Because who has time to spend shopping for baby essentials at actual stores anymore?

Raising a baby during a global health crisis is overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time parent. It’s even more overwhelming if you’re shopping for baby essentials online, as there is just so much good newborn equipment to choose from. If you’re planning on buying baby items, we’ve got you covered!



PatPat, an online store that offers a vast selection of newborn baby essentials, is ready to deliver your baby needs during the quarantine. 


To get you started, we’ve compiled the best (and practical) buys you can snag on PatPat:


8 Of The Best Products To Order on PatPat


  • Swaddle Blanket

swaddle blanket philippines
Photo by EasyGetProduct

This adjustable swaddle blanket is extremely easy to use and it helps babies stay asleep longer.

Price: P300+ (get 5% Cashback)


  • Soft Wooden Baby Hairbrush Set

hairbrush for babies
Photo by Mom N Kids

Using a soft hairbrush on your baby is a good way to increase blood flow to the scalp and stimulate it.

Price: P400+ (get 5% Cashback)


  • Detachable Cotton Bib

baby bib
Photo by JoyBuy

Cotton bibs with comfortable straps make for less drama during feeding time.

Price: P100+ (get 5% Cashback)


  • Waterproof Wet Bag

Wet bag philippines
Photo by Bumkins

This waterproof wet bag can help you store dirty cloth diapers and help keep odors from escaping.

Price: P300+ (get 5% Cashback)


  • Reusable Cloth Diaper

reusable cloth bag
Photo by Amazon

Reusable cloth diapers are more comfortable for your babies (plus they help reduce diaper rash!)

Price: P200+ (get 5% Cashback)


  • Washable Changing Pad

Photo by Alibaba

Washable changing pads are incredibly light and do not take up much room when folded.

Price: P300+ (get 5% Cashback)


  • Breathable Socks

Photo by tinibees

Breathable socks will ensure your baby’s feet will sweat less, and it will wick away any excess moisture.

Price: P200+ (get 5% Cashback)


  • Electric Nail Trimmer

Photo by DHgate

It’s never too early to buy a nail trimmer for your newborn.

Price: P800+ (get 5% Cashback)


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