (app only), you can turn a simple garment into something extravagant. 

sewing at home
Photo by Kris Atomic

Whether you’d like to be a designer in the future or just want to kill time, practicing this skill is a great way to keep you occupied. Need some tips on upcycling your clothes at home? Check out this super fun tutorial video from Lolita fashion designer Justine Chantelle!

If you’re an old soul, try making vintage-inspired garments. Check out @keithleenfashion on Instagram for inspiration!

I just finished sewing this vintage inspired blouse. Hope you are all being productive during this ECQ. ????

Posted by Keithleen Agawin on Friday, 24 April 2020

#2. Crochet

Crochet toys are making a comeback!

One of the most valuable skills you can practice while you’re at home is crochet. Using only yarn, scissors, and a single hook (and a little bit of ~creativity~), you can make cute and fluffy crochet toys. Looking for ideas? Check out Shannen Chua’s Sweet N’ Cute Creations page for inspiration:

The DOGtor is in! Here’s my frontliner inspired creation. I know that times are uncertain right now, and I just want to highlight our medical frontliners in my own way. Free pattern to follow.

Posted by Sweet N' Cute Creations on Tuesday, 21 April 2020


#3. Cooking 

Do you miss eating at your favorite food place? 

While waiting for the government to lift the ECQ for you to finally binge-eat at your go-to restaurant, why not improve your cooking skills at home? There are tons of online groceries and food shops that are open to deliver ingredients straight at your doorstep. You can make your own desserts, appetizers, or even full-course meals! 

In one of the top trending Facebook groups Quarantine Tribute Tips, netizen Clarisse Anne Castillo shared a special pancake recipe for people staying at home:

cooking recipe quarantine dessert

If you’re feeling a bit creative, why not make food that is based on your favorite Netflix show? Basement 55 owner Dan Villacruel did exactly that. After watching the paella scene of Money Heist (and getting bitin by the twists and turns of the action-packed series), he got inspired to create his own version of paella, and shared his experience through the Facebook group Subtle Passion Sharing:

money heist paella

To add more variety to your quarantine food, you can also try Eve’s Cooking‘s famous tuna pie/tuna bread roll recipe that your entire family will surely love:

The famous Tuna pie/ Tuna bread roll. Nsa pic na po ang procedure. Pls follow my page Eve's Cooking for more recipes. ????????????#eatpraylove #ecq #thesexychef

Posted by Eves' Cooking on Monday, 6 April 2020



#4. Planting

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to appreciate the beauty of plants.

Growing your own plants at home is a great way to deal with a crisis. If you’ve been feeling down and disoriented with everything that is happening, it’s important to divert your attention to things that could help reduce your psychological and physiological stress such as planting

Looking to start planting at home but don’t know how or where to start? The first thing that you need to do is research. Some plants are very high maintenance, and if you can’t commit to taking care of them, they will only die and fade away (*cue dramatic music*).

If you’re serious about planting, various types of plant and flower seeds can be snagged on Shopee (app only)Check out the ECQ planting adventures of Eden Acevedo De Jesus, Ruben C. Condatmskarina.sogrowgreenforlife, and thechineseplantita for some inspiration:

REALIZATION 101We planted this during the start of ECQ. If we don't wait for a crisis to come when to start planting,…

Posted by Eden Acevedo-De Jesus on Friday, 24 April 2020

My Art of BonsaiTrimming my XL red ficus (balete)Making a productive day in the middle of home quarantineThe before and after

Posted by Ruben C. Condat on Sunday, 19 April 2020

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Trust me, it all started with a small golden pothos and now I have room full of plants. ???? I call it a green sanctuary(contrary to what others may think????) with all its soft natural hues and green corners, this is a space I envy. What's your favourite spot in your house ?  #growgreenforlife #plantshelf #plantshelfie #plantshelfieGGFL #foliagefriday #houseplantsofinstagram #house_plant_community #weloveplants #plantsathome #plantporn #junglevibes #plantsarefriends #flauntyourleaves #plantlove #plantlovers #instaplants #iloveplants #plantcollection #houseplantdiary #plantaholic #plantparenthood #foliage #planttherapy
#urbanjunglelife #plantblog #myplants #plantdad #plantdaddy #boyswithplants

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#5. General Cleaning (Disinfecting, Decluttering, etc.)

A clean house is important for the well-being of your entire family.

This crisis is taking so many lives, so one of the most helpful ways to flatten the curve – aside from simply just practicing social distancing – is by cleaning your home. Looking for easy ways to do general cleaning? Check out this article or watch these entertaining Youtube vlogs from users vankiad, Em Chy, and Allen Dumrique:


#6. Art (Painting, Decorating, etc.)

Turn your pain into art.

These are hard times, and one of the best forms of release is drawing, sketching, painting, or doing anything related to art. Recently, rising Filipina artist Jerika See shared photos of her artworks on the Facebook group Subtle Passion Sharing to inspire Filipinos to look at the beauty of nature and everyday life: 

quarantine tips
Art by Jerika See
quarantine art
Art by Jerika See
Art by Jerika See
Art by Jerika See
Jerika See
Art by Jerika See

Another artist who goes by the alias Artsy Ara (Shara Comullo) found time to be productive during the quarantine. Be amazed by her artwork The Creation Of Adam, a clear tote bag she customized and painted with the iconic and historical painting of Michelangelo:

The Creation of Adam ✨Since I already ran out of canvas, I have to find other things to paint on. I got this clear…

Posted by Artsy Ara on Friday, 10 April 2020


Using only faber castell colour pencils and vellum board, artist and dancer Michael John Dometita Balos was able to make a colourful masterpiece to inspire the fans of Blackpink. Whether you’re a BLINK or not, you’ll surely be mesmerized by his Jennie Kim artwork:

Done! Hello co-blinks! ????????✨ JENNIE KIM | BLACKPINK ✨Drawn using faber castell colour pencils on vellum boardHope to inspire you again guys! ????IG: michael_artsy#artph

Posted by Michael John Dometita Balos on Thursday, 23 April 2020


Feeling a bit patriotic? This beautiful painting from a young and talented Cebuana painter Marianne Elowees H. Guinto will definitely make you appreciate Filipino craftsmanship:

“The Potter” Watercolor on paper30”x22”Celebrating Filipino craftsmanship ????#QuarantineChallenge Marianne Guinto…

Posted by Marianne Elowees H. Guinto on Monday, 6 April 2020


Looking to try something new? Let April Grace Manaog‘s enticing digital artworks inspire and motivate you to create your own:

i tried digital art hmm look what ecq made me do… ????????ps. libre lait hahaha ????

Posted by April Grace Manaog on Sunday, 12 April 2020


Bring some color to these dull days using quality and discounted art materials you can shop online. #DeserveMoTo


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