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It’s June and it’s that time of the year again. The back-to-school rush is on! Well, of course, people are so used to shopping up to the last minute.

But, hey! You need not blend with the crowd and line-up at the cashier for hours (or in a traffic jam). You can always shop what you need for school online, thanks to ShopBack! Here are cool school must-haves for the incoming school year that are just a few clicks away from the shop to your doorstep.

1. Tokyo Finds Out of the Box To Do List Journal

Tokyo Finds Out of the Box To Do List Journal

This To-Do List Journal is simply one of a kind. You get to use one sheet for a day’s to-do list. Each sheet has the month, dates, and a grid area. You can draw or doodle the specific day and date and even design the entire page in your to-do list.

Unlike other journals, you can reuse previous months’ sheets next year since none of the sheets are set on a specific date, day, and year! It’s fully customizable and it makes to-do lists look fun!

  • Shopee Mall Price: ₱399.00

2. Moleskine Cahiers Journal Ruled Notebook

Moleskine Cahiers Journal Ruled Notebook

Notebooks are in every student’s essentials. Go grab this Moleskin Journal from Cahiers Collection. It’s ruled so you never worry about your notes going all over the pages. But if you’re the creative kind, you can opt for the unruled journals so you can doodle important terms, or even do calligraphy!

You can buy Moleskin Journals by a set of three notebooks and with varied sizes. That way, you can choose the ones that fit perfectly well in your bag.

  • Shopee Mall Price: ₱470.00-₱1,170.00/Set of 3 (Varies depending on notebook size)

3. Faber-Castell Calligraphy Brush Pen

Faber-Castell Calligraphy Brush Pen 12 Colors

We’ve been mentioning about doing doodles and calligraphy on your Tokyo Finds To-Do List and on your Moleskin Notebook, so why not buy some brushes to complete it? This Faber Castell Brush Pen Set makes it easy to do calligraphy on any paper. It’s safe to use and is water-based. Plus, it’s washable from most fabrics just in case you brush a stroke on any cloth.

  • Shopee Mall Price: ₱400.00

4. STABILO Pastel Collection

STABILO Pink Blush Pastel Collection

Of course, a good student should have a set of highlighters and other markers to mark important points in your notes and make it easy for you to find for review.

STABILO now has this cute Pastel Collection! One set consists of STABILO Boss Highlighters of varied sizes, STABILO Re Liner, Pastel Pencil, Point 88 Fineliner, and Pen 68. What’s great about this brand is that they always create products which are environment-friendly. Their highlighters are refillable and with its anti-dry-out technology, you wouldn’t be spending too much for ink refills.

Their Pastel Collection has other colors you can choose from. They have Pink Blush, Milky Yellow, Hint of Mint, Creamy Peach, and Touch of Turquoise.

  • Shopee Mall Price: ₱299.00

5. Wooden Fountain Pen

Wooden Fluent Writing Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are in. They don’t just fit executives anymore because students can have them, too! This isn’t only a classy alternative to your usual ballpoint pens, but this is also environment-friendly. It’s made of recycled wood and it’s refillable. No need to buy more pens when you run out of ink!

  • Shopee Preferred Seller Price: ₱175.00

6. Stationery Pencil Case/Make-up Bag

Student's Stationery Canvas Zipper Pouch

Where else to put all those pens and highlighters but in a pencil case? But while you’re at it, choose those with cute designs are like these ones with positive words to channel positive vibes. You can buy another one to serve as your makeup bag, too!

  • Shopee Preferred Seller Price: ₱50.00 each

7. 3M Reviewer Pack

3M Post-It Reviewer Pack

Who would not need Post-Its? Everyone does! And this 3M Review Pack easily picks out the best variety of Post-It sizes and types for you.

The Reviewer Pack consists of a pack of Post-It Flags to bookmark important book pages to review later and Post-It Notes to note important points and stick them to your book, notebook, or even your own board. It comes in two different sizes which are often used for student reviews. Now, you have nothing to worry about missing important notes to study and review on!

  • Shopee Mall Price: ₱607.00

8. Transparent Stationery Desk Rack

Transparent Stationery Desk-Rack

An organized desk helps you concentrate when you study. So go ahead and buy yourself some stationery desk rack. This transparent one is sturdy and big enough to accommodate most of your notebooks, pens, and notepads. There’s a built-in tape dispenser, too.

  • Shopee Preferred Seller Price: ₱541.00

9. EcoWellness Foldable Water Bottle

EcoWellness Foldable Water Bottle

Forget about your ordinary water bottles. EcoWellness have outdone all the others with this foldable one. It is made of heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone material and with a non-slip sleeve protection. This makes it durable and handy at the same time.

  • Shopee Mall Price: ₱570.00

10. TigerNu Anti-Theft Backpack

TigerNu T-B3188 Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

TigerNu’s Anti-Theft Backpacks are the best ones out there for it has many safety and security features for everything you hold in your back.

If you bring a laptop along with you in school, there’s a back zipper laptop compartment that is just behind the straps. There’s also a back pocket so you can keep your valuables closer to you and away from pickpockets. Their backpacks are also water and scratch resistant. These safety features may be their highlight but it’s all a bonus to its huge bag space and multiple inside pockets for whatever use – be it for your mobile phones, notebooks, power bank, and pens!

And speaking of power banks, most of their bags have a USB port at the side of the bag so you can easily plug your charger on the go.

  • Shopee Mall Price: ₱999.00 – ₱2,500.00 (Varies depending on model and size)

Imagine having all these for the school year! You sure would be pumped up to start schooling. And if your school is observing the calendar shift and would start by August just yet, then it’s better to grab these earlier and be prepared.

Featured Image credit: Photo by William Iven on Unsplash. Image credit: All photos are from their respective sellers/brands from Shopee.