Ever since Marie Kondo Marie Kondo-ed her house and proved to the world that living minimally is possible, almost everyone became obsessed with minimalism.  You don’t have to throw out all your things to have a minimalist room, but wouldn’t they look nicer being more organised? The aspects of minimalism can be as simple as changing the way you store your things. So, here are some minimalist room tips to help you along in your decoration process.

What is minimalism and why is it so popular?

To put it simply, minimalism is the deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design. The simpler your style/design is, the more points it gets for being minimalist. Minimalism is known for its muted colours and raw set pieces.

Inspired by Marie Kondo’s original book(which you can get on Book Depository if you’re interested), minimalism found a voice in the hit Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Marie and her team went around homes showing its inhabitants how to live a simple life, and people fell in love with how simple it sounded. Minimalism rose to popularity after that, with people being inspired to declutter their homes.

How to keep your room simple?

Storage Options

Despite being the apparent option, many people choose functional storage options that don’t really have the minimalist vibe to it. For your reference, here are a few tips that you can follow:

Glass pull-out wardrobe

Give your closet an upgrade using a simple closet with transparent pull-out drawers. You can sort your clothes by tops, bottoms, hats and accessories, so you never get anything lost again. What’s more, you can keep track of where everything is so you’ll be able to find that dinner dress for the party you’re going to, for example.

  • Fold your clothes to save closet space (if you have a closet)

Need more space? Fold up your clothes to successfully store all of them in your closet. With the KonMari method, you’ll save space and time trying to shove all your clothes in. What’s more, your clothes can stand upright and they won’t get crumpled easily, so what’s there to lose?

Acrylic glass storage drawers

Storage drawers made of acrylic glass show you exactly how much stuff you have, including all those weird brochures or freebies you get at events. If you find that you aren’t using anything in the last six months, chances are, you won’t, so it’s safe to throw those out.  You’ll be habitually encouraged to organize your stuff in those drawers, so it makes for a good exercise in decluttering. With an acrylic glass drawer, getting ready for any event will be a breeze.



There are many bedding sets out there, but choosing a simple design can help you get a better night’s sleep. Here are some colour ideas that would work perfectly for a bedding set:

Light Blue


Enjoy looking up at the sky? Light blue is said to evoke the same feelings and relax you so you’ll feel less tense. Plus, light blue is widely available in commercial stores!

Dark Green

Dark green imitates the feeling of being in a forest, so for the nature buff, this is the perfect colour for you. Looking at green is refreshing and tranquil, and when you get up in the morning, it’s a cool colour to start your day on the right note. Green is another popular colour too, so check it out online!

Earthy Tones

Colours like browns, greys, beiges and blacks originate from clay earth pigments like umber, ochre or sienna, hence giving them its name. They create a warm, nature-friendly atmosphere that you’ll love to wind down in. Earthy tones are said to be one of the hallmarks of minimalism, so you can’t go wrong with these colours.


Lighting is one of the most important elements of a room, and the right light can make a huge difference. Going minimalist means as little lights as possible, and simple designs that’ll make you forget the lights are even there.

Energy-saving bulbs

Energy-saving bulbs are artificial sources that reduce the amount of electricity used to generate light. They’re easy on your electricity bill, and less harsh than LED lights. Furthermore, they last longer, so you don’t have to replace your bulbs all the time. We recommend going for soft lighting so you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to go to bed.

Simple light designs

The best light designs are the most natural ones. Choose a rattan lamp or one with a simple but intricate design, and it’ll cast pretty shadows on the wall that’ll make it seem bigger than it really is. Opt for lampshades with a solid colour or natural designs made out of cane, rattan and more. A complicated design will clutter up your room, so go simple and make use of as much natural light as possible!

More tips for decorating a minimalist room

  • A pop of colour goes a long way

Get some plants to liven up your room, or one decoration that stands out from the others. You want to inject your room with enough life to keep you motivated. All you need is one bright or loud piece that doesn’t take too much away from your other furniture.

  • Use versatile furniture

You can have less and do more at the same time with furniture that serves multiple functions! For example, a pegboard can be used for hanging pots and pans, or bags. You could also hang storage bags and put your keys or letters in there. There is plenty of furniture that have multiple uses, so all you have to do is get innovative.

  • Have furniture you can move around

In case you change your mind, always have moveable furniture. As long as you can shift it, it’s useful. Use chairs and tables, beanbags, and anything you can think of that you can carry. If you need a little more space, all you have to do is move that chair or table aside! It’ll also come in handy when you entertain guests, and you can take our word for it.

Minimalism is a mindset

It doesn’t matter what you change about your room if you don’t feel the same way. It is about decluttering your mind as much as it is about organization. When you have a clear and organized mind, you’ll be able to focus better. Keep a journal about how you feel while decluttering, and go back to it when you need a reminder about why you started it.

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