Oftentimes, there’s stuff we wish to add to our carts. Unfortunately, it’s not available locally or can prove very pricey. But nowadays, that’s nothing to fret about as there are a multitude of international stores that ship to the Philippines. 


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However, before you purchase anything from an international online store, it’s best to be informed about various rules related to imports. That’s because every single country has a different set of laws about what type of items they’ll allow. Unless you know these regulations, it’s quite likely you might end up buying something expensive from overseas without actually getting it. Therefore, here’s some general guidelines:


  1. Most countries limit the types of medicines that can be imported from online pharmacies or directly from manufacturers
  2. Seeds and other agricultural produce from foreign countries might not be allowed to maintain ecosystem of the country
  3. Some countries do not permit import of remote control operated toys as countermeasures against terrorism
  4. Meat products also face stiff restrictions if they’re coming from a foreign land and made by a manufacturer that doesn’t comply with food safety norms of the Philippines
  5. The Philippine customs can charge an import fee on countless goods, regardless whether it’s for personal or commercial use
  6. You may require prior clearances from government organizations before ordering something from an international shipping website
  7. Foreign currency exchange rates will be applicable when you order something from an international website that ships worldwide
  8. The Philippine customs have the right to deny entry to any item they may find violates the local law


Source: Money Connexion

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