Have you ever caught yourself singing along to the tunes of the Backstreet Boys or Bamboo Mañalac in the bathroom? This year, regardless of whether you already have that golden voice or are still honing your vocal chords, hit those notes with these convenient home karaoke accessories from Galleon, and get 4.0% cashback with ShopBack Philippines when you purchase your set! Start rocking your own tunes now and who knows, you might just be the next Voice of Philippines!

karaoke accessories Photo from: pixabay.com

Hessaneiser Lavalier Microphone

Price: 837 pesos| Price after 4.0% cashback: 803.52 pesosHessaneiser Lavalier MicrophoneEver wonder how YouTube stars manage to deliver clear and crisp audio in their videos? The difference is a lapel clip microphone, like this one from Hessaneiser. This mini microphone is omnidirectional, meaning sounds from every direction is captured, raising the quality of audio recordings up a notch. At only 803.52 pesos after cashback, this lapel clip microphone has a 3.5mm TRRS jack, a protective case, 1.5m cord and a noise-cancelling wind muff.

Singing Machine Wireless Microphone

Price: 1,150 pesos| Price after 4.0% cashback: 1,104 pesosSinging Machine Wireless MicrophoneWe all know how frustrating it can be when you’re really into the karaoke mood and the microphone wire gets ripped out accidentally. However, with this wireless karaoke microphone from Singing Machine, you can prance freely while belting out melodies. It operates on VHF frequency and is powered by 2 batteries. Retailing at 1,104 pesos after cashback, this omnidirectional microphone is a value-for-money companion in your pursuit of singing glory.

HOFUN iSK P-300 Microphone Set

Price: 2,084 pesos| Price after 4.0% cashback: 2,000.64 pesosHOFUN iSK P-300 Microphone SetThis is one for the more serious karaoke fans out there. This set comes with almost all the basic accessories required for a good karaoke and recording session, including a metal filter mask shield that keeps the karaoke set clean and hygienic. The cardioid pick-up pattern of the microphone and the shock mount also work together to cancel background noise, meaning your voice will be delivered crisp and clean. This is definitely a set you should consider if you’re an aspiring professional singer.

Nady MSC-3 Center Stage Microphone

Price: 2,998 pesos| Price after 4.0% cashback: 2,878.08 pesosNady MSC-3 Center Stage MicrophoneThis Nady set will interest those who like to sing and strum their own instruments at the same time. It includes a durable metal tripod stand, adjustable from 34 to 60 inches height and a 20 feet cable to connect the microphone to the karaoke player. Although it is not the most portable, the microphone is highly functional, using cardioid patterns and a neodymium cartridge to enhance voice clarity and reduce noise feedback. Compatible with any standard mixers and amplifiers, this Nady set is perfect for injecting fun into family gatherings or house parties.

Phillips StarMaker Speaker and Mic

Price: 4,404 pesos| Price after 4.0% cashback: 4,227.84 pesosPhillips StarMaker Speaker and MicPhillips is an established electronics brand and this StarMaker set makes it easy to see why. The wireless microphone utilizes Bluetooth to connect to the speaker, freeing you from the restrains of microphone wires. Moreover, the speaker is compatible with the Apple iPad and can be used to display lyrics or download new songs for every karaoke session. If you’re considering this highly practical set, look no further because it even allows you to challenge your friends in the ultimate karaoke battle on the ‘StarMaker Karaoke + Auto-Tune’ app!

Akai KS505 Karaoke Player

Price: 5,893 pesos| Price after 4.0% cashback: 5,657.28 pesosAkai KS505 Karaoke PlayerMoving on to more sophisticated sets, this Akai set allows you to unleash those vocals without having to purchase a separate karaoke player. The karaoke player itself has a 3.5 inch TFT screen for displaying lyrics and song information.  If you want to sing along to your own prerecorded tracks, the top load CD player also allows you to do so with ease. With a built-in speaker and wired microphone, this is a very compact set that has every function a good karaoke player should have.

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Home Karaoke System

Price: 25,342 pesos| Price after 4.0% cashback: 24,328.32 pesosSingtrix Party Bundle Premium Home Karaoke SystemThis Singtrix might come with a steep price tag but it is fully justified by its functionality! With its signature HardTune (similar to Auto-Tune) pitch-correction technology, even hoarse, raspy voices can be magically lifted to become mellifluous and smooth. Moreover, it has more than 300 voice-management effects and covers every genre of karaoke music, all accessible from the microphone’s built-in functions. Prerecorded tracks can be uploaded into the Singtrix system as well, allowing you to make last minute changes to your karaoke playlist. With the wide range of functions, this is truly an all-in-one wonder fit for both professionals and amateurs.

Magic Sing ET23KH Karaoke System

Price: 26,670 pesos| Price after 4.0% cashback: 25,603.2 pesosMagic Sing ET23KH Karaoke SystemYes, the Magic Sing Karaoke System is pricey but don’t forget it is a karaoke player, microphone set, and music library all in a compact device! It features 21, 000 pre-downloaded English songs plus two wireless microphones with built-in controls and toggles. However, what sets the Magic Sing apart from its competitors is its lightweight nature and compatibility with almost any display set. Equipped with HDMI and USB ports plus cables, you can connect this set to your high definition display or computer without worrying about lugging it around. Excelling in both audio and visual technology, this karaoke system is one aspiring singers should consider.

With these handy karaoke accessories from Galleon, 2017 could just be the year you announce your grand entry into the entertainment industry! And when you finally become the next Arnel Pineda or Jose Llana, remember the great cashback deals here at ShopBack Philippines that set you on your road to fame!

All pictures are taken from Galleon unless otherwise stated. All prices are accurate as of 06/01/2017.