The last few weeks of the year are often perceived as the season of coupling, perhaps out of our desire not to be alone on Christmas Day and especially on New Year’s Day, when the ball drops and the fireworks start. But that’s not to say that the singletons are at a disadvantage of any form because they are, in fact, spoilt for choice especially on Singles’ Day. And we are not just talking about the romance side of things here. Nope. We are talking about something bigger, more exciting and more fulfilling than the fleeting butterfly sensations of ephemeral physical attraction (as some might argue) we all tend to feel after downing a few cocktails: SHOPPING.

Singles’ Day, if you’re not yet familiar with the global phenomenon, is considered as the BIGGEST shopping festival of the year and it is celebrated every 11th of November – hence, 11/11. Historically, the date is chosen because of the connection between singles and the number ‘1’. A popular Chinese holiday, especially among millennials, Singles’ Day used to be all about organising get-togethers for singletons to meet fellow singles and perhaps transition into coupledom, if Lady Luck’s looking .  Recently, however, Singles’ Day has become the largest online shopping day in the world with sales in Alibaba, Tmall and TaoBao hitting US$5.8 billion in 2013 and US$9.3 billion in 2014, according to Wikipedia.

And because ShopBack is just pure awesomeness online, here are 5 incontestable reasons why you absolutely MUST celebrate singlehood starting today.

1.) Double 11 Sale festival featuring unbeatable discounts, voucher codes and supersized Cashbacks from participating merchants. This Singles’ Day, ShopBack Philippines is here to make your 11/11 even more awesome with unbeatable 11/11 offers and crazy November sales. These include some of the most awesome 11/11 deals from the biggest merchants out there and ShopBack will make sure that you get access to  ALL Singles’ Day deals armed with only your mobile phone, tablet or laptops/desktops and your credit/debit card (or cash, in the case of a few merchants). Get the Cashback goodness flowing in with ShopBack today.

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2.) Pre-Double 11 Sale. Guess what? You don’t even need to wait until 11 November to get in on the sale and deals action because some ShopBack merchants are already giving away crazy discounts on a ton of products you will absolutely love.

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3.) Double 11 Sales on nearly every category imaginable from fashion, travel, electronics, fitness, all the way down to food/dining and other services deals. Now who says Singles can’t be just as awesome, if not more, than Doubles?

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4.) Over 300 merchants to shop from including the latest merchant partners such as, GalleonMicrosoft and TmallThis is something we are never going to get tired of preaching. ShopBack works with the best merchants as partners and there is nothing you can possibly want that we don’t have.  

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5.) Refer A Friend programme. ShopBack will reward you with P100 bonus for every new member you refer to ShopBack who signs up and then shops through us – a “qualified referral”. P100 bonus will be credited into your ShopBack account for every qualified referral. And let’s not forget, beginning October to December, you can earn a total bonus of P999 when you make 3 qualified referrals! You can read the full terms and conditions on the website, but the important thing to note is that there is more than just one way of getting more bang out of your buck (or peso) with ShopBack.

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