New Year, new opportunities to travel. In 2019, we will have 10 regular holidays and eight special non-working days. How do you want to spend that free time?

Out of these public holidays, 5 of them fall on a long weekend. These include Edsa People Power Revolution Anniversary (25 February 2019), Holy Week (18 to 21 April 2019),  National Heroes Day (26 August 2019), Rizal Day (30 December 2019) and New Year’s Eve (31 December 2019). These days bring the best opportunity to take a break and go visit a new place in the Philippines. Check our holiday cheat sheet and choose your destination now!

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2019 Holiday Cheat Sheet

Which means, there are 5 long weekends awaiting you and your next holiday! So start packing your bags for your next getaway!

Where to go during the long weekends in 2019?

1. Ilocos Sur

Calle Crisologo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Image Credit: Flickr

Ilocos Sur is a place rich in natural wonders and history. Stroll along the famous streets of Calle Crisologo in Vigan, climb up Bantay Bell Tower for breathtaking views and fuel up on local speciality food, longganisa. A 3 day 2-night trip is more than enough for all the must-sees and must-dos in the city!

  • Good for: Cultural Buffs
  • Distance from Manila: 365 Km

2. Puerto Galera

White Beach, Puerto Galera
Image Credit: Flickr

Puerto Galera is a nature lover’s dream. There are so many things you can do in Puerto Galera. From white sand beaches to mountains, there are great views to be found both above ground and underwater. In fact, Puerto Galera is so beautiful that you will be reluctant to leave even when your vacation is over!

  • Good for: Nature lovers
  • Distance from Manila: 140 Km

3. Laguna

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For a weekend with nature, head to Laguna. Filled with Natural springs, waterfalls, rivers, and lakes, Laguna makes an ideal location for a city getaway. Relax and busk in the chirping of birds and the sound of trickling streams. A trip to Laguna will surely relieve you of all your fatigue.

  • Good for: Nature lovers
  • Distance from Manila: 102 Km

4. Batangas

sunset in batangas
Image Credit: Public Domain pictures

Batangas is a tried and tested destination for a quick weekend escape. It is well loved by many city-weary travellers looking for a quick escape from the grind of daily life. Its extraordinary beaches have won-over and enthralled many. So gather up a group of friends and head to Batangas for the weekend!

  • Good for: Beach enthusiast
  • Distance from Manila: 107 Km

5. Palawan

Palawan el nino
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Palawan is a paradise that simply has it all.  With rich cultural heritage sites to calming natural wonders, head to Palawan to enjoy its offering of rainforests, mountains and beaches. For diving enthusiast, the waters around Palawan are filled with breathtaking marine biodiversity that will not disappoint. With something for everyone to do, Palawan is a crowd pleaser!

  • Good for: Beach enthusiast & Nature Lovers
  • Distance from Manila: 790 Km

6. Baler, Aurora

Baler beach
Image Credit: Flickr

This small beach town is one of the top surfing spots in the Philippines. Scattered with resorts, cafes and surf shops, Baler is a popular tourist destination. Apart from its famed beaches, Baler contains unspoiled waterfalls and gorgeous cliffs. So head to Baler to catch your surf at Sabang Beach and discover its unspoiled, rugged landscape.

  • Good for: Beach enthusiast
  • Distance from Manila: 274 Km

7. Zambales

Beach at Zambales
Image Credit: Flickr

Zambales is rich in beach and vacation options. Boasting an immense range of islands and coves. You will be spoilt for choice as to which beach to chill at. Apart from beach bumming, one can indulge in the various delicious treats that Zambales has to offer. With diverse flora and fauna and a rich cultural history, Zambales has something for everyone.

  • Good for: Beach enthusiast
  • Distance from Manila: 255 Km

8. Baguio

Baguio city
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

For a rejuvenating trip, head to Baguio City. Relax and take in its mountainous scenery and relaxing atmosphere or indulge in various sweet delicacies. Additionally, the cool weather offers a much-welcomed respite from the heat of the city. Filled with fun activities like horseback riding, sightseeing, and flea market shopping, Baguio is the perfect long weekend destination for travellers.

  • Good for: Nature lovers
  • Distance from Manila: 258 Km

Ready to take some time off for yourself and travel within the country? Tell us where you wish to go during the long weekends and start planning it now.