Say hello to the minimalist home office of your dreams in 3, 2, 1…


Trying to boss up your work-from-home setup? From an adorable mechanical keyboard to a minimalist shelf rack and digital alarm clock, scroll on to see the best minimalist products you can buy this payday sale:

Note: All information in this article is accurate at the time of writing and subject to change without prior notice.


Mechanical Keyboard

 mechanical keyboard shopee


A mechanical keyboard delivers the feel and feedback that your typical keyboards lack. If you’re ready to experience best-in-class typing, this minimalist mechanical keyboard definitely does the job right. Get it for only Php 400+ on Shopee.


Nordic Lamp


nordic minimalist lamp shopee


Looking for a creative wooden desk lamp with a bent tube? This one is the way to go. The lampshade can be adjusted 180 degrees and its stand is made of rubber solid wood and equipped with eye-protection and anti-glare bulb. Get it for only Php 800+ on Shopee.


Wooden Laptop Stand


laptop stand


A laptop stand is a simple solution for raising the screen to eye level, and this wooden laptop stand can help you maintain much better posture at your desk. Get it for only Php 229 on Shopee.


Minimalist Shelf Rack


minimalist shelf rack


No matter how much space you have, it seems like you can never have enough. That is why this minimalist shelf rack comes in handy. Get it for only Php 900+ on Lazada.


Wireless Mouse


wireless mouse


If you’re in search of an efficient wireless mouse for your home office, this one, in particular, is your best choice. Not only is it compatible with traditional USB laptops, it’s also compatible with the latest devices as well. Get it for only Php 299 on Lazada.


Digital Alarm Clock


wooden alarm clock shopee lazada


Because there are better ways to wake up in the morning rather than relying on your smartphone’s alarm function. Get this digital alarm clock for only Php 535 on Lazada.

Note: All information in this article is accurate at the time of writing and subject to change without prior notice.

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