During the Christmas season, it is a tradition to celebrate with a warm meal and good company. Mostly, people go to restaurants but, sometimes, they might prefer a potluck meal. If you’re having a potluck meal, what foods should you contribute? Read on for some ideas on what to bring for your next potluck!

What is a potluck meal?

potluck is a communal gathering where each guest or group contributes a different, often homemade dish of food to be shared, and a day is decided upon to have a potluck. Usually, everyone tells the organizer which food they want so nobody brings two of the same dish.

What to bring for a potluck?

It’s entirely up to you. If you feel like making food, keep in mind how much you’ll be spending on it. If you’re bringing food, make sure you order enough a few days in advance so you won’t be disappointed. Make your decision from your heart, and whatever you do will be genuine.

Tip #1: Find out the preferences of your guests

If you want your dish to be a hit, find out the preferences of your guests. If they like spicy food, then bring something like Pinangat or Bicol Express. You could bake cookies or a dessert you think would work.

Tip #2: Be careful of food allergies

You never know who’s allergic to something. Gather a list of everyone’s dietary needs and plan what dish you’re bringing. If you aren’t sure what’s in store-bought products, ask the staff for their ingredient list. The safest bet is to make your own food where you can substitute ingredients to replace what your guests are allergic to. People can be allergic to the strangest things like coconut or seafood, so always check back with your guests!

Tip #3: Bring something unique

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching someone discover their new craving because of you. Create a fusion dish, or put your own spin on something you’re sure no one has tried before. The only limitation is your imagination(and your cooking skills, of course). Maybe, you might just impress your guests with this new idea!

Tip #4: Ask the organizer if they need drinks

You could also contribute some drinks if nobody has. Everyone needs some thirst-quenchers after a hearty meal, and your friends will thank you for it! Choose drinks that go with the kind of food that is served, and always bring extras for the one person who keeps asking for seconds.

Tip #5: Avoid expensive items

Usually, people bring food that is affordable and within the price range of most of the other guests. Don’t make your other guests feel bad with an expensive food item, and get something simple that everyone is happy with!

Tip #6: Make just enough for everyone

To avoid bringing home leftovers, make just enough for the number of guests you have. That way, if your dish is a hit or not, it’ll be finished before the potluck ends. It’s also cheaper to bring just enough!

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