Are you trapped in a sedentary lifestyle? It’s not surprising if you’ve slipped into a life of mostly lying on the couch and watching Netflix. In this day and age, there’s nothing much you can do in your free time at home. The good news is that you can still get your systems back. If you’ve been holding off your balik alindog program, perhaps now’s the best time to get fit and healthy. Whether you’re looking to buy gym equipment, activewear, or vitamins to support your immune system, here are seven online stores that deliver all your fitness needs:

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decathlon sale

Decathlon has over 5,000 products in its library, offering an extensive range of affordable yet quality equipment for cycling, running, yoga, bodybuilding, just to name a few. You can buy dumbbells for as low as P400 and a pilates floor mat for P1,700. If you want to splurge in hardcore cross trainer equipment, you can get one for P8,400. 


Lorna Jane

8% Cashback (was up to 3%)

Lorna Jane | Images That Sell

If you’re looking for activewear pieces that are perfect for fuss-free workouts, Lorna Jane is the place to be. From leggings, sports bras, tights, yoga pants, and more – they have a wide variety of products to choose from. You can score one of their best-selling leggings for only P3,000.



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adidas sale

Even for the most ardent sneakerheads, buying shoes can be a daunting task. But fret not, Adidas is here to make it easier for you to cop the right sneakers that fit your personality. If you’re a frequent runner, you can get the ZX Alkalyne Shoes for P7,800. If you’re a fashion-forward sneakerhead, your best choice is the ZX 700 HD Shoes which retails at P5,000. 

Puritan’s Pride

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best vitamins

Planning on taking health products to support your fitness journey? If your goal is to increase your energy during workouts and shave off pounds, you would need L-Carnitine (P799) and Biotin (P539) in your system. You can buy your vitamins from the official distributor of the leading vitamins and health supplements brands in the USA, Puritan’s Pride.



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recovy gun

Post-workout recovery is often overlooked in the world of fitness, but it’s an important step that should not be neglected. One of the most effective ways to treat sore muscles is by using a massage gun. Recovy offers a percussive massage device that accelerates muscle repair, increases blood flow, relieves muscle spasms, and improves lactic acid clearance. It retails for P9,499 (down from its original price of P12,499).




In search of fashionable shoes and high-quality sportswear items? ZALORA’s wide array of products won’t let you down. Indulge yourself in a cool sportswear club shirt (P1,045) and comfortable running shoes (P3,440), all designed to earn you double taps on IG. 

MR2 Sports

8% Cashback (was 6%)

Molten BG3800 Size 7 Leather Basketball Ball

MR2 Sports has a great catalog of barbells, dumbbells, and all other quality gym equipment. You can essentially build a home gym with the stuff you can buy from them. If you’re a basketball fan, you might like their FIBA-approved Molten ball which you can get for only P1,599. 

Even if you’re not really a fitness buff, we hope that this list encourages you to sweat it out a little more often. Here’s to a fitter, better you in 2021! Don’t forget to shop through ShopBack to get Cashback on your fitness purchases.

Note: All information is accurate at the time of writing and subject to change without prior notice. We recommend checking the official ShopBack website for the latest information.
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