Christmas is a big deal in the Phillippines as it is one of the few predominantly Christian countries in Asia. There are several Christmas traditions that are unique to the Phillippines, such as the Noche Buena feast on Christmas Eve which lasts through the night into Christmas day. This meal is what unites many families who live or work apart from one another. This makes it an important occasion to get reunited with loved ones, exchange gifts and, of course, share good food.


On Christmas Day itself, many families have a Christmas lunch too. These meals are pretty significant as it involves quite a few traditional Christmas dishes like menudo and liempo that can be specially prepared for this occasion. These Christmas dishes are a staple at any Christmas meal and quite frankly, Christmas won’t really be Christmas without them. Here is the top Filipino Christmas food that we are all expecting to see in our tables this Festive season.

Christmas Food Specialities That All Filipinos Look Foward To

1. Queso de Bola


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Queso de Bola is basically a round ball of Edam cheese coated in red paraffin wax. Edam cheese is Dutch in origin and is a mild, soft and creamy cheese with a slight saltiness. Queso de Bola is often eaten with bread, fruits, ham or crackers. Some people even put it on their rice! The bottom line is, of course, no Christmas meal can do without a ball of good quality Edam Cheese.

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2. Christmas Ham

christmas ham
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Christmas Ham or Jamon is another centrepiece on the  Noche Buena table. Many supermarkets have a version of this, and it is often sliced to perfection and served with some glaze or just plain. A Christmas Jamon can come in several shapes, often rectangular, pear-shaped or round. More importantly, it should always be made of the best quality pork.


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3. Lechon

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Lechon is a must have at every major Filipino celebration. In fact, many families take the roasting of Lechon very seriously and turn it into a communal activity with everyone involved. If you don’t have space in your home for roasting, you can always buy it online. There’s nothing more satisfying than to bite into some crispy pork skin and juicy meat while surrounded by your loved ones.


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4. Bibingka

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Bibingka are flat cakes that are usually made of rice flour but can be made of other ingredients like cassava as well. Traditionally, this sweet treat is baked in a clay pot with pieces of kesong puti cheese on top and is served with some grated coconut too. It’s a staple during Christmas and is a quintessential traditional dessert. The softness and sweetness of the Bibingka no doubt bring lots of warm memories at this time of the year.


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5. Puto Bumbong

puto bumbong
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Puto Bumbong is made from glutinous rice steamed in long strips of bamboo. The resulting slightly salty rice cake is topped with butter and eaten with a mixture of coconut and molasses sugar which is brown. Puto Bumbong is enjoyed throughout the year, but more so during Christmas. In fact, shops selling Puto Bumbong and Bibingka do brisk business and can be found almost everywhere during Simbang Gabi, especially after mass when the crowds come out hungry after an early start.


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6. Christmas Pasta Dishes

tomato based sauce spaghetti pasta
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You’ll always see pasta in some shape or form on the Noche Buena table, and these can be in the form of a spaghetti with a sweet tomato-based sauce,  or some macaroni and veggie salad. As Pinoys, we love our pasta slightly sweeter than usual, as the traditional sweet spaghetti recipe uses lots of banana ketchup. Apart from that, spaghetti carbonara using cream, cheese and eggs are another favourite.


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Note: All information in this article is accurate at the time of writing and subject to change without prior notice.

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