Singles’ Day is just around the corner and if you identify yourself with this relationship status, know that you are not (completely) alone. This is your day!
Unlike Valentine’s Day, when it is all about couples in love, spending the evening in fancy restaurants and shopping for gifts, 11.11 is all about you treating yourself and shopping away as much as you want. #selfcare
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Also, Singles’ Day is more inclusive than Valentine’s Day. You don’t actually have to be single to enjoy the major sales and deals happening all over. On the contrary, everyone is welcomed: everyone who is dating, attached, married or in a complicated relationship can enjoy this frenzied shopping season as much as their single counterparts.
But we are curious creatures and we want to know how come why some many of you, wonderful people, are single? We asked our community the main reasons why they are single and they were ready to spill the beans. Here are the top reasons.

1. Kasi strict ang parents natin (because our parents are strict)

We feel you, Iana! 

2. Chain Messages are real, kaya ipasa mo na tong article na to.


3. Inflation is real.

4. Cue KZ Tandingan

5. Don’t settle for less, ikanganila.

6. Kasi nasaktantayo.

7. Mahalin mo muna ang sarili mo bago ang iba.


8. Kasi #lovewins

9. Kasi akala natin sa internet at telepono tayo nagsubscribe…


10. Kasi lahat tayo naghihintay sa tamang tao sa tamang oras 🙂

11. Single pero madaming parcel ngayong 11.11 Singles’ Day!

Are you happily single or looking for a perfect match? In either case, know that shopping therapy is still therapy.
Single or not, 11.11 Singles’ Day is for everyone. Make the most of the 11.11 deals, Treasure Chest codes and flash sales. Are you ready to ShopBack?
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