Who says jelly shoes can’t look sexy? From classy stilettos to chic flats, Melissa Shoes has completely reinvented the jelly sandal, and is continually transforming the footwear world with their avant-garde art designs.

This is largely due to Melissa’s inspired collaborations with iconic designers worldwide, including fashion heavyweights like Vivienne Westwood. Whether you’re a fuss-free babe or a high-fashion enthusiast, there’s a Melissa shoe that’s perfect for you. Here are seven different Melissa shoes you’ll need to complete any outfit of yours.

1) Minimalist Chic

Melissa She (PHP 2895.00)

Also available in: Beige and blue

Melissa shoes philippines
Image Credit: Brooke Cagle | Unsplash.com

These classic shoes are perfect for those laid-back days where you’re feeling slightly low-key and introspective. This does not mean you have to scrimp on style. Put on a simply black or white top with your favourite pair of jeans, and choose a simple accessory that will tie it all together for effortless style.

2) Quirky vintage charm

Kazakova (PHP 2895.00)

Also available in: Black

Melissa shoes philippines
Image Credit: Riccardo Fissore | Unsplash.com

Audrey Tautou (Amélie) is someone we think of when it comes to pulling off the quirky vintage look perfectly. If you’re someone who loves whimsical flavour and rich colors in your outfit, these Kazakova darlings are perfect for you. Just look at that nostalgic, poignant blue.

3) Pastel princess

Ladyless (PHP 2895.00)

Also available in: White, caramel, black, and beige

Melissa shoes philippines
Image Credit: Pete Bellis | Unsplash.com

Pastel always adds an immediate girliness to any outfit. If you’re feeling in touch with your feminine side, and would like to look like an absolute darling, it’s time to throw on some pearls, subtle accessories, and a cute soft-hued sweater that’ll bring out your demure soul.

4)  Parisian Elegance

Melissa Jamie + Jason Wu (PHP 4599.00)

Also available in: Light pink, blue, and black

Melissa shoes
Image Credit: AO | Unsplash.com

The basis of elegance is simplicity, and for this look all you’ll really need is a classy (possibly exotic) dress, a cool attitude, a pop of color on your lips and your perfectly pedicured feet. It’s all about having everything together, and holding your head high.

5) Boho chic a.k.a flower power

Beach Slide Flower (PHP 2995.00)

Also available in: Black, pink, and red

Melissa shoes philippines
Image Credit: Sam Burriss | Unsplash.com

Unleash your inner Bohemian chic with these casual slide-ons. They come in a few colors, but our favourite is this deep Bordeaux color because it sort of transports us back to the simplicity and excitement of the hippie era. Pair this with a floral dress, or a loose embroidered top and light denim jeans, and all you need is your cool headband and tinted sunglasses.

6) Preppy and bold

Space Love Bow (PHP 2895.00)

Also available in: Black, white, burgundy, and metal pink

Melissa shoes philippines
Image Credit: Unsplash.com

The preppy look oozes confident intelligence without being overbearing (See: Office wear), and all it truly requires is a good reliable pair of pumps to tie it all together. So put on that fitted sweater, a corduroy skirt, and get your hair up in a sensible ponytail. It’s time to show some #girlpower.

7) Beach bombshell

Honey III (PHP 2195.00)

Also available in: Biege, black, and brown

Melissa shoes philippines
Image Credit: Christopher Campbell | Unsplash.com

If your biggest hair problem is getting traces of sand out, then these Honey III sandals are for you. These jelly sandals don’t absorb water, and look say better than frumpy slippers. All you need to grab is your towel, sunscreen, your newest swimsuit, and head on to the water.

Didn’t see any look that resonated with you? There is something for every type of girl! So even if you’re usually in business glam, biker chic, even casual T-shirt and jeans, head on over to Melissa Philippines to find your perfect pair today.