Had too much good food during the holidays? You are not alone. And well, it is a new year and that means it’s time for 2017’s chub to go.

Rather than go through the extreme route of dieting, diet pills and nonstop working out, here are some tips on how you can lose weight the simple and healthier way.

1. Water is Your Best Friend

Water Glass Weight Loss
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There are times when those hunger pangs are actually your body thirsting for water. Before opening the fridge, reach for a glass of water first just to be sure. Also, water has zero calories and can help you feel full. Before you sit down to have a meal, sip some water. This will make you feel less hungry and keep you hydrated.


2. Cut Down The Portions A Little

Table with small plates of healthy food
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We don’t recommend that you cut down your meal portions by half immediately. Dramatically decreasing your food intake is not the best approach. Start it little by little to let your body get used to it. A simple trick is to reduce the plate portions by ¼ of what you usually eat. Also, use smaller dishes so that you can prevent yourself from over serving.


3. Skip those Midnight Snacks

Woman snacking on unhealthy food
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Cut down on your snacking. Your metabolism will start slowing down towards the end of the day, so we highly suggest that you stop eating after dinner. As much as that little cookie is calling out to you, put it back and step as far away from it as possible. You do not need to have anything that is high in carbs late at night. If you really need to eat something, drink some tea or have a piece of fruit.


4. Time to Go Green

Salad Green Vegetables Healthy Eating Weight Loss
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Yes, as much as you might hate them, you should eat loads of vegetables. It is important to have vegetables in your meals as they are high in fiber and will keep you full! That way you won’t feel the urge to snack in between meals. If you decide to have salad as your main meal, stay away from salad dressings like Thousand Island and Ranch. They taste good but they add hidden calories to your meal and won’t help with losing weight.


5. Rethink Your Regular Diet

Fruits Remake Diet Natural Sugar Berries Healthy Eating Weight Loss
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Your holiday diet probably consisted of a lot of unhealthy sugar and fats. Rather than cutting down on your food and counting calories, just change your diet and rethink which type of food you consume on a regular basis. See if you can replace your usual meals for healthier options. For example, eat fruits whenever you crave for something sweet, swap out refined grain foods with whole-grains and so on. It’s as easy as that.


6. Go Easy on Those Drinks

Cocktail drinks beng poured in a bar
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We know it might be hard for you to totally cut off alcohol but if you are really determined to lose those holiday weight, we suggest that you reduce the number of high calories’ drinks you have. When your friends invite you out for drinks on a Friday night, stick with water or unsweetened carbonated water. This will go a long way to helping you lose your holiday weight.


7. It’s Time to Move It, Move It

Asian girl running in the morning
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If you have been a couch potato throughout Christmas and New Year’s, it’s time for a change in your routine! Get off the couch and simply start by jogging daily. A minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking at your local park can help. But if you really want to lose the weight faster, you will need to run 30 to 60 minutes a day. Also, add strength training (such as lifting weights) to your routine as this will help increase your body’s calorie burning rate.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get started on losing all that weight that you gained and feel better in the new year.

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