Time to change things up a bit! Here are eight Pinoy movies streaming online for free to add some variety to your monotonous quarantine grind.

With the last few weeks being both tough and rough, we all need a breather. Good thing, movie streaming sites exist in the modern age.

Provided remote work is done and you don’t finish all your quarantine snacks, these Pinoy movies streaming online for free are all yours to enjoy.

Watch These 8 Filipino Movies Online for Free NOW

1. Meet Me in St. Gallen (2018)

When a medicine student dreaming to become a rockstar and a graphic artist full of dreams and spunk meet, a new narrative on the power of an intense connection and happy endings that come from epic love stories begin to unfold.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Watch Meet Me in St. Gallen on iflix

2. Bliss (2017)

The showbiz industry is put in a thrilling spotlight as a famous actress who’s been thriving in the world of entertainment since childhood meets an accident while filming. The horror lies not on the plot but on the relatable and stereotypical characters and seemingly predictable environment of glamour.

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Drama

Watch Bliss on TBA Studios

3. Heneral Luna (2015)

When the Philippines is helplessly handed over by the Spaniards to the Americans after 333 years of colonization, a hero in the persona of Heneral Luna rises. He navigates through treachery, politics, and injustice as a leader and a victim to bring the country independence.

Genre: History, Action

Watch Heneral Luna on TBA Studios

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4. The Day After Valentine’s (2018)

Two damaged souls (or broken hearts) “bump into each other by chance.” This movie will get you thinking if safety pin solutions on a no-romance love story can actually classify as a romantic film.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Watch The Day After Valentine’s on iflix

5. Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo (2014)

Elements that will always be relevant to society—camaraderie, nationalism, change, and passion—come together in this film to make you question which pieces of information in Philippine history books are factual and which ones were added for decoration.

Genre: History, Action, Drama

Watch Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo on TBA Studios

6. Kita Kita (2017)

A random act of kindness in a foreign land brings forth an unexpected friendship between two strangers. A love story that disproves the typical definition of “love at first sight” then, unfurls.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Watch Kita Kita on iflix

7. A Portrait Of The Artist As Filipino (1965)

Soon on iFlix. The restored version of the 1965 film classic – Nick Joaquin's "A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino."…

Posted by Casa Grande Vintage Filipino Cinema on Monday, 11 March 2019

The lenses of this restored film from 1965 focus on the Marasigan household where the struggle of the Filipino character in the midst of foreign invasion and an impending war is depicted. Do they sell the house? Do they let a foreigner rent a room?

Watch A Portrait Of The Artist As Filipino on iflix

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8. Edward (2019)

A movie that shows you a society (or at least a hospital setting) that supports the basic rights of the youth and a better health care system—this is not that movie. This film follows the story of Edward, a not-so privileged Filipino teenager in a public hospital who’s crushing on another teenage patient, who’s helped by humane strangers in the neighboring beds, who’s maturing in the midst of his father’s hospitalization.

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Watch Edward on iflix

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