Get 4% Cashback when you purchase Pick.A.Roo e-voucher!


What is Pick.A.Roo


Pick.A.Roo is more than just a food and delivery app. It is your online shopping companion for all things food, groceries, and so much more. Currently, the company has onboarded more than 300 merchants and stores that represent essentials—from goodies, medicine, gadgets, beauty products, mom & baby essentials, toys, and gifts.


This makes Pick.A.Roo different from other delivery apps as they don’t only offer food, but they also have a rainbow of shops and services from brands you can’t live without.



The Benefits of Pick.A.Roo e-Voucher

pickaroo e-voucher

Pick.A.Roo e-vouchers are now available on ShopBack. You might ask: What makes these e-vouchers special? Well, purchasing a Pick.A.Roo e-voucher will not only let you save a good amount of money when buying on the Pick.A.Roo app, but you’ll also get 4% Cashback on your ShopBack account. The e-voucher or gift card will be sent to you immediately after purchase. What’s even better is that you have the flexibility to choose when you want to use or redeem them. Amazing, right?



How to Buy Pick.A.Roo e-Voucher

pickaroo shopback

Step 1: Buy an e-voucher on ShopBack and get instant cashback

Step 2: Go to the purchases tab on the ShopBack app to copy the code

Step 3: Launch your Pick.A.Roo app and select your order as usual

Step 4: Go to “Add Promo Code” tab on the checkout page and apply the code


Pick.A.Roo is available for download on the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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