2020 has just begun, and have you been keeping to your New Year’s Resolutions? We know it can be tempting to skip out on that exercise routine or let the dust settle on those books, whatever your resolution may be. If you’re determined to keep to them, there are things that can help you with that. From apps that track your progress to planners for keeping yourself motivated, there’s something for everyone.

Motivational Apps


new years resolutions

Habitica: Task Manager

Who said motivational apps have to be boring? Habitica is an RPG game style motivator, where you unlock more content by completing goals you set. You can have fun and work hard at the same time! We love its 90s inspired pixel design, and you can even play with friends and see how well they’re doing!

Motivation — Daily Quotes

new years resolutions

Motivation is an inspiring quotes app that will give you a different motivational quote each day. You can customize the design of the quotes and share the uplifting message of the day with your friends, or use the image for Instagram or as a wallpaper! We all need that little push, and sometimes encouraging words can go a long way.

Keep to your goals with planners

new years resolutions

Keep yourself accountable to your resolutions with these planners. Write down what you’ve done towards your goal and see how much you’ve done at the end of the year. What’s more, the planners come in beautiful designs. Whether you like The Little Prince, Alice In Wonderland, Star Wars and more, there’s something for everyone!

Wake up earlier with adorable alarm clocks

Waking up can be a nice experience with your personal adorable alarm clock! There’s every design imaginable out there, so the only thing you have to do is to browse online and see which one suits you best. Your morning experience will be much different waking up to something you love, so pick out an alarm clock you’ll like seeing for the next 365 days!

Display your resolutions on a memo board

Hang up your resolutions in a clear place where you can see them. When you see your resolutions every day, you’ll be reminded of what you want to achieve what you want to. If you wish to, you could also get your friends and family to keep you accountable as well. You can get memo boards online at good prices too!

Use a smartwatch to help you keep track of your fitness goals

Want to know how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned all in one device? Consider getting a smartwatch. It’s portable, and you can keep track of your fitness goals more conveniently this way. It syncs with your device, so you can view your stats from more than one device. Apple, Android and plenty of tech brands have all come up with their own smartwatches, so there’s no shortage of options!

Keep your New Year’s resolutions realistic

Don’t set goals you know you can’t achieve. Take little steps in your goals, like for example, increasing your workout by five minutes, or only skipping that diet on weekends. When the next year rolls around, take those resolutions one step further. You’ll be more productive by setting goals within your reach, and who knows? You just might find yourself surpassing those goals.

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