Going back to the office soon?


Remember two years ago when we couldn’t imagine working from home indefinitely? Look at us now searching the world wide web for cozy clothes to wear for our return to the workplace. The idea of meeting your colleagues in person is fun, but not the concept of wearing old stuffy garments. Now more than ever, it’s important to elevate your style without sacrificing comfortability. Fortunately, INSPI has a myriad of offers to keep you fashion-ready at work. 


Here are 5 comfortable back-to-work clothes for your return to the office:


Trendy streetwear-inspired shirt

The demand for streetwear is still here, and if you’ve always wanted to amp up your wardrobe without looking too over the top, this trendy streetwear-inspired shirt from INSPI is the way to go. Shop for only Php 99.



Casual Korean tee

Do you want to jump on the Korean fashion wave? For starters, a good casual Korean tee can make you achieve that “oppa” look. Pair it with beige or cream slacks and you’re good to go. Shop for only Php 199.



Fashionable graphic shirt

Graphic shirts are very important right now, especially among the youth. If you’re looking for a shirt reco you can wear to the office, this fashionable graphic shirt is your best option. Trust us when we say that a little pop of color won’t hurt your return to the office. Shop for only Php 169.



Cute statement tee

In the modern era, statement tees are used to express oneself. Whether you want to state your opinion, share your thoughts, or simply just wear a statement tee for style – this cute one from INSPI is worth your every dime. Shop for only Php 200.



Streetwear crop top

Crop tops have been around since the 1940s but it was only during the 2000s when they became a fashion trend. If you work in the art industry, you can likely rock a crop top at work. This streetwear crop top from INSPI will surely bring out the fashionista in you. Shop for only Php 169.

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