Fashion runway shows are known for stunning its international audience for an assortment of reasons – gorgeous haute couture outfits, leggy models with chiseled features and guest celebrity appearances. However, one of the low-key highlights is, of course, the avant garde makeup looks.

The fashion-forward community is now (re-)acquainting us with yet another makeup trend that we can pull off on any occasion – monochromatic makeup.

Monochromatic makeup, as its name implies, is the technique of applying pigments of a similar tint to your eyes, cheeks and lips. Extremely easy to pull off, this beauty look is fast becoming our favorite trend of the season.

Thinking of jumping on the bandwagon? Watch and learn as Sephora inspires you with 4 monochromatic makeup looks.

Inspiration #1: Lilac Monochrome

Inspiration #1: Lilac Monochrome

If you’re feeling slightly edgier than usual, a lilac monochrome makeup look will breathe life into your persona.

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Outrageous Eyeshadow – 05 Shocking Berry
Sephora Outrageous Eyeshadow – 05 Shocking Berry

For radiant-looking eyelids, apply an intense shade of metallic lilac. Choose a liquid eyeshadow for convenience – simply swipe the applicator across your eyelid and use your finger or a brush to blend the pigment to soften its edges.

Retract Waterproof Eyeliner – 03 Purple
Sephora Retract Waterproof Eyeliner – 03 Purple

Work your way around your waterline with a lilac eyeliner. If you don’t want to have racoon eyes when the lilac tint smudges, make sure you use a waterproof eyeliner.

Rouge Balm – 07 Bashful
Sephora Rouge Balm – 07 Bashful

Finish your look with a dazzling pop of color to your lips – a sultry shade of lilac will do just the trick.

Inspiration #2: Red Monochrome

Inspiration #2: Red Monochrome

When you’re feeling extra fierce and bolder than usual, match your spirit with a red monochrome look.

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Colorful Eyeshadow – 286 Red Carpet
Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow – 286 Red Carpet

Use a red eyeshadow that delivers great color payoff and has a smooth, blendable texture. Tap off loose pigment powder as you get some color onto your eyeshadow applicator. Starting from your lower lash lines, sweep the color from the inner corner of your eyes and towards your brow bones. If you so desire, you can even finish off this routine with a wing-tipped effect.

Nano Lip Liner – 03 Classic Red
Sephora Nano Lip Liner – 03 Classic Red

For a precise application, outline the edges of your lips corner-to-corner with a lip liner. You can either follow the shape of your lips, or draw outside your lip lines for the illusion of a fuller, sexier pout.

Brilliant Jumbo Cheeks & Lips – 01 Royal
Sephora Brilliant Jumbo Cheeks & Lips – 01 Royal

Fill your lips with a striking red color that goes well with the color of your lip liner. If you fancy some color on your cheeks, swipe the lipstick across your cheekbones and blend well.

Inspiration #3: Champagne Monochrome

Inspiration #3: Champagne Monochrome

Take your makeup look from morning to evening party a highly versatile palette – the champagne monochrome.

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Colorful 5 Eye Contour Palette – No. 3 Medium
Sephora Colorful 5 Eye Contour Palette – No. 3 Medium

Begin by dusting some shimmery champagne-colored eyeshadow on your eyelids. If you like to do eye contouring, experiment with a shade of brown that you’re comfortable with. For an eye-popping effect, touch the inner corners of your eyes and line the lower arch of your eyebrows with a lighter-neutral shade of eyeshadow.

Colorful Shadow & Liner – 33 Secret Boudoir
Sephora Colorful Shadow & Liner – 33 Secret Boudoir

To add definition to your peepers, swipe a healthy dose of eyeliner on your lower lash line. If you’re not familiar with using a jumbo pencil eyeliner, make sure that you do an outline with light strokes before proceeding with drawing darker, bolder lines.

Ultra Shine Lip Gel – 37 Sand
Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gel – 37 Sand

For a glossy lip look, pick out a smooth, shiny lip gel formula. Make sure that you get one that is long-lasting – you don’t want to be re-applying your lip gel every hour!

Inspiration #4: Nude Monochrome

Inspiration #4: Nude Monochrome

In case you haven’t tried, nude monochrome – perfect for any dress-down or dress-up occasion – works magic on all skin tones.

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It Palette – Delicate Nudes
Sephora It Palette – Delicate Nudes

You can never go wrong with soft shades. Sweep a light nude tint across your eyelids, and apply a slightly darker color on the creases of your eyes. Using a brush and an up-and-out motion or circular motions, blend the colors together gently.

Wonderful Cushion Blush – Milkshake
Sephora Wonderful Cushion Blush – Milkshake

Achieve an instant healthy, glowy look by dabbing a cream of color onto your cheeks and cheekbone. Depending on what you’re most comfortable with, you can either use the typical blusher-and-brush method or a cushion applicator that diffuses a creamy formula.

Rouge Matte Lipstick – 25 Boy Oh Boy
Sephora Rouge Matte Lipstick – 25 Boy Oh Boy

Perfect your simple makeup look with a matte lipstick – go with a nude tint and there you have it, nude monochrome in all its glory!

Beyond giving you inspiration for your next makeup look, SEPHORA COLLECTION offers affordable, easy-to-use and long-lasting formula that will put you at ease whilst experimenting with different monochrome palettes. Have fun, and remember that you can coordinate your outfits with your makeup too!

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All images are taken from Sephora.